Prepositions after "english"

english in, as, with, for or to?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 18% of cases english in is used

I had English in school for 8 years.

The Antients were ENGLISH in origin.

I am currently studying English in Canada.

It's in plain english in a criminal complaint, quoting from tapes obtained by wiretap.

This was the language that Alfred the Great referred to as English in the ninth century.

OK, Barcelona is a fairly touristy town, but there's English in the most unlikely places.

These ' number containers ' are usually letters of alphabets, primarily English in mathematics and Greek in physics.

Ghana has a democratic republican government, and their spoken language is English in addition to internal languages.

Would it not be better if the undergraduates were taught proper English in school before they entered the law faculty.

English in these nations, unlike in the inner and outer circles, is almost never used for intra-national communication.

In 16% of cases english as is used

We spoke Olde English as a language.

This is English as an International Language (EIL).

Our writers communicate in English as a first language.

He can talk to you as a regular person in common English as opposed to the wonk talk.

Any organisation that works with people who have English as a second language and who.

If you meant how many people speak English as a first language, the range is between 4.

Some readers may only have English as a second language and will navigate away if comprehension is too challenging.

I have noticed some of these mistakes are made by people who have English as the official language in their country.

The whole World teaches English as a second language which is why it seems the whole World comes to England to work.

I find this to be very true, especially when trying to communicate with people who have English as a second language.

In 14% of cases english with is used

My main goal is learn english with it.

He spoke English with a French accent.

Need I go on? This is English with French words.

Walsh as you know him, Im just wondering how you managed to get by in english with him.

One of the new arrivals is called Molo and he speaks English with a slight Scottish accent.

Look, I am speaking english with you and my kids don't know a word of any indo pak language.

WTF? First of all, you the parent most likely (I'd say about 98%) speak english with the typical ghanaian accent.

Kruger can speak fluent English without an accent, so her slight German accent poking through is likely intentional.

While it is hardly high poetry, it follows the rhythms of contemporary English without awkward verbal juxtapositions.

Two young men, Americans, and a woman who spoke English with a Hungarian accent, arrived in the next room late at night.

In 12% of cases english for is used

So get over it - thats English for you.

I don't need to speak english for that.

I taught English for 2 years in Costa Rica.

Our English teacher, Ms Ng, went there to teach the teachers there English for twice.

If you are an employee you would have to learn english for the benefit of your career.

I have been wanting to go to Taiwan or maybe Korea to teach English for a few years now.

The language of instruction is English for all classes with the exception of proficiency leveled Mandarin classes.

Kyoko from Japan - General English for 6weeks My friend lived in Manly and recomended here to me so I came to Manly.

Kevin is a cricketer who learned his skills and played his cricket in South Africa and so, not remotely English for me.

Don't get carried away with the ceremony because bear in mind they don't speak english for you to get help on emergency.

In 9% of cases english to is used

It's all English to me, whether like it or not.

Teaching english to the older kids is going pretty well.

I have gone india and dubai to teach english to a host family.

I cheap austin auto insurance as differentiate like that All enough English to respond.

Written by the same person who also translated the bible from english to maori in 1836.

And a ghost of greeting at the three enough English to new hampshire car insurance cost.

It was Muraya, struggling to find the English to describe some very small creature that someone had just dropped off.

Italians do have good dress sense Mr photographer Sorry, I live in the North of Italy, and I teach english to adults.

Thanks for correcting my gaelic one problem i always tend to have is tr*nsl*t*ng to literally from english to gaelic.

Even though many of the Germans realized I was only knowing english non of them were eager to try to speak english to me.

In 5% of cases english at is used

Maybe you have studied more English at the university.

I have been studying before it English at school and french.

Very little understanding and speaking english at that time.

ASL is not English at all--it is a distinct language with its own grammar and syntax.

Those countries don't speak english at home, it's not society's main means of communication.

Well done Murray fantastic even if you do nt support the english at footie when the Scots are not involved.

And on top of it all, last year my class was 80% second-language learners, with most parents speaking no english at home.

In faraway Australia, Fr George O? Neill, who had been professor of english at the university in Dublin during Joyce? s time.

What will I need to do it? Specific A levels are not usually required but English at A-Level is preferred and essential at GCSE.

All of your study (including English grammar) should be done by speaking English at full voice volume for the entire study period.

In 5% of cases english by is used

Therefore we're English by definition.

I'd English by the way, married to an American.

The new version will be dubbed in english by Americans.

We are English by Nationality and speak English (1st language) and French (2nd language).

Dutch is my first language and i hope to learn a little bit more about english by speaking it dayly.

I think Enland (I'd English by the way) would also like the no 24 as maybe we would qualify more often.

The personalities such as Daniel Craig, David Beckham, JK Rowling and the Queen are all English by birth and upbringing.

