Prepositions after "embrace"

embrace by, as, with, within or in?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words

    In 56% of cases embrace by is used
    And, how lucky were we to be embraced by so many.
    However, the truth was not received or embraced by Pharaoh.
    A common theme woven throughout the book and also embraced by Mr.
    Ditto has been embraced by fashion designers including Jean-Paul Gaultier (she modelled his S/S.
    This was enthusiastically embraced by employers and viewed with scepticism and animosity by workers.
    That is the real challenge, one that should be embraced by all the primary industries of the country.
    These values should be embraced by everyone including new migrants and protected; there is no room for complacency.
    Trust depends on virtues of self-restraint, embedded in a culture, embodied by its leaders and embraced by individuals.
    In Oxfordshire, the county council rescinded a plan to close nearly half its 43 libraries after a campaign embraced by Philip Pullman.
    Depp has been visiting different reservations and has been embraced by several southwestern tribes, including the Comanche and Navajo.

    In 9% of cases embrace as is used
    It is certainly embraced as a learning tool.
    Entrepreneurship becomes something we are scared of, or something to embrace as a last resort at retirement or job loss.
    This new environment was not to be feared but embraced as a source of positive change, as Jamaican businesses could compete if the necessary changes were implemented.

    In 8% of cases embrace with is used
    I just believe that our silent saviors should be embraced with open arms.
    Then the hijab and its infusion into Sri Lankan Muslim life, a phenomenon that many middle class Muslim women are embracing with aplomb is dealt with in the story Beauty.

    In 8% of cases embrace within is used
    You may understand that we get embraced within a big technique, moving with the iPhone, Google android, BlackBerry in addition to Palm common applications.

    In 7% of cases embrace in is used
    What does morality have to do with religion? As for lack of morality not being embraced in Jamaica.
    In both cases your guides and your Twin Flame will be by your side; never doubt that! You are all embraced in loving arms.
    Fantastic musicians surround Fraser's ' soul ' in musical clothing that can easily be shaded dark, embraced in light and worn warmly.
    The concept of Team GB, which combines players from England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland, has not been warmly embraced in the men's game.

    In 3% of cases embrace for is used
    The most enduring public figures are embraced for the causes they fought for and not the.

    In 3% of cases embrace of is used
    Everything I have seen so far from Microsoft in the past year has been embracing of HTML5.

    In 2% of cases embrace at is used
    Almost as troubling is the leadership role Goodell has embraced at the head of an increasingly disingenuous PR campaign aimed not at the players, but squarely at the fans.

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