Prepositions after "elaborate"

elaborate on, in, upon, by or about?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words

    In 69% of cases elaborate on is used
    I will elaborate on this further.
    Garland asks why Jesus did not elaborate on what he meant.
    Saga did not elaborate on the reasons behind Platou's exit.
    Of course this is all nothing to do with AI, as I elaborate on the Turing Test page.
    Let me elaborate on this crying thing: I was not for one second feeling sorry for myself.
    Projects and Work Experience In this section, elaborate on the projects you have completed.
    Here an attempt has been made to elaborate on the works contract service after the introduction of negative list.
    Owning gold - or elaborating on the reasons for owning gold might make one come across as a right wing neo-con nut.
    She answered questions to ORGZine editor, Tamara Kinja Nyakabasa, and elaborated on her projects, objectives and challenges.
    Here, Michael elaborates on how learning, skills development and innovation can be further unleashed with the support of ICTs.

    In 9% of cases elaborate in is used
    The procedures are elaborated in 154G.
    In 2005, the American initiative was further elaborated in the President's second inaugural address.
    This one way I characterise my approach to looking at morality and doing ethics, and one I'll elaborate in more detail with a full post soon.
    Weisskopf has delivered a series of popular lectures, in which some profound problems in modern physics were elaborated in a simple manner for high school students.
    These games were re-fashioned and elaborated in the course of the 19th century and eventually became the typical American sports of baseball, basketball and football.

    In 7% of cases elaborate upon is used
    They are first listed, and then elaborated upon one at a time.
    Vinay elaborated upon the areas he is not happy about despite his success in the present series.
    These factors are elaborated upon in what follows: Select the correct size -- This is, beyond doubt, the most important criterion that needs to be considered while looking for a bicycle.

    In 6% of cases elaborate by is used
    He elaborated by asking me how are you using this computer sir?
    Keep your homes clean and safe There are also certain preventive measures that can be taken which will be elaborated by Home Cleaning Ottawa.
    Pursuit of a dhArmic way of life elaborated by Sruthis and SaasthrAs creates a sound infrastructure to build a sound and stable society that enjoys all the benefits of a higher order of civilization.

    In 1% of cases elaborate about is used
    If they're interested, I'd happy to elaborate about what kind of software I write and what kind of company I work for, etc.

    In 1% of cases elaborate depending is used
    The gel nail patterns dress up nails for all functions and these gel nail designs is actually simple or elaborate depending on your taste.

    In 1% of cases elaborate for is used
    Arguably a bit elaborate for purists, it is still an amazingly indulgent eat for when you're really hungry or want to treat yourself.

    In 1% of cases elaborate with is used
    The defense secretary's megalomania is further elaborated with the following statement.

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