Prepositions after "eject"

eject from, at, in, into or by?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words

    In 62% of cases eject from is used
    I've been ejected from a club on one night.
    Vickie and Truth are ejected from ringside by the referee.
    I think he ejects from the bat right away before going out to sea.
    I am sure many of my peers WERE successfully ejected from US in 2009 and other years.
    Beta particles are fast-moving electrons ejected from the nuclei of many kinds of radioactive atoms.
    The authors write,? ejected from Apple, Jobs started his next venture, a computer company appropriately named NeXT.
    He was ejected from the game when he came perilously close to deliberately injuring incompetent referee Josef Kompalla.
    England had to play with 10 men for 60 minutes after Wayne Rooney was ejected from the game with a red card in the 62nd minute.
    A new and terrible regulation in Ukraine even goes as far as saying that OST patients like me can be ejected from the program if we jaywalk.

    In 9% of cases eject at is used
    Note the arching trajectories of the exploding debris with FOUR TON perimiter columns being ejected at 50 miles per hour so they travel over 600 feet.
    As he loads the plutonium rod into the nuclear reactor, Bond manages to kill Renard when he gets the rod ejected at high velocity straight into Renard? s chest.
    Insert child at one end of the system, move along conveyor belt, relocate child every 50 minutes at the sound of a bell, eject at the other end complete with training and education.
    For the Former, the whole population or any portion of it could be ejected at a week's notice from the homes in which they had been born and in which they had vegetated while they were slaves.

    In 6% of cases eject in is used
    Waterhouse ended the game with 10 players as their captain, Rohan Amos, was ejected in the 75th minute after apparently striking Tivoli's Ranike Anderson.

    In 6% of cases eject into is used
    Hubble later informed us that there is one planet outside our solar system, ejected into deep space by its parent stars.

    In 4% of cases eject by is used
    Stroke volume refers to the amount of blood that is ejected by the heart with each beat.

    In 2% of cases eject to is used
    Singh when a technical snag forced the two to eject to safety.

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