Prepositions after "dying"

dying of, in, for, to or from?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 62% of cases dying of is used

Kim Tinkham is dying of cancer.

They are scared of dying of hunger.

It's like the Alien dying of rubella.

We need a way to come down from our addiction without dying of the withdrawal symptoms.

Within days of the soldiers ' arrival, Haitians around the base began dying of cholera.

Web Original Decades Of Darkness has president Thomas Jefferson dying of a heart attack.

I cut myself before that's as far as I've gone but when I'd alone I think about drinking pills and dying of overdose.

Turns out if you compare pescetarians with regular meat-eaters they have a 34% less chance of dying of heart disease.

Or maybe killing yourself today is just as effective as dying of old age thirty years from now at getting you to God.

A common sign of woreworm attack is the wilting and/or dying of a number of adjacent plants, either in a row or patch.

In 10% of cases dying in is used

I felt again the pain of his dying in 2010.

It must have been so awful dying in that fire.

The dying in parliament one is, though, completely true.

Letting a robot do the dying in many ways removes the ' risk ' of war for an aggressor.

The man was greatly relieved and contented seeing himself and his dying in this new way.

People should not be worrying about very unlikely events, such as dying in a plane crash.

I think there is an economic arrogance at work here too, just as there was the fear of the dying in the UBC hospice issue.

By no means is English dying in Sri Lanka but, a bit like economics, the divide between the haves and have-nots is growing.

When she finally died, her dying in Bond's arms was a cheesy bit of ridiculousness the somber film could have done without.

In the last 12 months we have encountered equine dying in horrific pain and numerous dead horses decomposing all round Dublin.

In 5% of cases dying for is used

Marvell's dying for the last news about the old homestead.

I am seriously so dying for this drama it's not even funny.

Is that what dying for? Lets go back to the net amount of $1.

There is a truism that a nation that does not honour its heroes is not worth dying for.

There are many in the world who are dying for a piece of bread, but there are many more dying for a love.

If this Tx kills the malaria bug instantly, it should at least be treating the dying for humanitarian reasons.

I first noticed their participation in the campaign against Lord Joffe's bill on assisted dying for the terminally ill in 2006.

Afterall, Ghana wakes up everyday to listen to you spewing trash so you'll do Ghana a lot of good dying for a loser drug addict.

We lobby for a change in the law to allow assisted dying for terminally ill, mentally competent adults nearing the very end of their lives.

Interestingly, a survey carried out last year found that only one in three doctors were opposed to the idea of assisted dying for themselves.

In 3% of cases dying from is used

I am slowing dying from the inside.

As for 600,000 dying from second hand smoke.

People aged 18 dying from this illness having suffered a lifetime.

This past season, seven pitchers are hit by line drives with five dying from the results.

It affects around 11,000 Australians a year, with about 1800 dying from the disease annually.

A million people per year dying of malaria in Africa is far worse than 40-60 dying from an accident.

Maternal mortality has also plummeted, from one mum in 11 dying from issues relating to pregnancy or childbirth, to one in 50.

She wasn't going to watch her relatively small household of three dying from hunger and in scarcity of meeting daily basic needs.

Between five hundred thousand and two million Biafran civilians were killed during the civil war, most dying from starvation, not combat.

Prostate cancer is the most common cancer in men, with 10,000 dying from it each year in the UK and 35,000 new cases diagnosed each year.

In 3% of cases dying to is used

Strengthen me to face the daily dying to myself.

The Lord taught Belle just what dying to herself looked like.

She talks about assisted dying to senior reporter LEE MATTHEWS.

This requires a truer deeper larger Self, a dying to the ego, and a rising to new life.

Before the removal of the dying to hospitals, dying people were cared for at home by their family.

The idea was to transfer the hospice model of excellence in care of the dying to other care settings.

No wonder that if you want a symbol for Christian dying to the old life and awakening to a new life, you choose water.

It is a tremendous sacrifice that we perform and a dying to our little self so that we may live in the Eternal that is in us.

Recently, the British Medical Journal advocated that doctors move from a position of opposition to assisted dying to one of neutrality.

If you prefer war that is your choice but I hope you are at least going to fight in wars you call for and not leave the dying to others.

In 2% of cases dying by is used

Hence his dying by hanging enabled him to meet her again for the very last time.

We share in Jesus ' dying by sharing in his cross through the whole of our lives.

Do you want to hasten your dying by not eating or drinking, as long as you are kept comfortable? He nodded.

We are imagining dying by willingly giving up all of those things, which in this context we clearly realise do not belong to us.

In India, to take another example, death itself is less a taboo but the truth is often hidden from the dying by protective relatives.

The publication of a draft bill on assisted dying by Lord Falconer means that the issue is high on the political agenda both north and south of the border.

Such tiny figures were represented as leaving the body of the dying by the mouth - an idea of escape known also in ancient times - and taken by demons or angels.

In 2% of cases dying on is used

And it's not civilized to have the poor dying on sidewalks outside of hospitals.

Behold, in the cross is everything, and upon your dying on the cross everything depends.

If u are afraid of death than my friend it is better to fight in the way of Allah, rather dying on Bed.

Book of the Dead The Tibetan Book of the Dead was written to assist the dying on their journey into the next world.

