Prepositions after "dominant"

dominant in, over, for, at or on?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 58% of cases dominant in is used

These are dominant in the feudal era.

We were so dominant in the first half.

SLO-MO is a drug dominant in the plot.

How is Google surviving in China, with Baidu being super dominant in the country? 3.

This will make you look dominant in the eyes of women -- which is highly attractive.

The hosts were dominant in the second half, and had three penalty shouts turned down.

Advanced Placement courses once were totally dominant in the United States, a nation with some 22,000 high schools.

The infamous ' green line ' divided Mogadishu, with Ali Mahdi dominant in the north and General Aideed in the south.

On the platform and the springboard, alone and in pairs, men and women, China remains utterly dominant in the sport.

Williams were so dominant in the 1990? s Redbull could be doing the same of 2010? s (2010, 2011, 2012, Predict 2013).

In 7% of cases dominant over is used

The top is dominant over the bottom.

And surely we are dominant over them.

Recessive to brindle, but dominant over pied.

The ' paramatman ' equivalent of Islam is absolutely dominant over the human soul.

Our experts are fully dominant over sections and programs of this plane, ' he said.

It was by acting on these that they became dominant over the world in a short time.

The front row of Morgan Muinde, Salaton Mutwiri and Frank Akatu were dominant over their much fancied opponents.

Worked example In peas, the gene for the characteristic tall (T) is dominant over the gene for a short plant (t).

Revolution can make the working class dominant over the capitalist class, as in the October Revolution in Russia.

Derek is portrayed as physically dominant over his adversaries, fiercely proud, and articulate about his beliefs.

In 5% of cases dominant at is used

He was equally dominant at the prep level.

Dark energy becomes dominant at this point.

He is as dominant at the year end as rafa is on clay.

For instance, if a country is dominant at swimming in general, there's a -ton- of medals.

The silver lining there was that he looked dominant at times during the first four innings.

Donaire looked dominant at the lower weights but over the past year he's looked pedestrian.

You can't help the fans because United were so dominant at the time and that's one of the reasons for the sarcasm.

Dairying will continue to remain dominant at the Livestock Event 2013 and there will be no dilution of its content.

Though it may only have been in La Segunda, Depor were utterly dominant at home last season winning 18 of their 19 matches.

In 5% of cases dominant for is used

YA dominant for almost a decade now.

Georges has been so dominant for so long.

He was dominant for the first time in his life.

You can see that private transport was by far the dominant for western Sydney jobs.

I've always had Bayern leanings but mostly because they were so dominant for so long.

Perhaps that is because the political assumptions he challenges have been dominant for the entire span of my life.

Adapting to Theory Y is especially difficult in environments where Theory X had been dominant for quite a few decades.

Obama has the physical appearance of an African American because the black genes in him are dominant for physical features.

For example, it appears that the right brain is dominant for spatial abilities, face recognition, visual imagery and music.

In 4% of cases dominant on is used

I notice which hand is dominant on everyone I see.

The problem with Godard is that he was only dominant on occasion.

Indiana was incredibly dominant on both ends of the floor tonight.

The Dream Team was no longer dominant on the boards but they were getting it done more inside.

Even so a key component is establishing that one is dominant on the pet they are trying to train.

It is the opposite of the digestible sound-byte fare dominant on the very FM radio band that once championed Young.

He is so dominant on the clay, and what impresses me the most is just how quickly he adapts to the change of surface.

NET was THE platform, but Windows org just didn't push it and it kid of stagnated and never became dominant on Windows.

In 3% of cases dominant with is used

We had been so dominant with it in the first leg.

All of these players were dominant with huge market share.

He can be dominant with other dogs and isn't very sociable with smaller dogs.

He can go from being very supportive to being very dominant with his own language.

The pattern of inheritance is generally autosomal-dominant with variable penetrance.

Certain societies dominant with Hindu families do not socialise with Muslims and vice-versa.

ARVC is a genetically heterogeneous disorder, though inheritance is usually autosomal dominant with variable penetrance.

My biggest MSL fear is LA and NY are allowed to be too dominant with ability to sign more internationals than other teams.

SA in particular really struggled to get any momentum with their ball carrying, which they are usually quite dominant with.

In 2% of cases dominant to is used

Both A and B are dominant to O.

The gene for black hair is dominant to the gene for blond hair.

Green colour G is dominant to blue colour g, which is recessive.

Answer: In gerbils, agouti (light brown) coat colour is dominant to black coat colour.

Hyena clans are centered around females, which are dominant to and larger than the males.

Neither A nor B is dominant to the other, so the products of both alleles can exist in a heterozygote.

The steel gene is dominant to (stronger than) agouti, otter and true self, meaning it can carry all of the patterns.

