Prepositions after "dutch"

dutch in, for, to, from or on?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 41% of cases dutch in is used

It was built by the Dutch in 1784.

Fort Orange Built by the Dutch in 1640.

The British followed the Dutch in 1796.

But already, they have caught up with the Dutch in their freefall into the moral abyss.

The first holder of the post was killed in battle - at sea - against the Dutch in 1666.

In terms of culture and language, there is little reminder of the Dutch in Malacca today.

Located near the grave site of Bukit China, this fort was used by the Dutch in their attempts to fully possess the land.

Japan had been divested of a huge amount of gold and silver by the Portuguese and the Dutch in 16 th and 17 th centuries.

The main attraction is the Maison des Esclaves (House of Slaves) built by the Dutch in 1776 as a holding point for slaves.

The Golden Age was the high water mark of Dutch influence, its power and culture a product of these patterns of exploitation.

In 10% of cases dutch for is used

It was as if the finish had been designed by the Dutch for him.

Take for instance Hulftsdorp which is Dutch for ' Hulft's Village '.

Maarten has been shared by the French and the Dutch for almost 350 years.

To this list must be added Tamils brought by the Dutch for tobacco cultivation in Jaffna.

So, why not go all out to prove gender equality? Go Dutch for the initial few dates at least.

The 1740s invitation by the Dutch for other nationalities to develop Demerara also saw a number of Jews settling the area.

In the early-19th century Baro Kuthi was built by the Dutch for the silk trade, and served as a fort in times of emergency.

The name Santa Claus evolved from Nick's Dutch nickname, Sinter Klaas, a shortened form of Sint Nikolaas (Dutch for Saint Nicholas).

Jago, upper left, built by the Dutch for purely military purposes with no commercial warehouses of any kind And there's something else.

In 6% of cases dutch to is used

They refused to speak Dutch to me.

But it was not a name given by the Dutch to the place.

Michels had returned as the coach to lead the Dutch to the crown.

Interaction and second-language acquisition: The teaching of Dutch to foreign children.

My Dutch DH spoke Dutch to a shop assistant in Holland recently, while visiting family.

The Portuguese corrupted this to Ceilao; the Dutch to Ceilan and the British called it Ceylon.

The British formally took over control of Malacca in 1824 and soon changed the judicial system from Dutch to British.

Sat 8 th June 1799 Meyer, the third minister of the Dutch to Paris since the establishment of the Batavian Republic (i.

Now the first hurdle was the translation process of Dutch to English to German to Hungarian and back again and again and again.

In 5% of cases dutch at is used

I met the Dutch at Steinrodsee Park near Frankfurt.

There is a page of useful links for XML users in Dutch at http: //xml.

Afrikaans is a Creole language with strong Seaman's Dutch at its roots.

On the 25th, the English defeated the Dutch at Badera, located between Chandarnagore and Chinsura.

The Danes, though, were able to get revenge for a 2-0 defeat against the Dutch at the 2010 World Cup.

However, the Dutch at that time was hunting Lamadukelleng and his brothers due to their piracy activities.

These two crews battled down the 2,000m course, with the Germans just pushing ahead of the Dutch at the half-way point.

The English won the naval battle on the 24th and the Dutch attack on the English position at Chandarnagore was beaten back.

The Asante, who for years had considered the Dutch at Elmina as their allies, thereby lost their last trade outlet to the sea.

The Israeli's at Ben Gurion, the Dutch at Schiphol, the Germans at Frankfurt airport, they ALL DO INTERVIEWS to whoever flies internationally.

In 5% of cases dutch with is used

The underdogs Danish outplayed the Dutch with a neat 1-0 victory.

It will be nice to be able to talk Dutch with all of them one day.

They, therefore, approached the Dutch with a view to its abolition.

Their parents spoke Arabic with each other, though all kids used Dutch with each other.

This is what happened when British followed the Dutch with East India Company over 350 or so years ago.

I have met somebody Dutch with children the same age as mine who could quite possibly be a new best friend.

The first real explorers of Australia were the Dutch with better sailing ships and more knowledge in the wind system.

Share About Paul Dutch With the mind we can not grasp what the world will look like in 5 years, let alone in 20 years.

Oudasoa utilizing the skills of Kratoa, attempted to present the Dutch with an offer he believed that they could not refuse.

Mario Gomez seemed unstoppable with two more goals to his name against the Dutch with the Deutschland claiming a 2-1 victory.

In 5% of cases dutch from is used

The English adapted Dutch from Frisian Duutsc.

Elephants were also exported by the Dutch from Karativu island.

The hospital was built during the rule of the Dutch from 1656 to 1796.

My dad is Dutch from Netherlands and my mother is Partly Ghanaian and Partly Liberian.

