Prepositions after "dramatic"

dramatic in, of, for, with or about?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 26% of cases dramatic in is used

Very dramatic in it's appearance.

Lekota is being dramatic in Parliament.

It's not dramatic in the classical sense.

I know they might be a bit false or dramatic in some aspects, but I still love them.

Karunanidhi's change of heart - very dramatic in its own right - reflects this trend.

The results of the urban modelling were dramatic in their impact on urban air quality.

The Drama Queen/King Drama queens/kings cloud discussions with emotion and are overly dramatic in their responses.

This was particularly dramatic in homeless people as they need to be mobile in order to access food and shelter 23.

I would say the changes are a little more dramatic in Nova, especially when there are a lot of things on the screen.

The final page is not as dramatic in a typical sense as issue 1 was, but in an emotional sense it is just as strong.

In 14% of cases dramatic of is used

The most dramatic of these is a 51.

Perhaps, ' gut ' is too dramatic of a word to use.

It all depends on how dramatic of a look you want.

For right-handers, it wasn't too dramatic of a change, just a slight widening from 9.

Who won that honour? * Many feel that the 1987 Canada tournament was the most dramatic of all.

Perhaps most dramatic of all, apparently benign chemicals have been devastating the vital ozone layer.

Different types of tackles are the interception, the block tackle and the most dramatic of these the slide tackle.

I just don't think you're going to see as dramatic of a difference with Carlson's or any of the mainstream CLO brands.

In 11% of cases dramatic for is used

August 2012 had been quite dramatic for me.

It was pretty dramatic for the press there.

Don't do anything else dramatic for Gods sake.

The article notes that such loss of belief is more dramatic for evangelical pastors.

In contrast, the range in failure rates is most dramatic for commercial driving tests.

My dream in UI was to make learning fun and interesting and even dramatic for children.

I agree that Maddon is probably the most creative manager, but this one is probably too dramatic for even him to try.

However, the common mistake among essay writers is that they make the discussion too overly dramatic for some readers.

The words were more dramatic for me as I had known Harry Windsor in his later life; his son is one of my closest friends.

The scale of land valuation increases proved to be dramatic for the small towns visited, particularly those in South Asia.

In 10% of cases dramatic with is used

The shift is even more dramatic with silver.

It is pretty dramatic with all the beautiful lights.

I'd not going to do anything dramatic with the first year's budget.

Most of mine are really dramatic with large sizes, crazy patterns, and colors hahaha.

If you want to do something dramatic with your bathroom, this might be an option for you.

This was dramatic with Kirstie doing individual dances with both guys as well as a trio segment.

Ok, I might be sounding a bit over dramatic with all this, but there are times I feel REALLY discouraged by it all.

The first is the reticence of Congress to do anything dramatic with its power that doesn't involve killing Muslims.

John's was quite dramatic with a car jacking incident resulting in several charges, including robbery with violence.

Initially, the NHLPA thought the owners were being dramatic with their numbers and took a hardcore stand against them.

In 7% of cases dramatic about is used

She's not so dramatic about it now.

There is nothing dramatic about them.

There is something so dramatic about it.

Simple joys tend to be more memorable so don't be overly dramatic about the destination.

He IS overly dramatic about things, it stands to reason he would act out over something like that.

Indeed, the change in relative white matter volume is perhaps what is most dramatic about the human brain.

Also, without being too dramatic about it, I have actually enjoyed the process and overcome heartbreaks and heart burns.

You rarely miss what you don't have nor ever experienced so I thought she was being pretty dramatic about a grocery store.

I tend to agree with you on the majority of issues you write about but please don't be over dramatic about this issue of the stock market.

But after Clinton suspended her campaign, DuJan made a dramatic about face and spent the general election volunteering for the Republican ticket.

In 5% of cases dramatic as is used

But I guess I was simply being rather dramatic as a woman.

My mom was very insecure, needy, and dramatic as a parent.

Although this may seem a bit less dramatic as the trope would imply.

I swear, he's as over dramatic as a teen age girl having her first time of the month.

Dramatic as the pictures were, these explosions did not seem to damage the containment.

None so dramatic as the scenes which began it, nor the scenes which fulfil it in our times.