We have moved from a culture where alphabetic print was dominant to one in which images plays the most important role.

The green allele is dominant to the blue allele on either chromosome but is recessive to the brown allele on chromosome 15.

According to science the Black gene is dominant to the white so if you are from Black and White parentage it makes you Black.

In 2% of cases dominant of is used

Stag red is the most dominant of the minpin colors.

The most dominant of these sub-tribes are the Bukusu and Maragoli.

It does not even appropriately display how dominant of a opponent he was.

If you start on the dominant of the major scale, the mode will be called a Lydian mode.

For the chord to be truly ambiguous then it should be neither the tonic nor dominant of either key.

Abandoned by the dominant of Ireland and Britain, perhaps two million of the desperate became refugees.

Estuarine crocodile in sundarbans Those wiled animals give pleasure to the tourist crocodile are dominant of them.

Besides sharing, women can go there for online shopping, for entertainment, and be the dominant of Internet world.

The second laid the foundations for the most dominant of modern-day indigenous groups - the Bicolano, Bisayan and Tagalog.

IITs are primarily funded by Indian Government and I do not see a reason why CSE should become the most dominant of branches.

In 1% of cases dominant within is used

If this is the case, then they should be regarded as dominant within their market.

When organisations become too big and dominant within a sector they loose perspective.

Typically these bases of trust relate to the systems already dominant within the market.

These domains are so dominant within popular search engines such as Google that we must ask the question whether a.

Dominant and recessive blood group inheritance Dominant inheritance is when one allele of a gene is dominant within the pair.

Leaders like Ben-Gurion, Eshkol and Golda Meir have remained dedicated to this policy to this day and are still dominant within Israel.

De Gaulle was firmly opposed to it, and he returned as French President in 1958 and remained dominant within French politics until his death in 1969.

The Shona are the most populous ethnic group, inhabiting the largest geographic space and are also dominant within the ruling political party (ZANU-PF).

In 1% of cases dominant after is used

It remains dominant after weathering dozens of major price spikes over many decades.

He was dominant after the opening inning which he escaped with a pair of strikeouts of No.

The second form of nationalism which became dominant after the Second World War was militant, mass or radical nationalism.

But I liked their six-in-midfield strategy- far more dominant after doing this against Portugal, just lacking a clinical finisher.

However, Shakhtar were dominant after the break to run out 5-2 winners in Copenhagen, going a point clear of Juventus at the top of Group E.

The Euro-centric perspectives that became dominant after the Roman Empire seem to have erased more history than they probably produced anew.

The second race saw Bellarosa dominant after Bernoldi retired with the Osella of Fabio Francia and David Uboldi second and a recovering Darren Burke third.

The Wildcats were dominant after quarter-time, holding the second-placed Breakers to just 16 points in the middle two quarters and out-rebounding the Kiwis 41-23.

In 1% of cases dominant throughout is used

Pros * Dominant throughout the entire game.

Pros - Dominant throughout the entire game.

Georges ' grappling was dominant throughout the fight to this point.

When we awaken, left mode is in full effect and dominant throughout most of the day.

Masala ' s yellow, red, blue and gold are dominant throughout the celestial moments.

Cattle ranching is dominant throughout much of the other interior plateau and valley lands.

Using such TRANSFORMINGmethods, the Baptists became dominant throughout the border states andmost of the South.

Despite the line-out not functionally entirely well Leinster were dominant throughout the first half in the scrum.

In 1% of cases dominant through is used

The new arrivals later became dominant through conquest, occupation, settlement or other means.

When the Congress became very dominant through the elections of 1937, Muslims felt that they were nowhere.

The bass line is dominant through the record and often gives it a funky, pop and fun undertone that makes it a bit different.

Arsenal were dominant through the game, and created some fine chances, only for Koscielny, Chamakh and Arshavin to spurn them.

If you sit for extended periods of time, or become quad dominant through your sport then the chances are these muscle are becoming tighter and shorter.

Despite some promising attempts by Portugal in the second half, the Canadians continued to dominant through to the final siren claiming all points in the match.

However the Kildare Observer picked up on a slight shift in travel patterns of the racegoers of that year -- a shift which was to become the dominant through to modern times.

Here the family of Ham who had become politically dominant through Cush and Nimrod, initiated a movement to prevent further dispersal and make for themselves a name, thus bringing judgment.

In 1% of cases dominant from is used

El Rey was dominant from start to finish.

This past game was dominant from beginning to end.

Yes, RB is dominant from Singapore, but that's not the case in first 13 races.

England was thoroughly dominant from start to finish, piling on runs without a No.

If your partner's nature is dominant from beginning, it will be challenging to deal with such behaviour.

Frank Hyde described that performance as one of the most dominant from a centre 3/4 that he had ever seen.

