Prepositions after "engulf"

"engulf in" or "engulf by"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words

    In 51% of cases engulf in is used
    The youth of Zanzibar were engulfed in the mood of the epoch.
    The one who is lighting up this SUBA fire get engulfed in it as well.
    Before the handover, Hong Kong residents were engulfed in fear about the future.
    But since India was engulfed in World War II, the second parliament was not elected until.
    The curses seemed to slow before they were engulfed in Harry's ever-strengthening magical aura.
    He has done nothing memorable to ease the burdens of the masses engulfed in poverty and unemployment.
    This would be particularly true if the United States was suddenly engulfed in some natural disaster or plague THAT LEFT HER SUDDENLY WEAK.
    With a humph, he becomes quickly engulfed in his computer, and you're distracted by another student that comes up to the counter, ordering a cup of soup.
    They don't want the Afghans to be engulfed in a self-immolating ethnic war, but then, they know that may be the only way the Afghans shall learn their lesson.

    In 40% of cases engulf by is used
    So we won't be engulfed by the swelling Sun -- not yet.
    Two decades after his incarceration, a man (Pen Medina) sees a city engulfed by new technologies.
    Now the artistic shoreline is engulfed by an ocean of capitalism, cronies and a the spirit of free not fair trade.
    Most of the cars are engulfed by the crowds, but a lucky few get out and begin wandering the abandoned road network.
    We are engulfed by the rest of the Rwandan population, making it difficult to fight for our rights as an indigenous group.
    If your loved ones are entrapped in a buliding engulfed by fire and you really loved them, you will try to save them even at the cost of your own death.

    In 6% of cases engulf with is used
    So it launched a world wide fraud that the Hollywood Sign was in danger of demolition and/or being engulfed with development.

    In 3% of cases engulf into is used
    Entranced, the listener is engulfed into a heart-pounding experience by his unparalleled production prowess.

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