Prepositions after "enthuse"

"enthuse about" or "enthuse by"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words

    In 51% of cases enthuse about is used
    I am not particularly enthused about the Nigerian presidency.
    My mum enthused about the wonderful treatment that she was having at the clinic.
    I hope parents will forgive me as I enthuse about the advantages of being an aunt.
    They are not enthused about reading novels, textbooks, or anything with words on it that are spelled correctly.
    Last year the Booker suffered a Middlebrowmaggedon, with judges undermining its cred by enthusing about ' readability ' and stories that ' zip along '.
    Jason O Apr 25, 2012 at 7:39 am The problem is, Irish pols are all enthused about it but have not got the balls to tell people that it REPLACES existing welfare payments.
    And from time to time, I make snaps of the photos using my webcam and send them off to other LOTR fans who enthuse about them too - and they also say they'd like to do the tour one day.
    Still, in the few years just after 1903, the Americans were still less enthused about powered flight than were the Europeans and by 1909, many pioneers had built and flown their own aeroplanes.

    In 23% of cases enthuse by is used
    And I can't wait to get stuck into them because, at 32, I don't think I've ever been more enthused by gaming.
    Talented as he is, United fans were enthused by the prospect of watching Pogba exhibiting his talent at old traford.
    In fact, I was so enthused by the VIP room, I immediately recommended it to my friend who was looking for a private room for a hen's night.

    In 9% of cases enthuse at is used
    About Andy Mort Andy scribbles words, tinkles sounds, teaches drums, produces many things, enthuses at the prospect of storms, and takes care of people.

    In 6% of cases enthuse with is used
    enthused with the possibilities, he left the Globe and headed west settling in Winnipeg.

    In 3% of cases enthuse from is used
    Labour can't get all enthused from one speech.

    In 3% of cases enthuse over is used
    While one section of society enthused over the weird and wonderful objects that were now affordable to many, others, such as the Arts and Crafts proponents, were abhorred by them.

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