Prepositions after "encroach"

"encroach on" or "encroach upon"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words

    In 50% of cases encroach on is used
    They encroach on the rights of others.
    The Poachers happily take down tresspassing Hunters if they encroach on their territory.
    In the spirit of free speech, James Delingpole lists the ways in which PC has encroached on our lives.
    This practice according to him encroaches on a citizen's right to express his or her own opinion and should be put to a stop.
    This totally encroaches on the civil liberties; pursuit of happiness, and right to earn a living for all the senior residents.
    The assertion by animal protectionists that these conflicts are our fault because we encroached on wildlife habitat is only half the story.
    But this does require that I ink far to near, so I can erase the end of a line without encroaching on another line that should come in front.
    His stewards have given us positive directions not to encroach on his property, and we have no alternative but this old ditch; here is where we bury our paupers.
    Religion has no special place of privilege and, therefore, is not permitted to encroach on secular spaces or on the rights of others under the of freedom of religion.
    We watched some videos that showed how black bears in Canada have been found in restaurants and garbage dumps, because humans have been encroaching on their habitat.

    In 31% of cases encroach upon is used
    And now Garzon encroached upon Henry Kissinger.
    We ought to love our friends, but without encroaching upon the love of God, which must always be first.
    Atlas Shrugged depicts a dystopian United States in which the government encroaches upon personal freedoms.
    But there are those who believe that celebrities can still live a normal life without being encroached upon.
    Those who believe in free speech would do well to remember this, as increasingly subtle forms of regulation encroach upon the internet.

    In 13% of cases encroach into is used
    You should not also implement and you know, ensure the laws of the land encroach into private.
    Other than that, I say, all over the world Muslims use the country's law to encroach into Others ' area.
    That's why the Valve began to encroach into the realm of open source and pulled out his game for Linux Gamers.
    You must always use hikmah, so yes, I will say here, we have limitation, but certainly it should not be encroached into public space.
    Town Belt How will these proposed improvements affect the Town Belt? To accommodate the widening of Ruahine Street the road will need to encroach into the Town Belt.
    We are proposing to encroach into the Town Belt because the alternative would be to remove a large number of residential properties on the eastern side of Ruahine Street.

    In 2% of cases encroach from is used
    Riaboy's thoughts raced, incoherent, as panic encroached from the fringes of his mind.

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