Russell 28 September, 2009 I don't believe the humanities are headed for something as abrupt and dramatic as the current financial meltdown.

Its progress can not be as quick and dramatic as the states adventures simply because it lacks the latters capacity to legitimise any abuse of authority.

Maybe the long term effects are not as obvious and dramatic as a flock of oil-sodden sea birds struggling pathetically to survive in their ruined habitat.

As it was in the last over, and McMillan promptly lost the strike the scene was highly dramatic as a crowd of 6951 realised that he hadn't score the runs yet.

In 4% of cases dramatic to is used

Keep your flair for the dramatic to a minimum.

We rightly dread losing the dramatic to the didactic.

It is especially dramatic to time the ceremony for sunset.

It is because even the mundane, even the common is dramatic to the one experiencing it.

Some come in long or short natural hairs and others vary from dramatic to very dramatic.

Nine long-wearing eye shadows create a range of looks from neutral to dramatic to smokey.

And usually, although it may seem dramatic to the person who is living it, there is not a lot of action for an onlooker.

There is a character in this movie who is the master in building suspense and varying points of view from dramatic to scary.

Anyway, here are my thoughts: This story wasn't silly or dramatic to the point of ridiculousness, which left me slightly disinterested.

In 3% of cases dramatic at is used

Either way, she does tend to get a little dramatic at times.

Super is a manic comedy that turns violent and dramatic at unexpected moments.

Sloan Feature Film Prize and the World Cinema Audience Award: Dramatic at the Sundance Film Festival 2012.

Maybe, then, the recent failings have been due, in part, to this desire for the dramatic at the expense of the factual.

If I was to make a guess though, I'd (Johanna) probably a little bit more dramatic at times, while Klara is more easy-going.

In order to show a better understanding of the poem during performance, I need to show emphasis and be more dramatic at certain areas.

It need not be something as dramatic at these situations-even extremely windy or wet conditions can render matches virtually uselessly.

However, should the rent drop to a somewhat more reasonable level such as $400/week, then the drops would be even more dramatic at almost 60%.

In 3% of cases dramatic by is used

It's not dramatic by any set of rules.

The slowing is dramatic by the low 6's.

Hamilton's win also made the final race even more dramatic by taking 7 points from Vettel.

Until there is evidence otherwise, I can not agree with this suggestion that Zimbabweans are dramatic by any means.

Her scowl spoke volumes, made even more dramatic by the midnight black lipstick that always outlined her pouting lips.

A new group of sunspots developed, and while not dramatic by historic standards, the spots were the most significant in many months.

A sign of this was the dramatic by election win for the Liberals in what was seen as an archetypal Tory suburban seat - Orpington in Kent.

Staged in a rectangular platform, this hundred square metre field of falling water is made more dramatic by being backlit by a glaring spotlight.

Via Cruciferi is made more dramatic by the colors of the facades of buildings and railings from the large stairs that link the churches to the road surface.

You can see this shift at its most dramatic by comparing how a character he drew for the original Persona looks in the first game? and Persona 2 after the art change.

In 3% of cases dramatic on is used

The bunkers on the front right are among the most dramatic on the course, and deep.

But until there is something dramatic on breaking news, we can expect more of the same.

Surprised? Since your costs haven't changed, the effect on your business is even more dramatic on the way down.

The color shift is more dramatic on the redesigned currency, making it even easier for people to check their money.

It may have been dramatic on Eastenders and seem like a hilarious idea, but the bride and groom will not find it funny.

I am not saying this person is not genuine but what I am saying is that I notice people can be very overly dramatic on here.

The impact of the increased monolithic vertical integration at lower cost can be dramatic on every electronic market segment.

Mawenzi has been heavily eroded to leave a mass of steep-sided ridges and summits, particularly dramatic on the infrequently-seen eastern side.

For the rest, there's nothing dramatic on the drums, just some specific shaping with digital EQs and opening up the top and bottom with outboard or the Quad 8 EQ.

Scandal!: As if things couldn't get any dramatic on this soapie, Eddie can't believe it when Morongwe reveals yet another diabolical, Stan-related plan to fast-track Daniel's fall.

In 2% of cases dramatic from is used

Expect something equally dramatic from the stylish Ms.

