Prepositions after "dynamic"

"dynamic in" or "dynamic between"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 29% of cases dynamic in is used

Interrresting dynamic in play here.

The dynamic in our house has changed.

It was the same dynamic in Washington.

Be leaning forward, make eye contact, be comfortable and dynamic in your personality.

Telecoms itself is dynamic and we should be dynamic in taking decisions concerning it.

Although he is dynamic in the topics he teaches some of the are IMO very questionable.

Forster was dynamic in front of goal, and the team played the spaces between the Barca players and not the players.

This is something that declines through adulthood; it's something that's more active and dynamic in younger people.

He's really dynamic in the sense that he can offer tackling, tracking back, passing and an odd shot here and there.

Removing any one of those three parts would throw off the dynamic in a way that would be difficult to recover from.

In 18% of cases dynamic between is used

It changes the dynamic between persons.

Or the dynamic between the two MC's did.

The dynamic between Charlie and Fiona is well done.

The dynamic between all of those characters is something that is really special.

There has been a shift in the dynamic between me and my Dad and that makes me sad.

Clearly, the dynamic between the public and the government has rotted since Nixon.

The dynamic between Pakistan's internal war against terrorism and the external tensions increasing with the U.

While it's a standard fantasy set up with elves, dwarves, and humans, the dynamic between them is interesting.

Watching the dynamic between Hushpuppy and Wink sells the drama and tension in ' Beasts of the Southern Wild '.

The dynamic between them and what they accomplished together at both ' Games ' was what drove the series for me.

In 10% of cases dynamic with is used

It's flexible and dynamic with no targeting.

We might see the same dynamic with counterfeiters.

Automobile production was the most dynamic with a 38.

The Chen style is very dynamic with some strong stamping movements and rapid punches.

Finola Hughes and Jane Elliott are amazing and I love their dynamic with Anthony Geary.

The job of IT folks would continue to be more dynamic with rapidly changing cloud market.

At first we are shocked by Simon?? s rampant thievery; then we?? re intrigued by his complex dynamic with his sister.

We examine this potential dynamic with a survey of MPA students conducted over two years at the University of Wyoming.

But the dynamic with the other two other male presenters will clearly change, so it requires a root and branch rethink.

Additionally, Sara would have been single, creating an interesting dynamic with the four single male members of X-Factor.

In 7% of cases dynamic for is used

I think that's the new dynamic for artists.

My client require to create a dynamic for him.

It's incredibly dynamic for such a small place.

Also, I'd not a parent, but I know that changes the dynamic for how people view this.

A corrupt polity can not be dynamic for corruption is getting by through unfair means.

This sets up a very interesting political dynamic for this year's presidential campaign.

It's a whole new dynamic for me, so I don't think there's any way to know if I'll be any good or anything else at that.

In most social systems there is no complete harmony between these two and this conflict provided the dynamic for change.

The other dynamic for leaders is who do they talk to? They are usually the ones that have to have it handled, all the time.

My own view is that balancing these two ways of thinking is just too complex and dynamic for there to be one right way to do it.

In 5% of cases dynamic at is used

There is another dynamic at work too.

There is another dynamic at work here.

Asia is so much more dynamic at this point.

We're talking about the roots of the crisis being dynamic at the capitalist mode of production.

It is best understood as a diagram that charts this dynamic at a single scale or in a single system.

You make an important point, Dave, but I detected another dynamic at work as well that I really like.

No one knows why Europe became dynamic at that time; historians have their theories but these are only speculation.

I basically agree with your conclusions, but I do believe there is one dynamic at play that might make the difference.

The 49ers ' offense under Smith has been dynamic at times since the start of last season, and it surely has been efficient.

But there's another dynamic at play here: when predicting election outcomes, there are two sources of uncertainty, not one.

In 5% of cases dynamic to is used

She's going to add so much dynamic to the show.

This one has a kind of an O'Neill dynamic to it.

We wanted to bring that dynamic to Pitch as well.

Rodgers in the Wall Street Journal last week really took that dynamic to a whole new level.

Disconnect all electrical power tools once finished with or before dynamic to a different tool.

It adds an eerie, echoing dynamic to the music capturing the sense of space really wonderfully.

And it doesn't give the opportunity for a dynamic to really build, because something takes place--the divine accident.

If a Disney vacation in general is taking one for the team, the Magic Kingdom raises that dynamic to mind-numbing extremes.

The patterns of the memory in the DNA of the living beings refer to the Forms of Plato and their dynamic to Aristotle's entelechia.

This will add a non-promotional, intersting dynamic to your collection of pinboards while promoting engagement with your followers.

