Prepositions after "encouraging"

"encouraging for" or "encouraging to"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 35% of cases encouraging for is used

It was very encouraging for me.

This is very encouraging for me.

That is encouraging for a start.

That you went through this process is really encouraging for the rest of us too.

It is encouraging for a person to feel that someone else has the same experience.

Secondly, it will be encouraging for black young boys as well as ethnic minorities.

It is nice to see him finish 11th the other day in France that is encouraging for him and I hope it continues.

At face value, this suggests a general improvement in river health, which is encouraging for resource managers.

It is the responsibility of the government to establish norms that is promising and encouraging for capitalism.

Unless you like being lied to, there is no easy way only HARD WORK! This is most definitely encouraging for me.

In 23% of cases encouraging to is used

They are truly encouraging to me.

But it was very encouraging to me.

They will be encouraging to people.

It is encouraging to observe that simplifying the wording improved comprehension.

Thanks for visiting LCM, Jennifer! It is encouraging to get entries such as yours.

Indeed, the condition of affairs in Hobart Town was not encouraging to the settler.

It is completely possible to be encouraging to men without resorting to the sort of speech Piper gave last week.

It was so encouraging to hear about your ministry and the impact you with God's power are making on this planet.

The reason why that is encouraging to me is because it shows his belief in their ability to reign Hamas in here.

I start my first year of college on Monday and it was really encouraging to read about the start of your journey.

In 11% of cases encouraging of is used

This is boorish and encouraging of vigilanteeism.

BU has not been encouraging of residents ' demand.

Or about the authors ' encouraging of ageist crime.

Is the local government there encouraging of indie music? We have cities in the U.

He likes to move fast in the studio and is very encouraging of keeping first takes.

Teachers need to be encouraging of their students to try new things and eat healthy foods.

Profoundly talented and extremely easy to get along with, she was perhaps a bit too encouraging of my insanity.

When combined with their encouraging of off-shoring, the election of the GOP is the end of the US as we know it.

No person alive has been as encouraging of my work, both as an advertising writer and a filmmaker, as much as Ali.

He was just so encouraging of everyone he met, and I honestly believe he saw real potential in all of his students.

In 9% of cases encouraging in is used

What I found most encouraging in this article was Dr.

There's something valuable and encouraging in each one.

That's depressing in one sense but encouraging in another.

Economicaly we are fast sinking into a quagmire with nothing encouraging in sight.

However, there's also the problem of parents being too encouraging in some instances.

Consequently encouraging in adjusting your opportunities straight into trustworthy buyers.

We can come from behind against anyone as we've done eight times this season, and that is encouraging in that respect.

But encouraging in the 160 households surveyed, all pets that lost a companion were behaving normally within six months.

When compared to mine, her school is definitely more encouraging in terms of getting children to talk about these matters.

In 5% of cases encouraging about is used

There's something encouraging about it.

There is just something so encouraging about his words and manner.

Get Warren Buffett to pile on and say something encouraging about the U.

There is, we think, something encouraging about finding culture in small-town America.

It's possible that some hospitals may be less encouraging about their use than others.

He was always gracious and encouraging about the work we were trying to do in Pakistan.

What was most encouraging about Jack's performance at the weekend is that we know there is so much more to come.

There is something soothing and encouraging about being guided through the works of Hobbes and Locke, Hume and J.

What's encouraging about your learning format is that the classroom is not the only method of delivering learning.

The love of my life is also so encouraging about the whole issue, so I don't really feel as bad as I did, initially.

In 3% of cases encouraging with is used

We can do this by being encouraging with Christ-like temperament (2 Chron.

The results presented were very encouraging with a 45-70% reduction in user interaction.

Nevermind the expensive nanny state you are encouraging with run-away permits for everything.

The latest consumer spending numbers were not encouraging with year on year drink sales down 9.

Attendance at the Accra Sports Stadium is not too encouraging with many seats yet to be filled.

The response was very encouraging with so many thumbs up, horn honks, some even stopped to chat.

The actual local people are often pleasant as well as encouraging with regards to home-grown companies.

Air travel demand is encouraging with European airline passenger growth exceeding 5% through mid-April.

I will do it (with my Lord Jesus ' help) but it makes it so much more fun and encouraging with the show.

