Prepositions after "engender"

engender by, in, among, between or to?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words

    In 74% of cases engender by is used
    There is a level of trust here that is engendered by demystifying the design process.
    Obviously there is much disaffection, engendered by disillusionment, which doesn't work well for the NDC and President Mahama.
    For much of the last decade I found my permanently exhausted state -- engendered by too much time in pubs and the general atomised nature of city living -- was enough to dull the fury.

    In 13% of cases engender in is used
    Our economic transformation is all the more exciting because it is happening through political dialogue engendered in a democracy, where contending views clash and reconcile.

    In 4% of cases engender among is used
    It's because of Dan that I'd posting it here, but trust me, the hatred Republicans engender among educated, empathetic, non-racist, non-crazy people who love their country is ALL on them.

    In 4% of cases engender between is used
    Companies engaging in content marketing do so to grow their businesses as a consequence of the positive relationships that are engendered between themselves and their audience.

    In 4% of cases engender to is used
    The money hitting low against dollar while the RBI doing nothing, engenders to an economic crisis.

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