Global interest in Ubuntu was dramatic from the outset.

You mustn't think I've been holding back something dramatic from you.

As we headed along the beach the change was very dramatic from the northern end.

When it's time for the next DS it will be time for something dramatic from Nintendo.

A Long face can also look good in a swoop bang something a little more dramatic from a further side part.

The departure of Ordoez, the central banker, may seem more dramatic from the outside than it does from within.

The race was dramatic from the start but had an anticlimactic finish behind the safety car after Paul Di Resta crashed just before the final lap.

And while the highs to be derived from increased DRAM bit shipments won't be as dramatic from quarter to quarter, the lows will also be more muted because of the.

The shift in policies, in fact, might have been more dramatic from Clinton to Bush than from Bush to Obama, given how Obama has largely maintained Bush's approach to fighting terrorism.

In 2% of cases dramatic like is used

It's fine if you want to be dramatic like that.

Bhagavan: They are not dramatic like our movement.

You really can't taste the oil, even if you are paranoid and dramatic like me.

I don't mean that the barrel will blow up on you or anything dramatic like that.

Khulna West Indies coach Ottis Gibson admitted he has never seen anything dramatic like this in all his life.

But I heard God within me -- not a voice from heaven booming down or anything dramatic like that, but a small, steady voice from inside my heart.

It's a (usually) chronic issue to which we have (usually- exception being something dramatic like bariatric surgery) no cure, only ways to treat it.

Now able to say we'd dangled out feet over the eastern edge of the modern world (or, you know, something dramatic like that ), we headed a bit south to the entrance to Cutler Coast.

In 1% of cases dramatic without is used

Osmo Vnsk's direction of the orchestra is acutely well-timed and executed, dramatic without being overblown.

The depth of field is shallow enough that you're able to produce shots that look dramatic without verging into parody.

The net delearship jobs lost would have been much more dramatic without administration help to save the manufacturing jobs.

It's hard to get a film to be pacy and dramatic without massive shows of emotion and action sequences but this film absolutely manages it.

The Anglo-Norman castle that houses the boarding school and part of the monastery where its Benedictine monks live is sturdy and dramatic without being ostentatious.

Hardbat vs Sponge - Which is More Exciting? Nearly every player who was alive in the hardbat era, even those who benefited from sponge, claims that matches were more dramatic without sponge.

In 1% of cases dramatic over is used

The rate of growth is particularly dramatic over the twelve years to 2007.

Jolly says: 11:05am 27/02/12 Oh stop this dramatic over statements, Geoff.

I have been pretty dramatic over the whole pinks problem, but that's fine.

The changes in the brain are dramatic over the course of the adolescent years.

He's always been pro-Apple, but the shift has been dramatic over the last year or so.

What has been much more dramatic over the past few decades is how the richest fifth has outpaced the poorest fifth.

In 1% of cases dramatic during is used

Changes in hormone levels are the most dramatic during this time.

It became much more dramatic during the recession, as new housing construction crashed and conservation efforts in most states continued to grow.

Displays are governed by an 11-year cycle and are at their most dramatic during times of high solar activity, such as now, but sightings can be recorded at any time.

In 1% of cases dramatic between is used

The difference is most dramatic between the U.

Temperature shifts are also dramatic between day and night.

For obvious effect, ensure the light is very close to the subject, so that the fall off is dramatic between lit side and shadow side.

In 1% of cases dramatic among is used

In the United States, the declines have occurred among all age groups, but are most dramatic among young adults.

This gag is most dramatic among those foreign journalists with family on the island, whom they would have to leave or uproot if their accreditation were revoked.

The difference in these so-called contraceptive failure rates was especially dramatic among teenagers and young women, a group at high risk for unintended pregnancies.

Arguably the most dramatic among them is the skirting along Antrim's dreamy coast and taking in the basalt beauty that is the, the sumptuously crumbly and the knee-jangling.

In 1% of cases dramatic after is used

Still, it became a little over dramatic after a while.

It sounds like the Senate GOP leadership elections won't be dramatic after all.

They all confirm the original hockey stick conclusion: the 20th century is the warmest in the last 1000 years and that warming was most dramatic after 1920.

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