Prepositions after "elevate"

elevate to, in, above, by or as?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words

    In 54% of cases elevate to is used
    He was elevated to the peerage in June 2003.
    He is said to have elevated to heaven from it premises.
    From 1989 to 2004 when he was elevated to the High Court, Mr.
    When this relationship is elevated to marriage, it changes to another ball game entirely.
    Christopher Okigbo, nwa Ojoto, has been elevated to the pedestal of Okigbo, nwa uwa n'ine.
    Saddam had been elevated to the rank of a Hitler - indeed the word was commonly bandied around.
    The middle level employees will get elevated to higher office and take independent charge of an important division.
    elevated to the front bench from day one, he proceeded to make Mary Coughlan ' s life, as enterprise minister, hell.
    Having the blessings of Nurul Islam, known as a boss of RSO, Salamatullah has been elevated to the top of the organisation.
    In his late years, the middle-aged warrior will be elevated to a senior and more responsible elder during the Olng'eshere ceremony.

    In 10% of cases elevate in is used
    Risk of violence is much more elevated in individuals with concurrent substance use disorders.
    The risk of GI cancer is elevated in patients with IBD (eg, 60-fold higher compared to the general population).
    From Egypt came the rites and grandeur of that solemn Cre, whose inhabitants taught their iron vanquishers of Rome all that they yet know which is elevated in religion and sublime in worship.

    In 8% of cases elevate above is used
    The cottages are elevated above the ground and built upon wooden stilts.
    The light was elevated above the model pointing downwards for a butterfly light effect (also known as beauty lighting).
    Another legend has it that at a certain time of the year, a book came up out of the head of the spring and was elevated above the waters.

    In 7% of cases elevate by is used
    Water levels at Shell Beach, Louisiana, just east of New Orleans, were already elevated by 1? this morning.
    Cooked till the perfect degree of al- dente, the pasta dish was made with care and with good ingredients, elevated by the inclusion of well- cooked Porcini Mushrooms and Parma Ham.
    As a music lover, Dj Faisca has constantly been elevated by an appreciation of a wider range of music that comes with further appreciation of the audience that he play for every time.

    In 3% of cases elevate as is used
    After the defeat of the Congress in the Assembly polls and the electoral triumph of Lt Gen Rawat (retd ), the party leaders feared he would be elevated as leader of the Congress Legislature Party.

    In 3% of cases elevate at is used
    After reading the article I now understand why!!! My blood pressure was elevated at my last doctor's visit.
    Benedict, 85, announced the new cardinals during his weekly general audience and said they would be formally elevated at a consistory Nov.

    In 3% of cases elevate for is used
    You will burn the most fat when you elevate your heart rate and keep it elevated for at least 15 minutes.
    If this follows a similar pattern to that of Hurricane Katrina, claims will remain slightly elevated for a few more weeks.

    In 3% of cases elevate from is used
    There are many benefits to elevating from the dual-core level of old.
    The M point in the Sri Yantra is the black dot (bindu) in the middle and as such is elevated from the bottom of the upper large triangle which represets the Great Pyramid.

    In 2% of cases elevate into is used
    How many convicted burglars are there, brave enough to be elevated into the ranks of the judiciary.

    In 2% of cases elevate like is used
    But we now live where art is a separate thing, elevated unreachable above the functional, elevated like some distinct, prophetic type of thing, like some intense mystical/religious thing.

    In 1% of cases elevate because is used
    Therefore, you may see elevated levels of PM along the Gulf -- in the moderate range, for example -- but those levels are not elevated because of the presence of the oil.

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