The French were dominant from the blast of the whistle -- leaving the West African side to chase shadows in the game.

Billed as one of the challenge's favourites, he was dominant from the start by controlling the pace ahead of the leading pack and finished the race with 29.

Alex Pledger's stepped into the starting role, and he's been dominant from the start of the pre-season and we hope that he continues to improve along the way.

In 1% of cases dominant during is used

The hip flexor muscles are dominant during the majority of the swing to the ball.

It does suggest the information sector was even more dominant during the Clinton boom.

Beta is the most common state and is present and dominant during our daily activities.

Clearly speaking, the hegemony of this extremist force became so dominant during the present regime.

Dominant during the 1960s was the masculinist myth of war as a necessary rite of passage for manhood.

And contrary to what you might expect, traditional dating norms were still dominant during this decade.

The Hungarian team were also dominant during the? 50s and the West German team were an emerging force on the world stage.

Niederreiter was dominant during that winter's World Juniors, including scoring the game tying and winning goals against the Russians in the quarterfinals.

The Phils have a far superior core group of players, and one could argue, were more dominant during the regular season than San Francisco during their run.

In 1% of cases dominant by is used

Seems really FBS contest is dominant by the Indonesians lol.

So I do nt really regard that championship as dominant by him.

In facts in many sectors of business all are dominant by the Malays.

The god morality group is dominant by perhaps 5 billion people at the moment.

Hence, if a bourgeois fraction is dominant by controlling a specific apparatus (i.

Liverpool grew into the game and were dominant by the time the half-time whistle went.

CK is willing to look to the intermediate/deep levels which will eventually make the running game even more dominant by forcing the 8th defender out of the box.

This all fits in with predictions of only small market penetration of PHEVs and BEVs by 2020 or even 2030 when in fact these cars will be by far dominant by then.

Sizing up the sample Schaefer is now planning to study whether boys with low 2D:4D and more masculine faces are perceived as more dominant by their peers, parents and teachers.

In 1% of cases dominant as is used

History this time is very different with Apple being also dominant as a fashion gadget.

English has become even more dominant as the language of business, science, diplomacy and academia.

This elite has been around since the nation began, becoming increasingly dominant as the 19th century progressed.

QPR were totally dominant as the boos rang out at h-t, Friedel's reflexes were the only reason we were still in touch.

Microsoft Office was killing Lotus 123 and WordStar in those days and CorelDraw was dominant as a graphic design software.

The fact is, English is more dominant as a first or second language in the world than French is, with English being at over 1.

The psychopathologist was thus not surprised by the fact that the world of normal people is dominant as regards skill and talent.

From this point onwards Longford started to impose themselves on the game and became more and more dominant as the match progressed.

At the same time, English has become even more dominant as a lingua franca, increasingly adopted as the preferred second language across the planet.

The reality is that travel visa restrictions are easing in China so the ' group ' thing is becoming less and less the dominant as the ' face ' of China travel.

In 1% of cases dominant among is used

It's very dominant among colored people who reflect on these issues.

It will decide whether to buy or to sell depending on what action is dominant among its neighbours.

Christianity: Traditionally sources have reported that the Dutch Reformed Churches has been dominant among the Coloureds.

From this major wave, one follicle becomes dominant among all the others, produces estrogen and results in ovulation at mid-cycle.

Under the influence of leftist writers, a view of fascism was disseminated which has remained dominant among intellectuals until today.

This custom was more dominant among the warrior communities in north India, especially in Rajasthan and also among the higher castes in Bengal in east India.

Many factors influence the distribution of livestock in Sri Lanka; dominant among them are agro-ecological zoning and proximity to markets and feed resources.

In 1% of cases dominant against is used

If the first team can be as dominant against our west London neighbours on.

Lara also was not as dominant against great pace bowling as Sobesr or Richards.

Backstage, Gail Kim is looking forward to proving why shes dominant against Tara.

The Dolphins have been downright dominant against the run, allowing just 67 yards per game on 2.

For starters, the Bengals have been dominant against non-playoff teams in the last couple of seasons.

Winnipeg dug itself a small hole with two losses at Lethbridge, before returning home and looking utterly dominant against Regina.

The Browns defense was dominant against a non-quarterback in Charlie Batch, but they also crushed the entire corps of Steeler running backs.

Though they were surprised by the Italians in the first game, they were completely dominant against Ireland and managed to squirm past Croatia.

Interesting that Kovalainen wasn't as dominant against Petrov in quali as he was against the qualifying master Jarno Trulli! Mind you, I suppose.

I don't believe this All Blacks side will suffer in the same manner, but neither do I believe they will be as dominant against Australia as the Chiefs were in winning their final.

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