I will be bringing hard work, dedication and hunger Though he's English by birth, Smith was never confused as to where his heart was.

The landowners in the Pale, and the richer merchants in the larger towns across Ireland, were English by descent, culture and loyalty.

I am not English by the way and do not look upon Germany any differently from any other nation with a genocidal incident in their past.

In 3% of cases english from is used

Am a graduate of english from ABU.

Just as English from England is different than English from America.

Jetro Marco, Spain: It's an easy way to improve my english from home.

Is long my text and with bad english from my side, if Clem or other read it, thanks.

Ghana adopted english from de britains so its not our native language, twi shd be (wink).

The word also appeared early in South African English from Afrikaans - more proof of Dutch origins.

Go research the proper thing or go buy a quran that is translated in english from a proper muslim shop and then give your views.

I could tell he was English from the quote and I'd glad a book with a young adult as a lead is not automatically a book just for kids and teens.

Languages from two families were as divergent as German is from Chinese, and within each family languages were as different as English from Dutch.

On the positive side: I do not think that Elsevier has made any attempt so far at eradicating all languages but English from their mathematical Journals.

In 3% of cases english of is used

A disadvantage of being English of a certain station.

It is considered the most English of French communes.

It puts an interesting twist on this most English of places.

Which now number among them the abbreviated and often vowel-less english of the internet.

ENO made an unexpected choice of director for this work by this most English of composers.

Enjoy this most English of traditions surrounded by picturesque views of the harbour at the Boilerhouse Restaurant Terrace.

Traditionally the most English of New Zealand's cities, Christchurch is superbly located as the gateway to the South Island.

I was startled by the passionate objections of some contributors, when I said I felt that Yorkshire was the most English of all.

Even with the dreamy textures of third record ' Serotonin ', the Eel Pie Men were always the most quintessentially English of bands.

In 3% of cases english on is used

From now on all articles will be English on this website.

All tourism promotion from Jamaica is done in standard english on the most part.

Even eminent authorities in the hard sciences put their own english on the facts.

Most of the road signs had English and even the advertising billboards have English on them.

Captionworld There use to be mobile suit z gundam series in english on youtube and now there's not.

Either that or they're just like everyone else who doesn't care about perfect english on the Internet.

Because it was taken by the english on behalf of Carlos de Habsburgo, candidate to the throne, to whom the spanish troops surrended.

The President of France has expressed concern about the predominance of english on the Internet, despite the fact that 47 countries in the world speak french.

The DJ's speak English most of the time, the language the news is announced in depends on the time -- we think it's English on the hour and alternating French and German at half past.

Then i got a little caught up and started devouring everything that I could find translated into english on YouTube! I get a little obsessive like that haha! Ive calmed down now though.

In 2% of cases english about is used

And I've heard the same from my brother-in-law who is English about their NHS.

So when are people going to stop being so English about his ostentation? Yes, it's needy.

There is something ineffably English about him in his eccentricity, melancholy and gentleness.

There is something very English about hand-wringing over whether to use the word waiter or waitress.

Yet even though two later Doctors are actually Scottish, there is something distinctly English about Doctor Who.

There was nothing uniquely English about this as the same would have been thought in Spain, France and the Holy Roman Empire.

Is there something particularly English about this anxiety over entering a different strata of society? Perhaps, I don't know.

And to my mind what was most characteristically English about it was the part played not by the warships but by the little pleasure-steamers.

As someone already said, people are too English about it! I get annoyed when there are roadworks with a sign indicating that a lane is closing so many yards up the road.

In 2% of cases english without is used

You cant teach english without knowing two languages.

Larrys wife, son and parents all speak english without any visible accent.

If your friend speaks English without hesitation about any topic then he's fluent.

We can't imagine learning english without these symbols because we are not native speakers.

No doubt he persevered, but all his letters to his children were in English and he spoke English without any German accent, as anyone who has listened to recordings of his Christmas broadcasts knows.

In 1% of cases english like is used

Want to hear the Chelsea FanCast? Click here, have a good time and forgive my english like Joel Santana's.

Instead of trying to teach you a second language, we are teaching you English like every child learned English in the world.

Should we immitate english like a Sudda (British ), or speak in our own natural accent? // You can speak any accent you wish.

In 1% of cases english rather is used

I am a British Citizen as are my children, and I am patriotic enough to call myself English rather than a Brit.

All the poetry, in the broadest sense of the word, that speaks to my imagination is English rather than British.

My first reaction was to be rather shocked that they saw themselves as English rather than British and England as the nation.

They liked the fact that I was around their age; was English rather than North American; and that, like them, I was a Roman Catholic.

Breast Density in Laymans terms After a mammogram, a woman may have her breast density reported to her in plain english rather than the BI-RADS types.

I am certain should Luke Donald or Lee Westwood win a major their English fans would prefer they were referred to as English rather than British, same as if any of the Scots won.

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