Prepositions after "dormant"

"dormant for" or "dormant in"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 38% of cases dormant for is used

It can seem dormant for awhile.

It had been dormant for over a century.

This hydrate had been dormant for ages.

Typically, the fully grown caterpillar ceases feeding and stays dormant for a while.

It mostly lay dormant for years as businesses concentrated on growth through numbers.

This can be incorporated into the host cell's DNA and lie dormant for up to 20 years.

In an interview with French site Game Kult, Miyamoto was asked why the series has been dormant for almost a decade.

It then went dormant for almost six months because I started experimenting with Windows Live Small Business nukta77.

Just finished the book myself last week and it has helped reawaken parts of me that'd been dormant for way too long.

That particular track was written pretty quickly, but was recorded on another beat, and sat dormant for a long time.

In 30% of cases dormant in is used

Enzymes are dormant in the fridge.

World Famous became dormant in 2008.

This knowledge lies dormant in all of us.

Shane says many putorino have lain dormant in museums for many years, until recently.

Oil interests, too, have not been dormant in their investigation of these new sources.

The virus that causes chickenpox lies dormant in the body and can become active again.

Even if this happens the HPV virus can remain dormant in the body and the manifestation can return at a later date.

One of the saddest things in life for me is to see the frequently untapped potential that lays dormant in many of us.

Dormant fungi Decay fungi can remain dormant in dry timber for many months and up to several years in some situations.

When some people develop chickenpox the virus may lie dormant in part of the spine for many years causing no symptoms.

In 4% of cases dormant within is used

They develop all the talents and capacities lying dormant within us.

Doing so will release the love and light that lie dormant within you.

All of the value may be dormant within the team - awaiting development.

A visit to the past life helps revive parts of the memory, which lie dormant within us.

Some viruses are able to remain dormant within a few cells in the body following infection.

They describe a force of pure (virgin) spirituality, which lies dormant within the human being.

We shall not go so far, indeed, as to say that one of the attri- butes of the leader dormant within us is ferocity.

This is the invitation from the poem The Holy Longing that lies dormant within you in what is called the base chakra.

It did little more than water the seeds of ignorance and anger that hopefully have gone somewhat more dormant within me.

Carl Jung, the Swiss psychiatrist, proposed the Collective Unconscious, an unrealised layer that lays dormant within us.

In 4% of cases dormant during is used

Some animals remain dormant during rainless periods e.

The offense went dormant during the mid-summer doldrums.

It was kinda dormant during the summer, but I will be waking it up.

One could say that interest in the historical Jesus lay dormant during this time.

This refutes the notion of the soul being dormant during its separation from the body.

The definition of dormant is: In terms of flora, many trees lie dormant during winter, i.

Every summer we awaken senses that had lain dormant during the cooler months structure thick women dating sites.

People only seem to be active during election periods and then act politically dormant during the rest of the year.

Gardening Glossary cold frame A wooden or concrete block box in which you can grow plants or hold dormant during the cold winter months.

The majority of bacteria are dormant during a latent mycobacterial infection in zebrafish, and can be activated by resuscitation promoting factor ex vivo.

In 3% of cases dormant on is used

Many lay dormant on the friends list for some time.

In other words, all lines need to perform, none sit dormant on shelves, and heavy discounting isn't an option.

This account lies dormant on all 5 PS3s and all users log in as their own ID to play said game online together.

Melbourne's old Telstra building sat dormant on the skyline for more than 20 years, blending into the background.

Spores may lie dormant on organic materials for long periods of time and only become active when conditions are right.

The Chrome family prides itself on a very rapid upgrade cycle, but like Firefox, the internal mechanism is dormant on Linux.

These volcanoes now lie dormant on modern times, and no Gorons have been sighted since the errupting mountains came to slumber.

And then, the guitar would lay dormant on its stand for months on end, only to be strummed by sticky post-lunch toddler fingers.

Here is how it goes: Microsoft Office Publisher TM lies dormant on my hard disk for ages, on a boring day I decide to see what it is.

