Prepositions after "endow"

endow with, by, in, for or like?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words

    In 82% of cases endow with is used
    Dusty, dirty, endowed with ear rings and tattoo.
    They hold that man had been endowed with a divine reason.
    This is the kind of brakes all cars should be endowed with.
    Humans have been endowed with remarkable intelligence, yet we're often lazy of mind.
    Being endowed with just the right, catastrophic psychic make-up, I was pretty soon hooked.
    Indeed, We have made all the signs manifest unto people who are endowed with inner certainty.
    Perhaps he intends to steal their preconceptions from those who find themselves all too richly endowed with them.
    He is endowed with a fertile mind, great intellect and scholarship coupled with the highest integrity and industry.
    Observation, very general and wide-spread, has shown that small children are endowed with a special psychic nature.
    Almost all African countries are endowed with natural resources but notable among them are; South Africa, Ghana, DR.

    In 10% of cases endow by is used
    Catholics believe that the Church, founded by Christ, is endowed by him with a teaching office which endures through time.
    We're not supposed to laugh at the sacred, and if life is sacred, and has meaning and a purpose endowed by a Creator, then do not dare to smile.
    Novaltans know that true sovereignty is not endowed by might alone, since otherwise sovereignty would be transferred (at least temporarily) to any brute in the commission of a violent crime.
    The founders believed that all men, today are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator unalienable rights, that among these rights are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.
    The phrase now in dispute, ' under God, ' simply embodies our notion of unalienable rights endowed by a Creator that no one, whether acting with brute force or under color of law, may ever infringe.

    In 5% of cases endow in is used
    Business chambers are best endowed in advocacy but the others, including NGOs, are also able to make their views heard.
    You know some women are endowed in this part of their body, yet it is not nicely shaped, when I see a nice shaped butt, I take a second look, Alex confessed.

    In 1% of cases endow for is used
    Bears are endowed for this top billing in our minds by certain features of their physiology and behaviour.

    In 1% of cases endow like is used
    A woman's boobs can drive me crazy especially if she's really endowed like one of the girls who came in.

    In 1% of cases endow on is used
    The Quran encourages all people to seek the truth and use the capabilities God has endowed on us.

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