The Malays are a smaller group of Muslims whose ancestors mostly came with the Dutch from Java.

Labor was brought in by the British &; the Dutch from Tamil Nadu, one and a half MILLION TAMIL LABOR.

These states joined the Confederation primarily, to prevent the Dutch from taking over the western lands and forts.

A farman of November 1642 exempted the Dutch from paying transit duties on the Pipli-Agra route that went through Bengal.

The Coolies/slaves who were brought to Sri Lanka by the Portuguese and the Dutch from South India have become Sinhalese and NOT Tamils.

After skirmishing with both the Dutch and French, the British took Trincomalee in 1796 and proceeded to expel the Dutch from the island.

In 5% of cases dutch on is used

Go Dutch on the decision to French.

The French on the left, the Dutch on the right.

And here we were hugging and agreeing to go merrily Dutch on the uncontested divorce.

With the increase of power of the Dutch on Java, the Priyayi suffered a steady decline in prestige.

For crying out loud, we are both undergrad students, we went Dutch on the meal, none of us has money.

The influence of the Dutch on the people of the city architecture and especially the dress code is evident today.

It was a war between Britain and some German auxiliaries on one side and the colonists, France, Spain and the Dutch on the other.

Then we have the French on individual liberty, the Dutch on freedom of choice, the Spanish on culture, the Irish on music, the Italians on style.

A few months after the broadcast a foundation representing the widows of ten victims of the Dutch on Sulawesi began a legal procedure against the Dutch state.

He chose to finish British, Prussians, Saxons, Dutch on Belgiun border first and then go to face Russian and Austrian armies approaching France from the east.

In 4% of cases dutch as is used

Tamils have been used by the British and the Dutch as well as their proxies.

That river is the property of the Dutch as much as the Thames is the property of England.

Malacca was one of the many British territories given back to the Dutch as part of a war treaty.

Hazenburg and Hulstijn (1996) however suggest a figure nearer to 10,000 for Dutch as a second language.

Conversion was practised by the Portuguese and the Dutch as an Official Policy for nearly 300 years in Lanka.

New York, founded by the Dutch as a trading colony, was once the hunting and fishing grounds of Native Americans.

The war would prove tobe indecisive, but the English had failed to replace the Dutch as the leader of World trade.

Who could assure the ambassador of his safety? Our policy has long been alliance with the Dutch as an independent nation.

This was through and island in Nagasaki Harbour called Dejima, which was run by the Dutch as part of their massive trade network.

On the top of Hulftsdorp is the building decorated using Roman and Greek architectural style, which was used by the Dutch as the High courts in 17th century.

In 4% of cases dutch by is used

French translation of De Open-deure tot het Verborgen Heydendom, from the Dutch by T.

Dutch by name, a Sinhalese at heart, he revelled in telling his recruit customers of how he got his name.

Whoever comes out on top, and I think it'll be the Dutch by the narrowest of margins, will top the group.

And because the British couldn't win, they tried to blame the Dutch by using ' Dutch ' for everything that could be wrong.

Several cannons are mounted on the ramparts of Fort Cornwallis, including the Seri Rambai, a cannon that was presented to the Dutch by the Sultan of Johor.

A version of this interview was published in Dutch by Valiz (NL ), in a volume of studies on Jacques Rancire that appeared in the Netherlands in late 2007.

He refused to go along with Oudosoa and first wanted the Cochoqua to demonstrate loyalty to the Dutch by allying with the Dutch against the Peninsula Khoena.

Her first novel, ' De Feniks ', was published in Dutch by Meulenhoff / Manteau in September 2005 while her second, ' On Black Sisters ' Street ' was published in 2009.

Currently the Portuguese have +1 (beat the Danes by 1 ), the Danes have +0 (beat the Dutch by 1, lost to the Portuguese by 1 ), and the Dutch have -1 (lost to the Danes by 1).

The town was captured by the Dutch in 1639, and taken by the British on 11th January 1782, only to be recaptured on behalf of the Dutch by the French fleet on August 31st 1782.

In 3% of cases dutch during is used

John's Fort Rebuilt by the Dutch during the third quarter of the 18th Century.

This hospital was built by the Dutch during their period, but a definitive date is not available.

Originally built by the Portuguese in 1619 and re-built and expanded by the Dutch during the second half of the.

Dutch Hospital -- This hospital was built by the Dutch during their period, but a definitive date is not available.

Her information from Oudasoa conveyed to the Dutch during the Khoena-Dutch war was nuanced in favour of the Cochoqua's stance.

John's Fort Rebuilt by the Dutch during the third quarter of the 18th century, the fort was once a private Portuguese chapel dedicated to St.

