Prepositions after "disenchanted"

disenchanted with, by, after, about or at?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 81% of cases disenchanted with is used

I've grown disenchanted with the game.

Random Post I'd disenchanted with Doctor Who.

I was becoming disenchanted with Islam itself.

Many communities outside of Mogadishu are disenchanted with national politics.

It was Henry who was disenchanted with the woman he had waited for for so long.

Reacher left the US army in 1997 having become disenchanted with being a soldier.

In later life William Walsh became increasingly radical and disenchanted with the Irish Parliamentary Party.

I knew that Ed's wife Paula was disenchanted with their marriage, but Ed hadn't even brought the subject up.

Yet, for many years they have been disengaged from, and often disenchanted with the managers wanting reform.

I was disenchanted with the field of work, but lost all interest in that job after a devastating miscarriage.

In 11% of cases disenchanted by is used

Although, I am a bit disenchanted by pop-rock these days.

Sat 10 th Oct 1801 The Danes are disenchanted by the collapse of the Armed Neutrality.

True, some have been disenchanted by the Obama agenda of stimulus, ObamaCare and higher spending.

It came like a bolt out of the blue, but Cape was clearly disenchanted by the Toshiba experience.

And only when fully disenchanted by it, can one finally start to use it in a purely pragmatic way.

I am completely disenchanted by our country's policies and open wallet to those who never contributed.

These individuals have difficulty shedding pounds, and thus have become disenchanted by the whole process.

That means there may be several million Windows users already disenchanted by Windows 8, before it even ships.

It turned out that millions of other writers and hacks were as disenchanted by the annoyances of typewriters as I was.

In 3% of cases disenchanted after is used

Many times I find myself disenchanted after the church service, it's time to look for another church.

Rather than being impressed by how the West worked, these new writers were often disenchanted after seeing it for themselves.

Shakib, too, became disenchanted after being only named captain for a single series, asked to lead the side in the absence of the injured Mashrafe Mortaza.

Disaffected and disenchanted after years of unpopular company rule, the Mtis had endured failed harvests, a depletion of wild game in the region, as well as disease.

The disparity is clear, and employers need to think very carefully about how they manage the expectations of top graduate talent to ensure they are not rapidly disenchanted after joining.

In 1% of cases disenchanted about is used

I'd become disenchanted about religion long ago.

The students lack of immediate success just serves to make them feel frustrated and disenchanted about a possible trade future.

In 1% of cases disenchanted at is used

Ilias ultimately became natural leader of the student community disenchanted at Ovi's excesses.

Voters disenchanted at unemployment swept Republicans into control of the House of Representatives, yet left the Senate in Democratic hands.

In 1% of cases disenchanted for is used

At the time, Jimmy was getting a little bit disenchanted for whatever reason.

In 1% of cases disenchanted in is used

That is why my father got disenchanted in 1962, He flirted with CPI for some time, Realised that it was the B team of the COngress and then became a COngressman.

After becoming disenchanted in Gorbachev we pinned our hopes on Yeltsin, thus proving we were not capable of making use of the freedom that we had suddenly acquired.

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