Prepositions after "entertaining"

"entertaining for" or "entertaining in"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 23% of cases entertaining for is used

It's entertaining for all (near) 2.

It will be also entertaining for you.

Also, it was entertaining for all ages.

This past season was very entertaining for me and I think they gained new fans.

Second, always striving to produce a show that's entertaining for the audience.

The book claims to be entertaining for the average reader, and it obviously is.

Sa Club Mwa naman may comedic musical review Vegas style - very funny and entertaining for General Patronage.

And frankly, watching a candidate sit and stare at a problem isn't all that entertaining for the interviewer.

I won't contest the point that games can be entertaining for longer - length of entertainment doesn't art make.

Again, everyone's opinion is different and maybe the modern-day Clare &; Willie show was entertaining for some.

In 16% of cases entertaining in is used

It was too entertaining in the context.

They are also entertaining in some way.

I also love entertaining in my back yard.

I don't think young kids understand that practice can be entertaining in itself.

Not for the claustrophobic or faint of heart, but entertaining in its own right.

No matter how serious the topic is but it should be entertaining in some manner.

Don't compare this to the primary campaign; it's not even close, though it's entertaining in its own sweet way.

But as it reaches its prolonged and wildly violent crescendo, it's at least entertaining in a totally nutso way.

IN CLOSE HEART WITH INDIGENOUS PEOPLE Visits to attraction features are organized to be entertaining in themselves.

I tried to get across the bits of the books that I really loved, and to make each one entertaining in its own right.

In 11% of cases entertaining to is used

That was not entertaining to me.

If our worship is entertaining to us.

That would more entertaining to me anyway.

Although outrageous and entertaining to some, they really serve no greater good.

It's even more entertaining to him if one of his sisters happen to be on the toilet.

I've never seen this work out, but it's massively entertaining to other people around.

The only way this would be entertaining to me was if it was a really cool video or something of beating a boss.

It's all still entertaining to me knowing that what many of them are in denial about will someday be their fate.

But if you could actually read, you'd notice that I never argued that greatness means entertaining to teenagers.

I'd naturally inclined to say the nastiest thing I can think of if for no other reason than it's entertaining to me.

In 8% of cases entertaining at is used

Entertaining at the very least.

Very real and entertaining at the same time.

It makes them immensely entertaining at times.

She is also highly entertaining at points in her pieces, and remarkedly succinct.

The premise is great, the talent is great so the movie should be entertaining at the least.

But there is one golden rule for those entertaining at home -- create the right atmosphere.

I had always enjoyed entertaining at my NYC apartment, and loved creating a cozy and fun environment to hang out in.

Finding the perfect gifts for family and friends, decorating, getting the right tree and entertaining at home can make.

Around Victoria Barracks, for example, there were concerts and dancing, as well as the tradition of entertaining at home.

Fabulous indoor/outdoor living with a choice of patios, allowing outdoor entertaining at all times, and an established 1154m sq section.

In 8% of cases entertaining with is used

It's small but entertaining with two.

Entertaining with a guffaw, but trivial.

He actually made Don 2 entertaining with his.

It was very easy to listen to and quite entertaining with the popup and your red pen.

Food is a major part of entertaining with the staple foods being fish, pork and rice.

Exhilarating, terrifying and thoroughly entertaining with a killer soundtrack to boot.

There is also a bonus chapter on entertaining with 20 themed menus + tips for easy and effortless entertaining.

They're quirky, original, and highly entertaining with surprising dark moments that will take your breath away.

And most of today's TV science shows are way more about entertaining with visuals than informing about sciences.

Very entertaining with a few facts thrown in for fun, but, Dude, apparently you haven't been to Utah since 2009.

In 7% of cases entertaining as is used

It is entertaining as well as informative.

It's entertaining as well as packs a message.

I thought it would be entertaining as well as good.

The Special Features are loaded (on disc 2) and equally entertaining as the feature.

I've bought a copy, but, perhaps selfishly, I hope its entertaining as well as useful.

But this is a classy heist movie with a bizarre it's entertaining as well as thrilling.

