Prepositions after "distant"

distant from, in, to, with or past?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 70% of cases distant from is used

He seemed bored and distant from the game.

The other posts can be distant from the line.

Chong Khneas is distant from the city center.

However far away you may feel, you are never too distant from the God who made you.

The legacy continues to this day in lands far distant from the place of its origin.

Eyes prominent, small, rotundate, less distant from the thorax than from each other.

That said we are now becoming more distant from the events of 2008 and are thus more able to look at the context.

For example, in an iodide ion, I -, the outer electrons are in the 5-level - relatively distant from the nucleus.

When Mercury or Venus appears most distant from the sun in the evening sky, it is at greatest eastern elongation.

Distant from the whispering that comes from your lips, Attacking your speech claiming it will get you in trouble.

In 7% of cases distant in is used

Not far distant in Aghaboe, St.

Distant in a not so profound way.

Ideas distant in time can be suddenly pertinent.

Displacement: Communicating about things or events that are distant in time or space.

Ice so distant in utter disregard of his body, not long ago himself into a coma body.

Distant in any direction; not near; remote; mutually separated by a wide space or extent.

In fact, about 30 million light-years distant in the constellation Andromeda, NGC 891 looks a lot like our Milky Way.

The other world is not distant in space and time, and this world is not so immediate to the senses as it may appear to be.

Arts courses often enable students to reach beyond their own experiences and imagine worlds far distant in time and space.

Until now the only priest Andrew had known was Fr Delahaye, a man much older than himself and quite distant in his manner.

In 5% of cases distant to is used

My family were very distant to me.

Alicia is cold and distant to her son.

Rita seems distant to John but he is unsure why.

The Arcadia is in an excellent location within walking distant to most of the sights.

Anakin slowly turns to the dark side becoming more and more distant to the Jedi order.

The ability of the lens to adjust from a distant to a near focus is called accommodation.

It included the study of the structure and function of all natural objects from the very distant to the very small.

All of the women have very close relationships with their mothers and distant to no relationships with their fathers.

Our ' theoretical ' answers to your conundrum would be somewhat distant to reality and could only be seen as wish lists.

EU funding is something tangible, that people can understand, as it makes the EU more real, less distant to ordinary people.

In 3% of cases distant with is used

He is aloof and distant with very hurt feelings.

The way you could grow distant with a good friend.

But he was not distant with her that I seen at all.

We had become a little distant with all that was going on between ministries and raising a baby.

She had grown very distant with her parents, the thought of the things she was doing got her scared at times.

It's one of the things that has kept us connected during a time when kids are often distant with their parents.

Some people who are more distant with their parents use jondae, while most close families use banmal with parents.

Been seeing a guy for 6 weeks; he introduced me to his Mum, his friends etc then all of a sudden became distant with me.

Denethor is all sorts of cruel, cold and distant with his son, not bothering to hide his disdain, his sarcasm, his contempt.

The last boyfriend I had was close to his mother (I think overly close) and distant with his father because of alcohol abuse.

In 2% of cases distant for is used

John's remained distant for some time.

The stars are just far too distant for ancient observation to detect it.

Is this dawn too distant for the Bengali people? No, it is not too far off.

Don't waste your time and career at a team that would make everything distant for you.

In January 2004 Geordan started having episodes where he seemed to be distant for hours.

Does he/she have some esperi? ncia with children? The children are strange and distant for me.

My advice would be, if you eventually would get back with him anyway, is warn him you're going to be a little distant for a while.

He did everything he could for everyone he met, including performing medical services for those too poor or too distant for the doctor in St.

Although the topic maybe distant for some, it has nevertheless strengthened our long term goals on how we Muslim girls want our homes to look like in the future.

In 2% of cases distant of is used

From this he claims to be able to cover a distant of 60 kilometres an hour.

There was then plenty of sea-faring to the most distant of the world's places.

Voyager 1 is the more distant of the two and is now the farthest human-made object from Earth.

As the most distant of the third person limited points of view, you can still hear the narrator's voice.

Example: Construct the locus of a point P that moves a constant distant of 2 cm from a straight line AB.

He reaches across both space and time, building bridges between the most impossibly distant of characters.

The most distant of the naked-eye planets, Saturn takes just under 30 years to complete one orbit around the Sun.

I am glad to have been part of his visit, and glad that he visited our shores, the most distant of any from Hungary.

Most of the popular shopping centers are located in the center of town and all within walking distant of each other.

Here's the most distant of the three horses in the first shot, taken from the same location using an old Tokina 135mm f2.

In 2% of cases distant past is used

They had in the distant past a common origin.

There once was a time in the not too distant past that travel was seen as education.

I know I have spent a lot of time in the not-so distant past doing just such a thing.

Other times schools have a reputation from the distant past that's no longer accurate.

Capricornus maybe a faint constellation, but it has had a significant role in the distant past.

In the distant past this was the last chance to take stock of winter supplies and prepare for survival.