Volunteers, she said, often sit with the dying on their journey and assist family members at a difficult time in their lives.

Authorities said yesterday that 63 people had died in the past few days, with 41 dying on the streets, eight in hospitals and 14 at home.

He is given the desire to respond to Jesus and the ability to reach out to him in faith, trusting in what he did dying on the cross to save sinners.

Taking up this strand, we leave, of course, the corpus of official LTTE texts and turn to Catholic interpretations of LTTE fighters ' dying on the battlefield.

Good road sense and being safety savvy is very important, with statistics showing an alarming rate of young kids under the age of 16 dying on our roads every year.

In 2% of cases dying out is used

This dying out started in his life-time.

This dying out of a learned response is called extinction.

Imagine the dying out of HOPE, dying of the desire to change.

Rusty James has the message of bitter betrayal over the dying out of the punk movement.

Someone complained bitterly about a year and half ago at this website about the dying out of the Ga language.

In a sentence, if the dying out of rivers continues it will affect our food supply, ecosystem linkages and livelihood activities.

Why the change in recent years? Is it due to the dying out of Tammany Hall as a political force? No, Tammany Hall is still there, as any New York politician will tell you.

The half-giant Hagrid eventually attempts to recruit the giants to Dumbledore's cause after Voldemort's reemergence and reports on the inexorable dying out of the giant as a species.

I think we all have heard the many arguments against gay marriage, one of them being the dying out of the human race, used by adults, know that this kind of letter is indeed possible.

In 2% of cases dying with is used

He accepted his dying with grace, dignity, pride, and our strength together.

So does dying with the knowledge that your story will be in the history books.

Tragic outcomes Dying with Dignity believes people should not have to die in agony, or alone.

There is information about what happens in the last few days of life in the dying with cancer section.

Moving experiences Wanda Morris is the executive director of the Toronto-headquartered Dying with Dignity.

There is information about what happens in the last few days of life in the dying with cancer section of CancerHelp UK.

Y because of the policy of starvation and disallowing food to get to the dying with or without permission of Nigeria/Biafra.

You could always bring up on one of the nights that your dying with AF pain or something just to add doubt to their suspicions.

Both families were testifying before a dying with dignity panel, which was discussing whether euthanasia should be legalized in Canada.

Life's Dominion was published in 1993, four full years before the state of Oregon's dying with dignity law was approved in a referendum.

In 1% of cases dying after is used

No coverage of the sick and disabled dying after being found ' fit '.

It wasn't only the freed slaves who were starving &; dying after The South surrendered.

In 1% of cases dying as is used

He was discussing dying as a child.

Maybe he'd have been happier dying as an artist.

Nearby was a cemetery where the dying as well as the dead were left for the hyenas.

According to Buddhism, we are capable dying as a monkey, being born the next life as human.

It freed him to have a zest for living but also a desire to live his dying as a precious part of that life.

It isn't even a story about an American dying as a result of a government program, as outrageous as that is.

According to the World Health Organisation, nearly 3,000,000 people suffer acute pesticide poisoning, with about 300,000 dying as a result of accidental pesticide poisoning every year.

A growing number of people are addicted to these drugs, using them outside their intended medical purposes, including unlawful activities and some dying as a result of this improper use.

The Jews were especially thankful, for until then they had been violators of the Law covenant, and his dying as an accursed criminal obtained freedom from that Law that they couldn't keep.

In 1% of cases dying at is used

That rural peasantry is stopping dying at 40 and living to 60, 70.

Their four children were born during the 1920s, the third dying at birth.

PnX's crew got taken down in short order with dying at RuGRat's bullet.

Otherwise we will end up with scheduled dying at a set age and set diseases for set people in set occupations and set ways of life.

It is written in Hadith that Shaytan (devil) comes to the dying at the time of their death in the guise of dead relatives: a father, mother, or uncle.

If I would fare better in W, my dying at t harms me; roughly, it begins to harm me at the time when I begin to fare better in W, and ends at the time when I cease to fare better in W.

To determine whether, and when, dying at time t harms me, we compare the situation in which I die at t to the situation (the nearest possible world W) I would be in were I not to die at t.

In 1% of cases dying before is used

Patrice falls to his dying before Bond can discover his employer.

Just this morning, Mississippi yet again topped the list of states with high infant mortality, with over nine babies per 1,000 dying before their first birthday.

God has given all of us free will and Angels are not permitted to interfere with that unless specifically being asked (unless there is an emergency and a possibility of our dying before our time).

Child mortality is high in Tanzania as a whole, 14 out of every 100 dying before the age of 5 mainly from water-borne diseases, and the Maasai are amongst the most marginalised people in the country.

In 1% of cases dying off is used

Now that employers are using the system to background check individuals everyone its dying off two fold.

Finally I think they reflect a recognition of the dying off of Victorian social models which framed the 20th century.

The debates raged and the only thing that brought the world to a newer, better understanding of physics and the universe was a dying off of the old guard.

I don't want this to sound like whining that I can't afford to buy a house because the whole point of the dying off of a dream is that it's something you don't really want anymore.

In 1% of cases dying without is used

In Washington last year, 103 people requested the prescription, with 70 using it and 19 dying without taking the drugs.

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