The hagelslag sandwich, a staple sweet invented by the Dutch during the late 1930s was imported to Indonesia through the advent of Imperialism.

The decline in the value of English exports in the early 1750s was made up for, as far as Bengal's export trade was concerned, by the increase in that of the Dutch during these years.

In 2% of cases dutch after is used

In 1665 it was named New Holland by the Dutch after sundry casual visits.

May not be quick but has fabulous movement and good technique (he is Dutch after all!).

Jaffna surrendered to the Dutch after a siege of 3 months on June 22nd 1658, the same year that the Revd.

The largest of the islands lying to the west of Jaffna some 25 miles from the mainland; so named by the Dutch after the town in Holland.

It was established by the French in 1782 on the Company's reserve and was named by the Dutch after Nicholas Gleevinck; Lord of Stabroek, the then President of the Dutch West India Company in 1784.

In 2% of cases dutch into is used

Corrie translated the Bible from Dutch into German, someone else translated the German into Polish, and so on.

Ireland captain Cecilia Joyce, deputising for her injured sister Isobel, won the toss and put the Dutch into bat.

One of those linguists is Yorkshire-born Daniel Pashley, who is 39, and translates from French, German, Swedish and Dutch into English.

Hester Velmans is well known for her translations from Dutch into English of works by Renate Dorrestein, Lulu Wang, Isabel Hoving, and Jacqueline van Maarsen.

The win, coupled with the later result in the Cameroon-Denmark game, took the Dutch into the last 16, the first team to definitely qualify for the second round.

Pual's Church Built by a Portuguese Captain by the name of Duarte Coelho, the chapel was turned by the Dutch into a burial ground for their noble dead and renamed it ' St.

That had always remained separate and were even ruled separately by the former Colonial powers the Portuguese and the Dutch into one administrative unit and called it Ceylon.

In 1% of cases dutch without is used

On 15 the February 1796, British took Colombo from the Dutch without resistance.

This would have amounted to removing the thorn in the side of the Dutch without any immediate gain for Oudosoa.

The Kandyan king unsuccessfully sought better terms, and the British managed to oust the Dutch without significant help in 1796.

They say he was of Vellala Saivite background whereas he had Chetti relations and his father could never have been the lowly Aratchi he was under the Dutch without having been baptised.

In 1% of cases dutch over is used

They sang in Dutch over original roots reggae riddims.

Yeah, Republicans can get in Dutch over it just like Democrats.

A year later 1600 -The Spanish battle the Dutch over Manila, beating the Dutch, but not before losing a flagship and 300 men.

In addition, FACT spoke to Dubbel Dutch over email about Self Help Riddim, Rihanna's SNL performance, and his current favorite tracks.

The Dutch Heritage Trails Tour takes you on a trip to experience the legacy and culture of Malacca city which was inhabited by the Portugese, British and Dutch over a period of four centuries.

In 1% of cases dutch out is used

Then after the war the Indons wanted you Dutch out of their country.

Then aft er the war the Indons wanted you Dutch out of their country.

Many Taiwanese today regard Cheng as a hero for driving the Dutch out of Taiwan.

In 1796 the English expelled the Dutch out of Ceylan as it was called at that time.

The Japanese had driven the British out of Malaya, the French out of Vietnam, and the Dutch out of Indonesia.

That's a perfect image for the way the Brits booted the Dutch out of Ceylon, tsk-tsking while they stole every shed, cannon and bale of tea on the island.

Koxinga's Shrine Extremely popular with Chinese tourists from the mainland, this memorial is dedicated to Koxinga - the Ming Dynasty general who kicked the Dutch out of Taiwan in 1662.

In 1% of cases dutch like is used

I doubt it, as I am Dutch like you.

BIKE WARMER: The Dutch like their bicycles, but it can be pretty chilly and icy in winter.

If one wanted to speak Dutch like a native and you lived in Offaly you'd probably learn badly from your uncle's Lingaphone records or move to Amsterdam.

In 1% of cases dutch before is used

Cheng set sail for the Penghu Islands, where he swiftly deposed the Dutch before moving on to Taiwan proper.

Like the Dutch before them, the British initially had little interest in the Cape Colony, other than as a strategically located port.

For these reasons, English-speaking travelers in Amsterdam really have no (functional) reason to learn much Dutch before visiting the city.

In 1% of cases dutch against is used

Jan Jansz was born in Holland and began his career sailing for the Dutch against the Spanish.

He refused to go along with Oudosoa and first wanted the Cochoqua to demonstrate loyalty to the Dutch by allying with the Dutch against the Peninsula Khoena.

Malay troops are said to have taken part in the wars of the Dutch against the Portuguese such as the storming of Galle (1640 ), the siege of Colombo (1656) and the capture of Jaffna (1658).

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