Prepositions after "eligible"

eligible for, to, in or under?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 94% of cases eligible for is used

Am I eligible for the freeze? No.

Taxpayers who are eligible for the.

Other ranks were eligible for the award.

The medical devices eligible for zero-rating are listed in the GST/HST legislation.

You may also not be eligible for the lowest interest rate, if you have poor credit.

They strictly told that they need a valid SIN card to be eligible for mat benefits.

Are there incentives available for new houses? No, new homes are not eligible for the ecoENERGY Retrofit program.

Entries received after the earliest scheduled kick-off will be eligible for points scored from the following day.

In order to be eligible for the first time home buyers rebate you must meet all of the following requirements: 1.

In 2% of cases eligible to is used

You may be eligible to a reduced fee.

He was not eligible to the Office of President.

Are they raelly eligible to any type of respect.

However, only the Celcom First 1+5 plan is eligible to be made as a supplementary line.

She is, however, eligible to become president by the fact that she was born in the States.

I have doubt that being an unskilled worker I might not be eligible to apply for this visa.

The people eligible to for the PO nationwide are those that currently have no insurance or are indivually insured.

If you did not commit a Serious Disqualification Offence you may be eligible to enter into a Safer Driver Agreement.

I would assume you are Canadian since you are eligible to work for a Canadian employer, if you are not an US citizen.

In 1% of cases eligible in is used

Which it will be eligible in July 2013.

Draft eligible in 2013 (undrafted in 2012).

Only very specific remediation costs are eligible in the program.

Thus, Gamboa will not be eligible in the October poll and until he once again fights.

If it was your very first degree course ever then I think you'd be eligible in Scotland.

This is a problem if the beneficiary expects to again become DTC eligible in the near future.

The Rebels need one victory in their last two games to become bowl eligible in Hugh Freeze's first season as coach.

Pupils who became eligible for transport under this system will continue to be eligible in the 2012-2013 school year.

So as you're eligible in your own right to put in an application under Skilled Migrant, that's probably the thing to do.

Requires all health plans on an exchange to provide annual open enrollment periods and enroll newly eligible individuals.

In 1% of cases eligible under is used

This made all those eligible under U.

Farming businesses are not eligible under this program.

Around 5 million people are eligible under these criteria.

I think Overseas students and work permit holders in canada are eligible under CEC.

Personnel eligible under all three provisions may wear two bronze stars on the ribbon.

Require states to provide equivalent services to those not eligible under the new plan.

Generally, occupations that are classified as skill level one, two and three are eligible under the 457 program.

Troy Cook's company would be eligible under this rule as well, so long as it published more than must Cook's work.

If you obtain a job in Alberta in an eligible occupation, you may be eligible under the AINP Employer-Driven Stream.

Repairs, alterations or adaptations not related to the resident's loss of ability are not eligible under this program.

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