Prepositions after "enamoured"

"enamoured with" or "enamoured of"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 51% of cases enamoured with is used

I'd still enamoured with Ozzie.

That's what I'd enamoured with.

I am enamoured with your shawl.

I had noticed the hummus! I find myself being less and less enamoured with Tesco.

Not everyone had been enamoured with the idea of signing a Leeds player, however.

I am particularly enamoured with the first red-bold paragraph (my styling!) above.

Not everyone, however, was enamoured with the use of stained glass and other ornamentation in a sacred building.

Mom hated the heat and wasn't particularly enamoured with Texans either - and told Dad to put in for a transfer.

While at school, I became enamoured with financial planning (when I started University, I wanted to be a lawyer.

I appreciate The Guardian is not too enamoured with Android as its Android app is not as good as the Apple version.

In 48% of cases enamoured of is used

I am still enamoured of the harp.

I'd not enamoured of ' anti-growth '.

They are enamoured of the mystic world.

It was a second hand bike but I was so enamoured of it I don't think I even noticed.

Then, this happens: Had wild Hippolytus Leander seen Enamoured of his beauty had he been.

In 1836, Victoria was quite enamoured of three Persian princes seeking asylum in England.

In the Oxford dictionary, the word ' cult ' is used for those who are enamoured of and are loyal to an individual.

The contestants today seem slicker, more corporate, less self-consciously eccentric, less enamoured of the piano tie.

He is going OK at school (he wasn't that enamoured of school in Australia - and I think that's about the same there).

What makes the Japanese audience so enamoured of blasting Beatles-generated capital-letters ROCK (!!! ), I don't know.

In 1% of cases enamoured by is used

The elites are probably rather enamoured by it all.

I am not too enamoured by GM food, though ok with hybrids.

I was very enamoured by the present commissioner but not much so anymore.

Maybe I wasn't that enamoured by Vegas because I really quite like my life.

She was not over enamoured by the thought of this trip and had been pleasantly surprised.

By this description, it should be eminently clear that I was none too enamoured by this puff-cake offering.

What's needed in the digital industry is people less enamoured by the technology and more focused on the overall aims of marketing in general.

Secondly I'd not saying that people need to be enamoured by the technology but if you don't love (or even like) tech it is becomes very difficult for you to create a compelling solutions.

While many women these days face the realisation that they might not meet someone with the hysterical fetishisation of a Bridget Jones character, many men are rather enamoured by this prospect.

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