Prepositions after "ensconced"

ensconced in, at, on, with or within?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 77% of cases ensconced in is used

He is safely ensconced in his own bed.

But I was ensconced in the underbelly, too.

El Qaeda is thoroughly ensconced in the Sinai.

Five bunnies safely ensconced in the bag and an end to a pleasant evening shooting.

Now please don't think I'd ensconced in my office swirling in a pool of negativity.

We are now well and truly ensconced in the Balinese section of Far Eastern Odyssey.

Gupta Visiting Ray one night I found him ensconced in an iron four-poster bed swathed in sheets of clear plastic.

Guests feel truly ensconced in the elegant residential atmosphere of this unparalleled New York City luxury hotel.

Like me: I grew up thickly ensconced in an African American family and community, but can not code-switch to AAVE.

A special retreat, if you will, ensconced in a resort that reeks of opulence -- but is hidden away from the masses.

In 5% of cases ensconced at is used

He is now safely ensconced at a luxury hotel in Dubai.

The works compound today and getting themselves ensconced at the farm.

Their travails have gone on with the captain Michael Clarke ensconced at No.

Many were ensconced at the Palestine Hotel, without food, electricity or service of any kind.

Subsequent movement was in fits and starts, until the car was safely ensconced at a workshop.

But instead of joining them once they were happily ensconced at the tables, Gene still didn't budge.

Go easy on the booze If you are firmly ensconced at home over the festive period, those alcohol units can really mount up.

During our most recent stay in the ever-bustling city of Barcelona, we were ensconced at the Hilton Diagonal Mar Barcelona.

Comfortably ensconced at MIT, they have apparently chosen to be cheerleaders for the neo-feudal economic society we're galloping towards.

So it was all settled and a month later Dohn and I were firmly ensconced at a tin mine in Mount Garnet and my life had irrevocably changed.

In 4% of cases ensconced on is used

Thomas University, a small campus ensconced on the New Brunswick Frederickton locale.

He's ensconced on the sofa bed puffing away at his new toy -- a very realistic electric cigarette.

After a short refreshment break, the Rats returned to the field with Senor Suderow safely ensconced on the bench.

I named it Geronimo and he stands prettily ensconced on my deck after he was rejected/ejected from the living room.

At one end of the big barn, on a sort of raised platform, Major was already ensconced on his bed of straw, under a lantern which hung from a beam.

On a sunny Sunday morning in May, I am ensconced on the chalet's terrace, now a caf, replenishing more energy than my leisurely jog has exhausted.

Another is that, like most of us, they would prefer not to be locked into positions that limit their freedom once safely ensconced on the ' treasury benches '.

Situated just north of the equator, the 94 thatch-roofed villas are all about cool comfort, whether ensconced on the beach or stilted above the fish-filled lagoon.

In the Manitoba capital on a beautiful fall day, 20 students from Grades 9 to 12 are ensconced on the fourth floor of castle-like Wesley Hall at the University of Winnipeg.

For the duration of the campaign, Labour is ensconced on the fourth floor of the Latin Hall, a five-storey building at the back of Dublin Castle in a place called Golden Lane.

In 3% of cases ensconced with is used

Having met a man with land, she's now happily ensconced with her husband, Jason,.

In my late adolescence I was romantically ensconced with one of these young Mormon blue bloods.

While ensconced with my book and some chicken strips, a couple came in to talk to the staff person.

I spent a delightful Sunday, ensconced with my store cat, Peg (a peg-legged white calico) and your book.

For Saturday night, we got the baby ensconced with a competent, friendly Jamaican granny who came to our room to babysit.

But I chose one in the end and sallied forth for the afternoon, Cloud Atlas in hand, Henry safely ensconced with friends.

Nick Nolte shines as a tramp who nearly drowns in Richard Dreyfuss's swimming pool in LA's plushest district, and who then forges a bond with the wealthy family he's ensconced with.

With fine weather, wonderful people and brilliant music, I was happily ensconced with the Pat Fallon clan inside their Irish Imports booth signing copies of my Tom Cullen book, Fear Not The Storm.

In 3% of cases ensconced within is used

All these are quite comfortably ensconced within the Dajjal's systems of Man's sovereignty.

All these are quite comfortably ensconced within the DajjalTs systems of ManTs sovereignty.

Your child if it actually is is ensconced within a family bond which would be unfair to break.

The observatory's telescope was, and remains to this day, the largest in Canada, ensconced within an 80-tonne copper dome.