Addison) Adult female ticks remain dormant on the ground for several weeks after they detach, and then lay eggs in early summer and die.

In 2% of cases dormant after is used

It was dormant after LTTE cadres assassinated Rajiv Gandhi in 1991.

This form is also unsuitable for companies that became dormant after trading.

I imagine that a lot of printers will lay dormant after a few weeks (if that) of frustrated use.

If a region does not fulfil important factors, industry will stay absent or will go dormant after a while.

The price also means you want to get your money's worth out of it, rather than a free app that sits there dormant after the first maybe three times.

In 2% of cases dormant at is used

The higher minds are practically dormant at the lower centres.

Many cancers advance dramatically at specific times, while remaining dormant at others.

The female sex organs in animals are absolutely DORMANT at all times, except during the rutting period.

This enables the spirit to pick up the portion of its spirituality lying: dormant at that higher centre.

J, Campbell, passed through many vicissitudes, having lain dormant at one period for many years until re-opened by Messrs.

After localisation in the body for purposes of individual life, Kundalini is not fully active and is dormant at the base of the spine.

It is thought that they lie dormant at depth with some surviving to migrate to sunlit regions the next time nutrients become available.

I don't have to keep track of loads of different websites -- I do have 10 different twitter accounts, but most of them lie dormant at the moment.

This often means that huge chunks of capacity can be left idle, with as much as 50% of a conventional core network's capacity dormant at any one time.

Qadir mastered a variety of deliveries such as the googlies, the flippers, the leg-breaks as well as last but not least topspins which were dormant at that time in cricket.

In 2% of cases dormant since is used

TGR: So, it has sat dormant since then? LM: It's been inactive.

These negotiations have been dormant since 2003; **40;511;TOOLONG.

I need to restart my weekly roundup posts which have been dormant since May, so that's a quick win straight away.

The last eruption was in April 1979 and it has remained dormant since then so it is now a popular destination for hikers.

The SMP programme, for one, has lain virtually dormant since February and there were no signs of the ECB reviving it as recently as last week.

ICEP is charged with the responsibility of finding bank accounts in Cote D'Ivoire belonging to non-Ivorian indigenes, which have remained dormant since 2002 Civil War.

In 1% of cases dormant without is used

It remains dormant without anyone's understanding.

Once you catch this virus it stays with you for life but lies dormant without causing symptoms for most of the time.

Text by Jason Spotts No matter how good a dish is by itself, a facet of quality remains dormant without the ideal wine pairing.

The most deeply grounded is the level of latent tendency (anusaya ), where a defilement merely lies dormant without displaying any activity.

This system is particularly good for deciduous stock like elms and maples that can be lifted when dormant without checking their growth too much.

In 1% of cases dormant with is used

I've been dormant with this for awhile.

Commercial development remains almost dormant with little sign of new development outside central London.

You want to apply fertilizer while it is still warm, as the plants won't take in the nutrients if they become dormant with the cold weather.

Before now, the blogging community in Jamaica seemed to be fairly dormant with bloggers sticking to their own corner entertaining their own humble following.

Callie desperately searches with a view to her old cell phone where she recorded Elkins blackmailing her into dormant with him for overlooking her charge issues.

Fashion retailers have remained largely dormant with demand for new space, particularly outside Dublin, driven by discount and convenience food retailers, coffee shops, pharmacies and restaurants.

In 1% of cases dormant until is used

My stomach, dormant until now, has started to lurch again.

This project has its roots in that time but it has been dormant until today.

Srimavo Bandaranaike in 1972 resuscitated the Tamil sovereignty which had merely laid dormant until then.

The second mission was founded at Katoke in Biharamulo presently Rulenge - Ngara Diocese but it remained dormant until 1902.

The second mission was founded at Katoke in Biharamulo presently Rulenge -- Ngara Diocese but it remained dormant until 1902.

There were five reported eruptions from the Te Mari craters between 1855 and 1897 but they had been dormant until now, the GeoNet website said.