It was an Englishman Slater laid the foundation for a new reflection and serious study of the distant past.

Comparing tax revenues today to tax revenues in a distant past when health care costs were much lower is just not relevant.

Sea mounts within the Niue EEZ Niue's distant past Niue is an old and inactive volcano that rose above the sea before it died.

In the not too distant past Agrus Kos, a hardened Boros wojek, uncovered a plot by the long forgotten Dimir guildmaster, Szadek.

In 1% of cases distant as is used

However, in Brazil the hierarchy is more noticeable and subordinates tend to stay distant as a matter of respect.

Chala in turn feeds the waters of Lake Jipe, some 30 kms distant as the crow flies, through more underground systems.

The reason why i love karachi is because my family is here and at least its not so distant as the people in london are.

Barack Senior is portrayed as an imposing, intelligent figure with a fierce pride in his country, but distant as a father.

Because she was blackmailed by Gant into fabricating evidence, and she became cold and distant as a result, Angel Starr and Jake Marshall became quite bitter toward her.

Greg and Marcia Brady couldn't marry) or are sufficiently distant as to make any genetic risks remote (the degree of cousins allowed/denied by incest laws varies state-to-state).

In 1% of cases distant at is used

Mr Varden the clue to all had seemed so distant at the door which.

He was handsome and mysterious, but still cold and distant at times.

She may have acted rather distant at times, but she was still a good friend and loyal companion.

It's also, interestingly enough, a strategy that allows me to be intimate and distant at the same time.

I never doubted my mother loved me but I always wonder why our relationship seemed so distant at times.

All this information was too much to handle, since the meeting I have been very distant at home and my husband is clueless on why.

Meanwhile the national games were being celebrated a few miles distant at Tailten (now Telltown) in connection with the royal feast.

So while the world of work may seem distant at this point in time, you may want to give some thought to your future career plans now.

During the ensuing feast games, a few miles distant at Tailten (Telltown ), Patrick baptised Conall, brother of the Ard-Righ, on Wednesday, 5 April.

The receiving dish on earth must be large as the signal is relatively weak, due to the satellite dish being quite distant at approximately 36,000 km.

In 1% of cases distant by is used

The pair are 126 million light-years distant by redshift and 130 million light-years by Tully Fisher measurement.

They soon learned that the Space Marines and Adeptus Mechanicus had been kept distant by the problems with warp travel.

To the east, the direction of their journey, not far by eyes but distant by judgment, a trail of smoke coiled up into the air.

In the result, without knowing it, I find myself in the church distant by hundreds of kilometres from Warszawa, in which was the figure of Virgin Mary which was able to heal me permanently.

In 1% of cases distant on is used

TETRA masts by contrast were two kilometres distant on average.

There were American forces 400 miles distant on ships and in Southern Italy.

I have now become more distant on a romantic levels, to where she has noticed.

Yes, distant on line education opens the windows of knowledge, wide open rather.

Being distant on protective over personal information would be construed as being rude and closed.

He seemed aloof and distant on stage, but this was probably necessitated by the production's approach.

He is dropping Martin a kilometre distant on the south side of the dust-filled track that bisects the plain.

Rikknen remains third in the standings, increasingly distant on 169, while Lewis Hamilton is fourth with 153.

Spots four centimetres distant on the back have no qualitative contrast at all, and fuse into a single sensation.

Still, according to her mom, a modeling career is distant on the tweens radar -- which makes sense considering her young age.

In 1% of cases distant relative is used

Wife: Hannah Hoes - distant relative to his mother.

That loved one was a distant relative to whom she served as guardian.

Ripley is of course a distant relative to Leia and Han's family line.

If there are no sharers or residuaries, then the distant relatives are the heirs.

I made it to about Page 40 before I howled out for a distant relative to hold me.

His natural affinity to speaking the truth was a distant relative to our politics.

Dzaw ul-Arham, distant relatives, which is applied under Egyptian Law in Article 31 of Law no.

Although Matcha is a distant relative to traditional steeped green tea leaves this is a completely different food.

This means that the uterine sister's share is double that of the full brother, even though she is a more distant relative to the deceased than him.

In 1% of cases distant towards is used

Mei Zhuang is cold and distant towards him while he's.

Being cold and distant towards her children can't be the way to go.

The sea ' beats the walls of the houses ' while the port was a mile distant towards the south.

Her son Jax is busy leading the club, and his fiance Tara (Maggie Siff) is distant towards Gemma.

And Mark has unaccountably become distant towards Sally, who thought she had discovered a soul mate.

Many of them had Indian blood in their veins, and when such was the case they were a little distant towards the slaves.

He controlled my mother's finances and made her socially isolated - as she was so battered, she was emotionally distant towards us.

After that conversation she became distant towards me and at her wedding did not ask me to do anything and tried not to have me in any of the pictures.

Normally aloof and distant towards his colleagues, McGarrett had changed after Danny Williams had joined the team, taking the young and personable Williams under his wing.

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