Prepositions after "earmark"

earmark for, by, as, about or at?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words

    In 85% of cases earmark for is used
    Linwood College and Marshland primary are earmarked for relocation.
    Sell expensive loaded investments that erode assets the client had earmarked for retirement.
    Solid Energy is earmarked for partial sale by the Government under its delayed SOE sales programme.
    It will be earmarked for buildings, plus fit-outs and equipment to resource the project up to a maximum of Rs.
    In the spring of 1942 the first transports of Jews, all earmarked for extermination, arrived from Upper Silesia.
    The proceeds are earmarked for the American Red Cross, Empire State Relief Fund and the New Jersey Hurricane Relief Fund.
    Furthermore, $400 million has been earmarked for LD to enhance and integrate its various employment and training programmes.
    It is likely that Wanta/Ameritrust funds earmarked for border protection could lead to the indictment of high ranking US officials.
    A national review of the Rural Ranking Scheme was earmarked for later in the year; the SCDHB had pre-empted the national move, he said.

    In 7% of cases earmark by is used
    There's also a section earmarked by the NDMC for butterflies! Yes.
    The oil marketing companies earmarked by Ewura under the arrangement include Cameloil, Oryx, Gapco, Oilcom and GBP.
    Those boys are identified early in their cricket career and earmarked by the coaches as potential international cricketers for Sri Lanka.
    In addition, $15 million per year for each of the current and next fiscal years has been earmarked by the government to pilot new approaches for older workers? employment.

    In 4% of cases earmark as is used
    In a self financing scheme, a separate fund is earmarked as the scheme is not based on budgetary support.
    Plucked from Crewe in the summer, Powell has reportedly been earmarked as the eventual successor to Paul Scholes in the Manchester United midfield.

    In 1% of cases earmark in is used
    Woodlands was earmarked in the Urban Redevelopment Authority's Development Guide Plan in 1997 to be developed into one of the regional centres for northern Singapore.

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