Prepositions after "enforce"

"enforce by" or "enforce in"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words

    In 48% of cases enforce by is used
    We have had anti alcohol rules enforced by floggiing.
    Any such waiver will not be enforced by Chinese courts.
    Nickname clashes are not allowed; this is enforced by the servers.
    He spelled out the privileges of individuals that never before were enforced by law.
    Judgments for delivery of goods may be enforced by a writ of delivery: s 105, Forms 48, 51.
    Kangaroos are harvested under a code of practice enforced by extensive government monitoring.
    Holland defines positive law as a general rule of external human action enforced by a sovereign political authority.
    Deletions identified in the text just quoted were enforced by the CIA under McGehee's legal obligations as an ex-agent.
    enforced by the school bully, atrocities like these were deemed unforgivable and punishments dolled out could be severe.
    By the word positive law he defined the general rule of external human action enforced by a sovereign political authority.

    In 16% of cases enforce in is used
    Tactical discipline and unity should be enforced in all our matches.
    The plaintiff therefore seemed to have a recognised award which could not be enforced in practice.
    Indeed, the limiting of the number of foreign players in a side is a regulation enforced in the Russian Football Championship; Russia's top league.
    It is also vital that employers themselves ensure that any risks are properly assessed and high safety standards are being enforced in their workplaces.
    Once your lender has a Court judgement setting out the debt, this judgement can be enforced in various ways, including, in extreme cases, through bankruptcy proceedings.
    Governing Law These terms shall be governed by and construed and enforced in accordance with the laws of the State of Ohio, without reference to conflict of laws provisions.
    Under the amended Arbitration Ordinance, awards given by recognised arbitration commissions in Mainland China (148 as at 1 February 2000) may be summarily enforced in Hong Kong.
    Powerful marquee operation On the basis of IconCool Studio 6, marquee tools have been improved and enforced in IconCool Studio 7 to more conveniently and flexibly select any element of the canvas.
    This practice assists to alleviate the concern of some foreign parties that awards may not be enforced in China due to local protectionism, especially if the losing party is a state-owned enterprise.

    In 8% of cases enforce on is used
    Such court orders are obtained and enforced on a daily basis.
    Please review the additional guidelines that will be enforced on top of the Community Guidelines, in order to maintain a friendly environment that is welcoming to all: 1.
    Women only dress in such and such a manner, so the logic goes, to impress men, because beauty itself, or our concept of it, is a social construct enforced on women by men.
    Atheists debate such fundamental things as evolution and will never have a clear doctrine to enforce on the masses because that is against everything that atheism stands for.

    In 3% of cases enforce as is used
    Roads nearby the park entrance will be marked and enforced as a tow-zone and Shelton police will turn away cars at the park entrance.
    Tabletop quality is not a high hurdle and I believe that it is important for the wider tournament community's enjoyment tat it is enforced as a minimum.
    Once a certified copy of the judgment and an affidavit is filed with the Local Registrar? s Office, it may be enforced as if it were a judgment of the Court of Queen? s Bench for Saskatchewan.

    In 3% of cases enforce at is used
    Judgment Debts can be enforced at any time within the 12 years after they were ordered.
    That OCC link you put up showing the consent orders the banks agreed to is a good one sadly I don't think anything is being enforced at this point.

    In 3% of cases enforce through is used
    Compliance with the school reorganization law was enforced through annual penalties.
    This rule is enforced through threats that something bad will happen to that colour of shirt if they ever buy it.
    Once issued in the Court of Queen? s Bench, the judgment can then be legally enforced through the office of the Sheriff.

    In 2% of cases enforce with is used
    It's harder to enforce with the burka as it is a one piece outfit, while the niqab can be lifted.
    In DC, it is generally legal to double-park for the purpose of making a delivery, so there's nothing to enforce with delivery trucks.

    In 2% of cases enforce for is used
    To think that the security of the few should be enforced for eternity at the expense of the majority is reverse facsm.

    In 2% of cases enforce from is used
    A new E-waste (Handling &; Management) Rule, 2011 was enacted in year 2011 and was enforced from May 1st, 2012.

    In 1% of cases enforce until is used
    Two years later, these rights were again curtailed, and it remained enforced until 1860 that no Jews whatsoever could even enter the province.

    In 1% of cases enforce to is used
    It said the law if enforced to the latter would curtail the effective and efficient operations of journalists on election days.

    In 1% of cases enforce throughout is used
    However, in practice, the 1997 Notice was not strictly enforced throughout China.

    In 1% of cases enforce across is used
    It will be important that all parts of the financial industry engages with the process to identify best practice and to encourage the same high standards to be set and enforced across the whole EU.

    In 1% of cases enforce due is used
    With the removal of the restrictions that had to be enforced due to terrorism, the fishing industry has already rebounded and registered tremendous growth.

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