In 4% of cases dynamic of is used

He is the most dynamic of all the living Yogis.

Every dimension and dynamic of the fountain is just perfect.

Though apparently lacking fatal finishing moves, it is the most dynamic of all the bending arts.

As the evening began and the stories started it proved to be such a range, and dynamic of tellers.

This list has been devoted to the most dynamic of Presidents, and there are none more dynamic than him.

In modern speech we might say that the full truth and dynamic of life, is essentially a no-name-product.

The people then planned to eliminate Omogunle and her son Ojagbulegun, the most dynamic of all the children.

Romney (hardly the most dynamic of candidates) nearly won it -- lost only by just over 1% of the popular vote.

Thus they dynamic of anti-Shia violence in Pakistan is Deobandi vs Shia+SunniBarelvi+Ahmadi, not Sunni vs Shia.

To differentiate themselves in this most dynamic of markets, Asian telecom operators will no doubt have to create.

In 3% of cases dynamic as is used

So president, s position is becoming dynamic as the days go by.

Our plans must be fluid and dynamic as well as integrated and cohesive.

It was sold under the guise of becoming a more efficient and dynamic as an organisation.

We caught up with them to chat about their new found success and their dynamic as a band.

Anne Valerie Hash Anne Valrie Hash career is very dynamic as a fashion designer in Fashion industry.

If your culture devalues the experience of being a woman you will be impacted by this dynamic as a man.

Osorio is especially dynamic as the jumping jack Italian who tries to convince people he's really black.

LGBT life in this region of more than 15 million people continues to be as diverse and dynamic as the Los Angeles itself.

Malaria needs to be counted out but experts say control of the disease is dynamic as such, there is need to improve on initiatives.

Over the next five months, the CCA plays host to a sprawling, ambitious exhibition as diffuse, diverse and dynamic as the city itself.

In 3% of cases dynamic by is used

You can change this dynamic by developing a new habit.

Check out how we made the app more dynamic by settings and shareable by Cloud Sync here.

But at any rate it carried as far as possible the imitation of the dynamic by the static.

Change this dynamic by rearranging your seating to include some aisles you can walk through.

Copia Communications changes this dynamic by empowering hoteliers with innovative technology.

Remember that campaigning is very dynamic by nature, so prepare to be flexible and responsive.

President Obama, please help us! kayakbob Change the dynamic by shooting the metaphoric hostages.

Web pages rendered by our WEM solution are dynamic by nature -- they are a composite of components.

In this phase, we will be functional and dynamic by the world's most used programming language, JavaScript.

In 3% of cases dynamic on is used

He's a really good goalkeeper and is dynamic on his line.

This is why the best minds among us are active and dynamic on this subject.

Simple Truth: That is a wonderful thumbnail sketch of the dynamic on this blog.

If enough individuals are committed to risk all for Love then Heaven will be the dynamic on Earth.

That's a dynamic on offense that most teams just don't have so not many D's are ready to play vs it.

The other side of that is we were extremely dynamic on the attacking end and created a number of chances.

What URL are you visiting it at? =) I'd not actually visiting a url, just sort of watching to see what happens by clicking dynamic on and off.

That last sentence effectively sums up the dynamic on the campaign and in this comments board - every day could be summed up by this once sentence.

Dynamic On Screen Keyboard The big breakthrough we made in our discussion was in how we could instruct the On Screen Keyboard to dynamically update.

I loved Jamario, unfortunately he was more the kind of guy that was just fun to watch, dynamic on offense, but not necessarily a strong player overall.

In 2% of cases dynamic from is used

No one can print quickly enough to prevent that dynamic from taking hold.

This changes the dynamic from a highly siloed on premise environment to a cloud one.

To play an entire arrangement at the same dynamic from start to finish is as tedious as it is unmusical.

We know much the same dynamic from this state, and others -- albeit the outlines of the issue are somewhat different.

Look at this dynamic from the male perspective: Female hypergamy demands that women seek out ambitious, powerful, alpha men.

One has yet to see a collection that is not dynamic from him; indeed one is hard pressed to find a piece that one can say is? totally off?

That was in my mind throughout the whole process, so there was scope to change the dynamic from one song to the other, that would be totally doable.

I attended a masterclass recently, and was very excited that I was going to learn something really dynamic from one of the worlds leading photographers.

It is an include with the output text as a variable (ie dynamic from any source) so the one file is sitewide and any changes (such as changing the font, size, color etc.

In 1% of cases dynamic without is used

What stands out the most about Lehtinen is how he was so incredibly dynamic without ever being flashy.