Larvae hatch from the eggs in late summer and are then dormant until September, when they climb up vegetation and attach to suitable ungulate hosts that brush against them.

In 1% of cases dormant under is used

Type: Lightning History: Chesty? s prowess was silent for many years, as his magical ability lay dormant under his once introverted personality.

For the moment, they lie dormant under the waves, marked only by masts that provide a handy stopping-off place for the cormorants wheeling above.

This golden epoch of Islamic democracy was, however, short-lived and the evil forces which lay dormant under the exemplary rule of the Iron Caliph, raised their head during the reign of Yazid.

Only by inflating the status of the self-appointed elites can he look in the mirror and not feel the worthlessness of the manhood that laid dormant under the covers while his betters sacrificed.

In 1% of cases dormant throughout is used

Those who think I was lying dormant throughout the year must see my acts executed by Shahbaz.

Faults which surface as failures for the first time after a product is released often have been dormant throughout the period of development, which can range from a few months to a few years.

In 1% of cases dormant through is used

The eggs produced are resistant to drying and lie dormant through dry conditions, hatching when the rainy season begins.

In 1% of cases dormant over is used

As the rest of the plot will be dormant over the winter, I'd experimenting with some green manure.

Famvir tablets can also be used by people who suffer from frequent outbreaks, and can keep the virus virtually dormant over the long term.

Unfortunately, NAM has opened itself to the charge of remaining dormant over the years, but now is the time to come out of this seeming state of paralysis.

The rise of de Valera in the thirties saw a resurgence of republican feeling in communities in the North which had lain dormant over previous years and which inevitably compounded Unionist fears.

In 1% of cases dormant inside is used

There are untapped talents lying dormant inside all of us.

I'd like to relate this to me for being very much dormant inside my personal zone these past few months.

The origin of petroleum lies in the flesh of everything, from animals to trees that lay dormant inside the earth.

It brought memories to take away and activated feelings that have been dormant inside me as I segued into adolescence.

In fact, our potentiality level and the courage to do things have never been tested to the full as we are unaware of what lies dormant inside us.

When I first shared an intimate evening with my husband I was swept away by the passion (so dormant inside myself) of a long and tortured existence.

I know that my fellow classmates posses a vast variety of talents, but these are dormant inside them, waiting for somebody to hunt it and exploit it.

The spores, a small number of which are usually found in an animal's digestive tract, can lay dormant inside the animal's muscles, and break out months or years later.

But to a little kid, that idea, of a parasite lying dormant inside my body, waiting to slice my spinal cord at the right moment of utmost terror, was surprisingly potent.

In 1% of cases dormant from is used

We were dormant from April until September.

Shale oil and gas sat fairly dormant from about 1985 to 2000, when oil inched down to almost $10 per barrel.

In 2011/12, nine societies were established that were either brand new or dormant from existence in previous years.

The programme had been dormant from 2006 due to lack of farmer registration, and difficulties of field assessment after major losses.

In 1% of cases dormant due is used

Offshore drilling is fast becoming dormant due to the fact that the risks outweigh its benefits.

We reform trade unions where they have become dormant due to social-democratic or reformist leadership.

Before 2009 the market for sub-sovereign and corporate bonds had been dormant due to high implied cost of borrowing via bonds, multiple taxes, easier funding sources and regulatory bottlenecks.

In 1% of cases dormant as is used

His blog will go dormant as of today.

For various reasons, FAR had become dormant as an organisation in the animal rights movement and beyond.

This condition may be compared to a cosmic sleep (Yoganidra ), where everything lies dormant as the tree exists in a seed.

If the declaration specifies a later date for the company to become dormant, the company shall be deemed dormant as from that later date.

If the declaration specifies a later date for the company to become dormant, the company shall be deemed dormant as from that later date specified.

For years the mining sector in Tanzania had been virtually dormant as a consequence of policies, which discouraged private investment in the sector.

He says climate change has been dormant as a national issue in recent years and that it will be good for Concordia students to meet with other Canadian youth to mobilize on the issue.

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