Prepositions after "elderly"

elderly in, with, at, of or as?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 43% of cases elderly in is used

Assisting the Elderly in infirmity.

They don't think of the elderly in nursing homes.

Finally, there are no homes for the elderly in the city.

The oldest of the large care centers for the elderly in NY is named after a Van Duyn.

The US has a problem caring for the elderly in our country, and the problem is growing.

RESULTS Two seminal papers pertinent to falls in the elderly in Jamaica were identified.

Victoria encouraged the girls to take an active role in the lives of the elderly in their families and communities.

The Supreme Court of the 1930s was the most elderly in the history of the Republic, with an average age of over 71.

More than 20 percent of Japan's people are aged 65 or over, one of the highest proportions of elderly in the world.

Children and the elderly in the village earn income as casual labourers performing this activity at the factory site.

In 10% of cases elderly with is used

Most elderly with these problems are in GP care.

Most of them are middle-aged or elderly with low (or no) incomes.

Reference List Antipsychotics dangerous for elderly with Dementia.

Oh yeah, let's stick the poor, disabled and elderly with another tax on top of that.

Hawthorn improved blood circulation to cardiac effects benefit to elderly with heart disease.

The elderly with dentures is also a group at risk of having a fish bones lodged in the throat.

Fortunately, the proportion of elderly with at least a high school education will increase in the coming decades.

Winter fuel payment A benefit which helps the elderly with heating bills Withdrawal Money taken out of your account.

Donations by every person would assist in the free surgical operation of children and the elderly with heart disorders.

Policies for residential accommodation options are particularly relevant for elderly with a disability and for the frail.

In 5% of cases elderly at is used


Staff also visit the elderly at home (Indoors).

Here are few tips to take care of elderly at home.

A child must obey the elderly at all cost and sometimes, this comes with a high price.

Germany is pioneering a program that pays family members to care for the elderly at home.

You will have noticed how funding is being cut away from the elderly at an increasing pace.

It is common among the elderly at the end of their productive lives and, as I am finding, common among the terminally ill.

Another option is to help out at one of the many animal-rescue organizations, or take your kids to visit the elderly at a retirement home.

It's hard to be tempted in worldly endeavors when we are trying to love our Joyland children or Interhigh youth or the elderly at a nursing home.

Police together with the family of the elderly at home nearby to look for more than two hours, but it has not found traces of the elderly, moncler.

In 4% of cases elderly as is used

This is true for the elderly as well as the ophans.

The elderly as a percentage of total population was 4.

You seem focused on the elderly as a big cost problem for healthcare.

Many of our elderly as the lady in point are not fit enough to drive yet alone cycle.

Migration makes senses especially for elderly as the winter is too harsh and too dreary.

And they take care of their elderly as well as their little children in loving tender manner.

Provisions of different laws provided for the well-being of the elderly as well as easing childbearing burdens for families.

Abstract Objective To assess the coming challenges of caring for large numbers of frail elderly as the Baby Boom generation ages.

Furthermore there is a need for more accommodation for the elderly as the over 65s represent almost a fifth of the UK population.

Once you are completed along with college, you might be elderly as well as steady to manage someone else if you undertake to do this.

In 4% of cases elderly to is used

They ranged from the elderly to youngsters.

The elderly to working adult support ratio will also dwindle from 6.

The family of the elderly and the elderly to discuss and then respond.

Critics charge that would expose the elderly to more out-of-pocket costs.

People of varied ages; from the elderly to the youngsters, both male and female.

Emergency personnel arrived and carried to an ambulance for the elderly to hospital.

Before she died on March 10, 1913, she gave her home for the elderly to the Methodist Episcopal Zion Church.

I don't think any nation in old prosperous Europe could afford to condemn its elderly to such a draconian diet.

Republicans say it saves money, but Democrats argue it would expose millions of elderly to rising health care costs.

The elderly to me are so special and I cherish their wisdom, knowledge, and the wonderful memories they share of their past.

In 4% of cases elderly from is used

I have had good service for the elderly from social workers.

Here's our quick guide to sorting the elderly from the ageless.

We should then be funding care for the elderly from this at an appropriate level.

Being vicious and vulgar towards the elderly from kids is not a behavior we should tolerate ever.

And they are working to move more elderly from hospitals into the community instead of into long-term care.

Ignored repeated Troika warnings about protecting the elderly from cuts and placing an unfair burden on children.

Half of the elderly from the lower socio economic strata reported facing abuse because of lack of emotional support.

Regulating foods such s green, leafy and yellow vegetables protect the elderly from colds, illnesses, and eye problems.

Last year among the elderly from higher socio economic strata, property issues emerged as the most common context for abuse.

In 4% of cases elderly of is used

The elderly of the future will be better educated.

Muscle loss is robbing the elderly of their freedom.

Elderly of this decade are no stupid! like their predecessors used to be.

We warn children of stranger danger so we need to warn the elderly of the same thing.

Krishnan, unfortunately you are just a prototype elderly of modern Chennai or for that matter any metro.