More, it became ensconced within another dynamic of suspicion, the tension between the enactment and the appearance of justice.

But it was the raging Castilian blizzard that was of most pressing concern, and that was keeping my flip-flops ensconced within my shell.

These comic images allow the ' correct ' way of valuing books to be safely ensconced within the white male middle-class text-loving community.

But reading the anti-science twonkery below it seems their Dunning-Kruger delusions are still safely ensconced within the jumping castle of safe tumbles, screams and laughter.

The tomato slices shall be ensconced within the gentle caress of the whip which is a miracle, and not upon a foundation of the evil blended egg and oil which is fat without flavour.

Going back to the previous dynasty state officials were ensconced within competing ideological groups, each a complete mirror of the other and each holding the keys to higher office.

In 2% of cases ensconced behind is used

The guy who told people to man the barricades is now ensconced behind them.

China, IMHO is firmly ensconced behind the Muslim world more so then Russia.

Locals are firmly ensconced behind closed doors in the confines of the mabraz -the khat den.

You are far less anonymous than you are when you are fully ensconced behind steel and glass in a traditional auto.

The two-floor white wood-sided home is ensconced behind a gated drive and a wall of groomed shrubbery, about three miles (4.

Yemen's President Abdurabuh Mansur Hadi, ensconced behind a bulletproof shield, watched as Yemeni soldiers marched in Tuesday's National Day parade.

A glance showed him the three men and all the women and children but one woman and one little girl, ensconced behind the other two wagons, and partly protected by a jutting rock.

Didn't I see this scene in a Star Trek (TOS) episode? Engineer Scott is in the dining hall, comfortably ensconced behind a stack of engineering journals, perusing one with great concentration.

In 1% of cases ensconced as is used

On one hand, Mitt Romney is ensconced as the candidate of party elites, effectively the candidate to beat.

By early December my brother Hugh and I were ensconced as the caretakers and we were still there in high summer when my life began its next interesting chapter.

After two federal clerkships and several years as a litigator in law firms, David Mowry is happily ensconced as an in-house lawyer at a major technology company.

When he started playing senior rugby he was immediately ensconced as the Sharks ' blue eyed boy and was always assured of game time, hero worship and blind devotion.

Damn! After two federal clerkships and several years as a litigator in law firms, David Mowry is happily ensconced as an in-house lawyer at a major technology company.

In 1% of cases ensconced between is used

If you need your caffeine fix, there is a Starbucks outlet ensconced between the duty-free shops (look out for it on the left-hand side).

Its torn, worn and tattered complexion resembled that of many of the service users who wallowed away the days ensconced between its arm rests.

The hotel, which has come in place of old Woodlands Hotel, is ensconced between St Joseph's Church, St Mary's School,, Fatima College and Sacred Heart Convent.

Sao Conrado Ensconced between the mountain and a beautiful beach, Sao Conrado is filled with very expensive flats, yet is a next-door neighbor of Rocinha, the largest slum in Rio.

In 1% of cases ensconced by is used

Kleenex? On the bright side, his is the most blinged up grave in the Much Wenlock cemetery: it's ensconced by turquoise Olympic wreaths.

In order to eradicate corruption, one must not rely on figureheads for, they are inevitably ensconced by sycophants, lickspittle, toadies, etc.

Rebak Island is ensconced by crystal-clear waters, teeming with marine life that is perfect for a range of water sports and recreational activities.

A few years ago, there was no shortage of coffee shop patrons ensconced by the fire with their papers or library browsers tucked away in armchairs with the weekend paper.

In 1% of cases ensconced for is used

This writer a ' settler ' Muslim was ensconced for a whole week in Dave's abode in Akure.

And we all know that once elected, the winners are ensconced for the sole purpose of lining their own pockets and those of their backers.

In 1% of cases ensconced inside is used

The assassins of course remained ensconced inside the safe confines of the presidential palace, along with Khondokar Moshtaque.

The heat mounting outside had no ill effect on me, ensconced inside the shaded void of ancient life, I felt pleasantly comfortable.

He's waiting at the doorstep to slip in again, at the first possible opportunity, but he isn't so comfortably ensconced inside any more.

In 1% of cases ensconced into is used

All we had as a state was ensconced into a family that assumed the role of a monarchy.

Snow storm in fact! Very nice to be ensconced into the hotel looking out over a white city.

As I became further ensconced into the culture it became apparent that my climbing abilities were at most, very average.

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