While it's a good image, it's not quite as exciting or entertaining as what Tottenham have done in recent years.

We aimed to deliver positive messages to the society in the process of being entertaining as well as educational.

In the early 50s it was used for official entertaining as well as for housing the Rector and the Rector's family.

The game was very much entertaining as the Danes played their tiki-taka and the blues went around foolishly trying to stop them.

In 6% of cases entertaining of is used

Entertaining of the highest order.

On a certain level it is the most entertaining of the lot.

This style of kitchen is also perfect for entertaining of all kinds.

I truly feel everyone is generating entertaining of me or they r out to have me.

The house was also where the official entertaining of the new nation took place.

These next three weeks are some of the busiest and most entertaining of the calendar year.

The vacuum pot I used, which is made by Bodum, was easily the most entertaining of the brewing methods I tried.

Even if you are not a sports fanatic, the game of hockey is one of the more entertaining of the sports to watch.

It's definitely the more entertaining of the two movies made of the history around the Gunfight at the OK Corral.

The best medicine or panacea for all diseases and for keeping good health, is the entertaining of divine thoughts.

In 5% of cases entertaining on is used

I'll keep watching, it's entertaining on many levels.

Nothing can be more entertaining on this head than Dr.

See also: Fox Footy's reliably entertaining On the Couch.

Entertaining on every level, the above review captured it; funny, moving, memorable.

Whichever, however, you might want to give her time to ensure she'll have entertaining on hand.

Just by listening to the soundtrack I can tell this game must be highly entertaining on an epic level.

The cast apologizes for such an unexciting wrestling match and assures that it will be more entertaining on air.

Price is very entertaining on men's use of newspapers to create little zones of domestic, noli-me-tangere privacy.

Congrats on writing something so very entertaining on something so very difficult, and I really hope the news is good.

Nothing more entertaining on a Friday night than to get a table outside at Kao Thai and watch the ticket holders trickle in.

In 2% of cases entertaining without is used

They are educational and entertaining without being patronising.

Don't even contemplate entertaining without Miss Maxwell's help.

It just wouldn't be as easy, convenient or entertaining without the Internet;.

Also, it's very possible to be entertaining without taking things way over the top.

God forbid anyone accept that someone somewhere made something entertaining without being One Of The Tribe.

After all, a playwright should be able to crank out something mildly entertaining without a strong point of view.

He is one of those people who can be entertaining without being obnoxious, self-effacing without being condescending, and.

Drama queen? Perhaps! The entire drama piece put up by the maidens was really entertaining without a doubt and Ekow rated it above 75%.

Some call it refreshing and perhaps they are right, but personally I prefer to watch the antics of someone like Peter Sagan who can be entertaining without being obnoxious.

Tom Milsom was pretty vocal about a few examples last year: P It's still very possible to do something that's entertaining without relying on gimmicks and social awkwardness.

In 2% of cases entertaining by is used

The kids clearly found it relevant and entertaining by their reactions.

The act of taming these cars is made all the more entertaining by their overstated aggressiveness.

Bring the whole family into the entertaining by letting the kids choose a design and aid strategy the meal that day.

Seriously, nobody can possibly be this pretentious, can they? Kristen fans get more and more entertaining by the day.

James, you obviously know Schumi more than anyone here and The Edge of The Greatness was very entertaining by the way.

The scenery was breathtaking, absolutely fantastic made all the more so entertaining by our wonderful tour guide - John.

These people are not entertaining by demonstrating psychic powers, but with magic tricks that merely give the appearance of psychic powers.

But if they're just entertaining by such means, without a distorted view, they might get an animal birth (which is quite a lot nicer than hell).

In 2% of cases entertaining about is used

There's nothing even slightly entertaining about this nasty rant.

There's nothing pleasant or entertaining about any of that hellbent sh*t.

There's something very entertaining about a cute female bussin ' a dance with high caliber music.

Million Ringgit Homepage Blog Entertaining about cars, gadgets, blogs, movies, search and funny videos.

What I find most entertaining about this is that the roles of you and your wife would be reversed in my world.