No industrial yeast there: the dough was fermented from a sourdough being raised by the elderly of the village.

In the process those people have deprived our children of education, our elderly of care, and the public of hospital care.

The more elderly of the two, Apena, said she had five children and was married to the family of Apena in Ebute Meta, Lagos.

The ancient hospital of Ille sur Tet, the Hospice d'Illa was built in the middle ages for the sick and elderly of the region.

I have taught and tutored students whose ages are from several years old to the elderly of over 70, and they all enjoy learning.

In 3% of cases elderly by is used

You can tell that he is elderly by the characteristics of his voice quality.

Here we talk endlessly about making it easier to kill the elderly by legalising euthanasia.

Provide free transport for the elderly by driving them to any destination on the Island in their cars.

They helped the elderly by shopping and gardening for them as well as keeping them company and entertaining them.

Older voters oppose Republican vice presidential nominee Paul Ryan's health-care plan for the elderly by a 2-to-1 ratio.

That is much better than humiliating the elderly by taking away their savings and leaving them dependent on government handouts.

Innovation has also decreased mortality rates by 16 percent and disabilities among the elderly by 25 percent, Representative Erik Paulsen (R.

But they will disappoint campaign groups for the elderly by delaying a decision on when this might take effect and how the state would fund it.

MCYS will also expand the Public Assistance (PA) scheme's eligibility to more needy elderly by raising the income cap for such households from $1,000 to $1,500.

Brain stimulation will facilitate the activity of the posterior association cortices in the elderly by inducing synchronized firing of many neurons at specific frequencies.

In 3% of cases elderly for is used

Orange is rather elderly for a mobile company.

But Blew was probably 13 or 14, elderly for a Lab.

Debbie's been working with the elderly for 30 years.

We should thank the elderly for making some additional stimulus politically acceptable.

In effect they end up blaming the elderly for fiscal problems, poor economic growth and.

People with disabilities accounted for 43 percent of Medicaid spending and the elderly for 26 percent.

The relatively small population of this age group, however, means that incidence rates peak in the elderly for most cancers (Figure 3.

Nina takes care of children and the elderly for a Hong Kong family, while her elderly mother takes care of Nina's children in the Philippines.

But only after the government sells of it's assets and give said money back to the elderly for the decades of tax that they have had taken from them.

Sagarika Ghose: The states had abdicated its responsibility towards the elderly for years but let me get you to respond to that, the bill is just too high.

In 3% of cases elderly on is used

The pagan Eskimos would abandon sick and elderly on the ice.

Friends and relatives would haul the chests and the elderly on wagons.

In front of me, there was a family, a couple with an elderly on the wheelchair.

He has reduced prescription costs for medicare (elderly on low income) patients by 50%.

The worst hit will be the elderly on a fixed income who rely on the interest on their savings.

I do not have to deal with immuno-compromised or sick, pregnant or elderly on a daily basis like yourself.

We operate exclusively for charitable purposes, helping the poor, sick, and elderly on a local, national, and international basis.

This payment is independent of the Advisory Council will limit the benefits for the elderly on behalf of the arbitrary spending targets.

Lack of qualified nurses is jeopardising safe care for the elderly on wards which are still dominated by age discrimination, according to the Royal College of Nursing.

In 1% of cases elderly into is used

We solve the problem by putting our elderly into care, which is expensive and dislocating and difficult.

First, as I have already observed, this approach would immediately place our elderly into the care of the government.

I guess a small gang runs operations like this and pressures foreign and the elderly into paying fee's they don't need to, or paying extra fee's.

We know that bringing the children and elderly into the group means that we have to move a bit slower, so everybody can enjoy the place we visit.

All that a change in the legislation in NZ will do is legitimize the abuse that's already going on and pressure the sick and elderly into ' doing the right thing ' when they become too much of a.

White House Burning looks squarely at the burgeoning national debt and proposes to defuse its threat to our well-being without forcing struggling middle-class families and the elderly into poverty.

In 1% of cases elderly without is used

It seems to me that you are stereotyping the elderly without really knowing them which is what stereotyping is.

We know that they have already reduced home help and other essential services to the infirm and the elderly without any notice.

If there are indeed a hell lot more reserves available, then I believe we can do more to help the lowest 5-10% of our citizens, children and elderly without raising taxes.

In 1% of cases elderly within is used

One of the simplest ways of improving the health and well-being of the elderly within our communities is to ensure that they are well nourished.

In 1% of cases elderly through is used

Airlines have people TRAINED to help the elderly through airports all the way through to the other end.

Kennedy makes health care a major campaign issue but as president can't get a plan for the elderly through Congress.

Although Medicare has clearly improved the health status of the elderly through access to acute medical care (Lubitz et al.

The alerts are tied in to the Government's Cold Weather Plan and are relayed to organisations such as Age UK, which help the elderly through winter.

She is a member of the Independent Living Equipment Program Reference Group and is now involved in the provision of services for the elderly through her work and at a personal level.

