Prepositions after "encapsulate"

"encapsulate in" or "encapsulate by"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words

    In 64% of cases encapsulate in is used
    It is encapsulated in the Igbo Kwenu refrain.
    Surely Amis won't entertain Rose's logic, encapsulated in the line: ' You didn't change the world, you bought it '.
    With this focus, the improved website also represents a major tool in the achievement of our mandate - as encapsulated in Sec.
    Very Good Course 28: Parmesan Ravioli This was basically liquid parmesan encapsulated in a very thin film that I think was similar to the film used in the pinenut shabu shabu dish.
    Omnipresent Freelancing More recently, however, a more fundamental change in the organization of work has been made, encapsulated in the concept of continuous change in the flexible firm.

    In 18% of cases encapsulate by is used
    Where I say fraud, it's best encapsulated by Stephen Leather.
    Like all cephalopods, octopuses lay large eggs with lots of yolk, and encapsulated by a tough membrane.

    In 7% of cases encapsulate from is used
    You may not choose to accept that updating is encapsulated from the user, that's your decision.
    Regardless of the implementation or design differences between two repository structures or the application that accesses them, these are encapsulated from the end user.

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