The early signs are encouraging with his support of charities such as Tusk and his brother's charity Sentabale.

In 2% of cases encouraging as is used

Market support would be encouraging as to his current well-being.

This data is encouraging as the United States lost its leading position in educational attainment in 1992.

In Zanzibar the progress is encouraging as the Eastern and Costal Diocese has taken serious initiatives for evangelization.

Now I belong to this last-named class; and certainly my prospects of military preferment are most encouraging as well as certain.

Although, only the summation of tunneling atoms could be determined, it is still encouraging as the technology to do this is only a few years old.

Steering effort required is light, unlike the older Pulsars which often suffered an unwanted heaviness, and turn-in on the new P200 is quick and encouraging as a result.

The prospects for 2013 look encouraging as the Christchurch recovery gathers pace and the catch up in house building in Auckland occurs to alleviate the housing shortage.

Any support in the market -- like with most selections, I suppose! -- would be massively encouraging as to the horses current well-being, which could be questioned somewhat.

But I think it was necessary and it is encouraging as the new party will bring more dynamism to the opposition and try to bring about a more credible and constructive opposition.

In 2% of cases encouraging at is used

This is very encouraging at this early stage, and I am confident that the numbers will continue to grow.

It was interesting and encouraging at the same time to see at the end of the training a delighted team of women who had successfully attained some ICT training.

Little things like ensuring we understood what we had to do, and the opportunities to correct some of our work before final exams, was so encouraging at the time.

On average, those questioned thought 63 out of 100 diagnosed cases would be cured when in reality the figure is significantly more encouraging at around 96 out of 100.

It's not a question of whether it's better to be riding with your i-phone headset on or driving with the car stereo on -- it's a question of not encouraging at risk behaviours.

I'd new to the Nokia camp since the days of their monochrome display heydays, but what Internetsexplorer raised is not very encouraging at all to new customers who switched camps.

In 2% of cases encouraging from is used

That's encouraging from a Liverpool player.

OVER 8: ENG 16/0 (Cook 6* Compton 10*) Encouraging from Compton.

I didn't find any of them that encouraging from a business standpoint.

It happens though, so here I am to do some encouraging from the ladies ' end.

The possibility of uncovering further memory recall is encouraging from what we have witnessed so far.

I think its rather interesting how quickly they are tweaking the algo and its definitely encouraging from Microsoft.

It's encouraging from the standpoint that both have the ability to A) score efficiently and B) check guys on defense.

Regarding Safeway, my wife just had a positive shopping experience at the relatively new Safeway in El Cerrito (the old Target site ), so this is encouraging from a food-quality standpoint.

In 1% of cases encouraging on is used

Sorry I can not be more encouraging on this.

Taking the fourth Early results haven't been nearly as encouraging on 2011 No.

My parents were very encouraging on the music front as was my secondary school.

I believe encouraging on Sri Lankan girls for friendship, rather than a phone number directory.

On the contrary, our transit plan calls for fewer stops, something SDOT has been supporting and encouraging on most high ridership Seattle routes.

It was pleasing and encouraging on the last night of year 2011 and first morning of 2012 when President Jakaya Kikwete reflected on this in his New Year speech.

The news was very encouraging on Sunday?? he was moved out of intensive care in the morning, his daily progress to determine the length of time he?? ll remain at the General.

She is very encouraging on my career, she doesn't mind the number of female friends and sometimes fans that I have, she encourages me because she knows at the end of the day, I'd still for her.

In 1% of cases encouraging rather is used

I finish out this comment with another video, this one encouraging rather than discouraging.

They are often suggestive, rather than prescriptive; encouraging rather than fiercely polemical.

In this Internet era, where so many people are articulating political developments on social networking sites, governments should be encouraging rather than suppressing.

In 1% of cases encouraging towards is used

He was even extremely encouraging towards the end.

All teachers were particularly encouraging towards the Green teams.

The problem when there is no encouraging towards your partner, it can leave a potential little gap.

Nowadays, residents tend to be more encouraging towards the vacationers and communications have enhanced considerably.

To make Clooney's character put a positive spin and be encouraging towards the millions of Americans that his character fired each year is insulting.

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