Those who visit your blog are looking to be entertained and there is nothing entertaining about long rambling posts.

Observers have called the country the world's only Stalinist theme park, but there was nothing entertaining about it.

However there is nothing entertaining about Sarah Palin making a racist remark when talking about the President of the United States in 2012.

About Food Network Food Network delivers a fresh approach to food programming and celebrates everything that is bold, fun and entertaining about the genre.

About Food Network: Food Network delivers a fresh approach to food programming and celebrates everything that is bold, fun and entertaining about the genre.

In 1% of cases entertaining from is used

This show is entertaining from the beginning to the end.

Rooftop Prince is entertaining from Episode 1 to Episode 20.

Either way they were highly entertaining from start to finish.

It's sort of entertaining from a perspective like mine, which I'd describe as middle ground.

On yet another occasion, he would introduce us to a ' lady ' guest he happened to be entertaining from ' Ireland '.

Also, it'll probably be hard to study properly at Otago, though the social life certainly do sound entertaining from my mates who were down there.

But tinkering with the timing system to accomplish the same goal (keep the games moving along, but also entertaining from start to finish) certainly is.

Entertaining from the first page to the last, Baseball in the Garden of Eden is a tale of good and evil, and the snake proves the most interesting character.

In 1% of cases entertaining rather is used

As an older Freshette, I found the antics very entertaining rather than intimidating, so I enjoyed it immensely.

Time is much better spent in the early stages ensuring that the board game itself is entertaining rather than puzzling over the best name for the board game.

Hence, just like literary works, a drama that's satisfactorily entertaining rather than profoundly challenging is more likely to be accepted, though not in all cases.

To me, this years Hamilton shows how one can be able to tame oneself (most of the time) and some moves against/by him this year were very entertaining rather than borderline scary.

Visully, the film is a treat, with bleak monotones and shell shocked seascapes blending seamlessly with yhe jazzy downtown of New Orleans all entertaining rather than depressing as th.

In 1% of cases entertaining like is used

Your sybaratic life is very entertaining like your TV show once was.

When have we ever seen a horse do the entertaining like this girl does? When? Never.

If you're watching it hoping to just get entertained, yes you will but don't expect it to be extremely entertaining like The Expendables 2.

Animal charities -- fundraisers dress up in animal costumes and get them to do something entertaining like juggling, fire-eating or singing and dancing.

I figured after attending protests and seminars that no one will listen to you if you give a lecture but rather through something entertaining like theatre.

Merson is entertaining like a monkey in a zoo, lots of noise and actions yet when you look past this you hear no knowledge, no insight and no understanding of the game.

In 1% of cases entertaining during is used

SeaWorld also is very entertaining during the nights.

And it's not like the hockey isn't entertaining during the playoffs.

AJ Lee and Primo were somewhat entertaining during their relationship.

Garlic, Rosemary and Chili Almonds This is the time of year where finger foods abound! Entertaining during the holiday season is something i love to do.

In 1% of cases entertaining due is used

We found the tour to be both informative and entertaining due to Ms.

They can look more entertaining due to the modern utensils and stands around.

Yeah we went to Harris twice! Once for new years, which was relatively entertaining due to the fireworks, and the other was recently with baby cos it was free.

In 1% of cases entertaining despite is used

Red State is still entertaining despite its faults.

However, it somehow is surprisingly entertaining despite the many flaws and iffy pacing, and Theda Bara is great fun to watch.

And yet this soul-flattening kick to the head is effortlessly entertaining despite the otherwise arid material it is teaching.

Zeenbeen: 01 Sep 2011 6:28:42pm (( Limitless) ) 8 I found this film thoroughly entertaining despite the subject matter, (not usually into druggy type movies).

It's an understatement of the highest order, but much like it's leader and head producer it proves itself surprisingly entertaining despite a wide array of issues.

That night, we used most of the last of my laptop battery to watch Lost in Translation, which was surprisingly entertaining despite how little happened in the film.

In 1% of cases entertaining after is used

Rumors are far more entertaining after the actual products are released.

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