Vintage men's see could also be any man's selection when however decide to generate themselves positioning upon identical style of see as they possibly can get elderly through many years.

In 1% of cases elderly relative is used

I'd already waiting for Elderly Relative to pick up his cellphone.

My relatives's GP advised elderly relative to move into nursing home to no avail.

I would recommend everyone over 45 or with an elderly relative to read it as well.

I'd not sure where this conversation changed over from concern for an elderly relative to the indignation I hear in some of the comments.

Sponsoring a spouse, partner or elderly relative to come to the UK has never been easy, but in July 2012 the door slammed shut for many people altogether.

You might expect an apparently healthy elderly relative to die suddenly, without warning but you don't expect them to choose to kill themselves I want to do this when I reach a certain age.

In 1% of cases elderly over is used

The laws need to change to keep the elderly over a certain age from driving.

The NHIS provides free healthcare for children below 18 and the elderly over the age of 70.

One program includes assisting elderly over the age of 65 with a 150 rupee pension each month.

Longer life: Developing countries will experience greater numbers of elderly over the next four decades.

An attempt by the Jockey Club to set up homes for the elderly over the border also received scant interest.

The current prioritisation of the elderly over the young is not due to necessity, but is because -- unlike the elderly -- children have no political voice.

Their concern focuses on the large growth in the number of elderly over the coming years, from 35 million in 2000 to more than 80 million in 2050 (Figure 2).

The NHIS provides free healthcare for children below 18 and the elderly over the age of 70 and HIV positive individuals now receive highly subsidized anti-retroviral medicines.

At the end of 2003, the regular biennial review of the UK Government Actuary's Department made a sharp upward revision to forecasts of life expectancy for the elderly over the next 40 years.

In 1% of cases elderly like is used

Chris says: 02:06pm 22/06/12 We treat our elderly like garbage in Australia.

Animals would not also kill and rape the young, frail, sick and the elderly like what happened in Sri lanka.

Christina Ephaim who hails from Tanga says the centre is a good dwelling place for the elderly like herself.

We discard the elderly like confetti and relegate them to the ignore pile, meanwhile drug companies thrive on their various illnesses.

But seriously Sheikh Yusuf Estes should be a really good role model for you, he is a white American from a small country town &; elderly like yourself revert.

In 1% of cases elderly after is used

It is observed that higher cases of elder abuse occur among elderly after 70 years.

JCBC at work! (That big blue plastic bag had a lot of pairs of slippers inside!) Almost teared up when I heard that from an elderly after the event.

Alexopoulos et al, 2003; Arean et al, 2010) and is comparable to antidepressants in its ability to prevent depression in elderly after cerebrovascular accidents (e.

In 1% of cases elderly during is used

Perhaps the hostel's strongest feature is the outside garden and patio, which served as a respite for the elderly during its years as a seniors care facility.

LABOUR ADMITS FAILING THE ELDERLY Labour failed the elderly during their 13 years in power as far too many did not receive the care they needed, Andy Burnham admitted yesterday.

Routine systematic assessments of areas of potential risk in the elderly during medical examinations and identification of specific risk are an effective tool to reduce morbidity from falls.

In 1% of cases elderly due is used

At present, the elderly due to intracranial hemorrhage is in the hospital for treatment.

We have to account the bone structure of animals ' faces, or faces of the elderly due to their wrinkles.

Immunosenescence is a term that describes the immunosuppressed state of the elderly due to natural aging 4.

This may not be the best thing for small children or the elderly due to the steepness and lack of handrails.

Construction Section of the Department of Neurology, 10 years, we first received this disease of the elderly due to weight loss.

In 1% of cases elderly because is used

Online courses are not as accessible for the elderly because of their unfamiliarity with technology.

Companies discriminate against hiring the elderly because of the increasing expense of providing health insurance.

Of the SSRIs, fluoxetine is generally not recommended for use in the elderly because of its long half-life and prolonged side effects.

Too much caffeine can be risky for the elderly because of the increased threat of osteoporosis, which is marked by brittle bones and spinal problems.

The consequence for this study is that physicians are less likely to prescribe biologic agents to the elderly because of their already decreased immune function.

Longer acting sulphonylurea drugs are not recommended in the elderly because of their hypoglycemic effect and therefore short acting sulphonylureas are indicated.

Also, Bill has many times repeated that the MMT framework should be used to promote environment friendly growth (and also services to the elderly because of the ageing population).

In 1% of cases elderly among is used

There may be small children, orphans, widows or elderly among them.

Even the elderly among them suffering from various ailments, are not considered for bail even on health grounds.

Most of these have low incomes and the elderly among them suffer two to three times as much illness as the rest of the population.

The research indicates that women remain the primary caregivers of children and the elderly among the majority of Member States of the EU.

Sitting in one of the nice roomy chairs they have there for the elderly among us, I had leisure to look around the waiting room and observe how people passed the time.

No alternative in keeping on the safe side: I'd sure we all have our ways of keeping things safe at home, not only for ourselves but, more so, for the elderly among us.

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