It enables you to develop in an environment that's totally dynamic without having any server-side environment set up on your machine.

You have set an example of how it is possible to remain effective and dynamic without losing those indefinable qualities, style and character.

But one is left to wonder if Italian culture can be boiled down to this simple male-female dynamic without losing what makes it fascinating in the first place.

It should speak easily at the softest possible dynamic while maintaining a true sound, and it should speak cleanly at a loud dynamic without splattering or spreading.

So if Froome gets the nod, Will Wiggo be around to dom for Froome?? I think it would be hard to have such a change in dynamic without some serious shake ups elswehere.

It also meant that it had to be a bit more melodic than the last one, because to have that same kind of dynamic without that many layers you have to inject more melody.

In 1% of cases dynamic within is used

You're also not quite getting the dynamic within Ferrari.

But the speed of execution is dynamic within you and can never be copied.

There is, however, another dynamic within the movement, a centrifugal one.

Does your personal relationship have an effect on the dynamic within the band? RM: Not really.

We need to understand the nature of Irish banking and its dynamic within the Irish body politic.

For elsewhere in the Hebrew Bible, in the book of Joshua, we find a hint of a dynamic within Abraham's family of origin that does not appear in Genesis.

In 1% of cases dynamic through is used

It becomes real and dynamic through the guru's own spiritual vitality.

Flip finds a way to embody this dynamic through an ongoing collaborative process.

Concomitantly, the conservation of genomic imprinting between humans and mice may be dynamic through pregnancy.

In any case it is, I think, an excellent description of the dynamic through which we become conscious of ourselves and enter our own mythology.

Bank and economic dynamics: A decrease of the credit market imperfection accelerates the economy's dynamic through an earlier emergence of banking system.

Problems of Implementation -- Considering that SAARC is almost 25 years old it is imperative that it becomes more dynamic through hard work and effective implementation.

The meeting discussed elaborately how to make the bank's operational and commercial activities more dynamic through strengthening the credit support for both farm and non-farm prospective fields.

In 1% of cases dynamic rather is used

It makes the point that clouds are a dynamic rather than thermodynamic problem although.

Like the discernment of all values, it must adopt a dynamic rather than a static measure.

The world is dynamic rather than static, so constantly thinking ahead is the key to understanding.

The judicial approach should be dynamic rather than static pragmatic and not pedantic and elastic rather than rigid.

Still doing the same thing for a long time, just now you're not changing the style, but the objectives and difficulty are more dynamic rather than increasing in steps.

In 1% of cases dynamic over is used

Services activity, which was particularly dynamic over the 2 nd quarter, grew by +24.

He has also observed how bigger athletes, once thought to be clumsy and immobile, have become more dynamic over the decades with earlier coaching and training.

In 1% of cases dynamic like is used

We wanted the AI to be intelligent and dynamic like a real soldier.

We're very lucky to have someone dynamic like him, to drive the blogging scene forward.

I've been lucky not to be in a dynamic like that, but I've seen it in action and loathed it.

But I contend that speech perception isn't dynamic like tracking but instead is more like predicting or pattern recognition.

Why am I so excited? Well, the biggest drawback you'd hear from all those sell-outs is that the pages aren't dynamic like those alternatives Nucleus and WordPress.

It's full of contradictions, has some bad grammar in it, doesn't follow its own advice, and tries to make English a proscriptive language rather than dynamic like it is.

Lowther speakers are dynamic like horn speakers can be, but have a coherency of sound from highs to lows that systems using metal tweeter and paper woofers can never achieve.

In 1% of cases dynamic behind is used

TDA can be dynamic behind the plate.

And the dynamic behind that change was the 477,196 people who lived.

From this point onwards, let the dynamic behind the structure of the Exercises work.

Industrial capitalism: Gandhi sees capitalism as the dynamic behind colonial imperialism.

Would this strike you as a violation of the right to free speech? I don't think you are being realistic about the dynamic behind this guy's arrest.

The political stagnation of New Labour, however, and the loss of any dynamic behind it, means that there is even less basis on which to make such an appeal today.

In 1% of cases dynamic because is used

Needs to be dynamic because of font size change, screen rotation, and other on-the-fly formatting changes.

The story's characters are dynamic because they change their feelings for one another, realizing that they are only fighting over a piece of land.

He's also one of those rare guys that was very dynamic because of his skating ability that brought the crowd to its feet, almost as an entertainer.

If Cam Newton, RGIII, or Andrew Luck, all athletic QB's capable of running the no huddle spread offense, the offense would be dynamic because of zone read misdirection run game.

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