Prepositions after "disproportionate"

disproportionate to, in, with, as or at?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 86% of cases disproportionate to is used

It is disproportionate to other sectors.

This is highly disproportionate to the size of the PLA.

The reaction is often disproportionate to the actual provocation.

Demands that he be taken off air are clearly disproportionate to the offence.

The prices of lands went very high, abnormally disproportionate to its rents.

As terrible as that price is, it doesn't look unfair or disproportionate to me.

I would still argue that the Israeli response was wholly disproportionate to the initial Hezbollah action.

Yet, harsh penalties can discourage whistleblowers if the penalty seems disproportionate to the wrongdoing.

And should the designer choose, they can make the feedback be hugely disproportionate to the problem solved.

In 5% of cases disproportionate in is used

Some of the invective on the boards here is a little disproportionate in my view.

In summary, the minimum mandatory sentence is not grossly disproportionate in this case.

There are rich consumers, few in number, but disproportionate in the gigantic slice of income and consumption they take.

Big Daddy is a giant Nile crocodile who is a native of the Zambeze River, about 80 years old, and disproportionate in size.

To preserve marriage and family may be a legitimate aim, but such a restriction would be disproportionate in pursuit of the aim.

Motor Vehicle Act is not grossly disproportionate in relation to the particular offence and the personal situation of the accused.

WOW well I have to say being a 41 year old gay male I would have to say I doubt it's possible only because the world is so disproportionate in it's view and population.

Basically, women? s use of financial services provided by SACCOs is disproportionate in relation to their representation in the decision-making bodies and ownership of SACCOs.

The simple fact that the male sperm to female egg ratio is extremely disproportionate in favour of males; females are naturally more selective in expressing their sexual desires.

In 2% of cases disproportionate with is used

Yes, we'll have to agree to disagree -- the eviction was disproportionate with bells on.

In other words, the increase in rice price was grossly disproportionate with the decline in its supply.

Farmland, Civil land, Resources, Minerals and Energy everything is disproportionate with respect to the population.

After the liberation, both productions have skyrocketed and became totally disproportionate with the rest of the World.

An economic and educational development disproportionate with spiritual and cultural development results in frustrations and increasing social injustices.

It is seen in this report, which seems to be disproportionate with reality, fear of flying and prejudice decreases the rates of people travelling by plane.

He could have been wearing pants half way down is butt having the effect of making his legs appear to be ridiculously disproportionate with the remainder of his body.

In 1% of cases disproportionate as is used

A 2-a-month levy may not only reduce the quality of journalism but would also be disproportionate as the monthly subscription costs for broadband can fall well below 10-a-month.

In 1% of cases disproportionate at is used

It's time to level the accusation of disproportionate AT the BBC for its disproportionate coverage of this conflict.

Power is concentrated at the centre and development is skewed, biased and territorially disproportionate at the neglect of rural areas.

That type of racism accounts for a minority of interracial sexual relations (though somewhat disproportionate at drunken frat and co-op parties).

In 1% of cases disproportionate for is used

But it seems disproportionate for a low key cyclo-cross race.

Escobar has received is stupendously disproportionate for what he did.

In 1% of cases disproportionate from is used

The text boxes, live displays and additions to the HUD seem jagged and disproportionate from the beautifully crafted environments, which are among the most elegantly designed I've seen on the 360.

In 1% of cases disproportionate relative is used

Secondly, it is felt that the maximum fine of $6,000 imposed on persons involved in the illegal importation of workers are grossly disproportionate relative to the huge profits syndicates make.

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