Prepositions after "disappointed"

"disappointed with" or "disappointed in"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 40% of cases disappointed with is used

So disappointed with the ending.

Very Disappointed with your blog.

So disappointed with the newbies.

Sreenivasan Jain: They are all looking a little disappointed with your answer.

Despite the win in Kansas, Morgan was a bit disappointed with the performance.

But just as we're disappointed with the approach of the Greens, I wouldn't be.

First of all, they are definitely disappointed with the sex-ed courses they received when they were younger.

Disappointed with the direction Germany was going, he hopped a ship to America in 1925, headed for New York.

However, with recent videos, screenshots, and media reactions, I've been quite disappointed with the result.

First, I must confess that over the past few years I have been gravely disappointed with the white moderate.

In 23% of cases disappointed in is used

I am disappointed in this book.

Was disappointed in the opener.

Very disappointed in this list.

Dear John: Thankfully, I don't need a man like you to be not disappointed in me.

I am disappointed in this column and hope you will think about this more deeply.

Once again, I'd also disappointed in the media for that and have been for years.

One NWC employee was excessively rude to me and I am disappointed in the disgusting way that I was dealt with.

I continue to be -- as I have been for the past 10 years -- disappointed in the City's regulation of business.

We were very disappointed in the difference between what they had advertised and what they actually delivered.

To be honest, I've been incredibly disappointed in how Assange's defence have chosen to handle this situation.

In 17% of cases disappointed by is used

I am disappointed by this blog.

I was disappointed by the intro.

Now I'd very disappointed by you.

My parents felt disappointed by my pregnancy and being discontinued from school.

When she first met the arrogant Wang Zi Fu, she felt disappointed by the mortal.

I was disappointed by some of the finality of some aspects of people's arguments.

I love French people, the language and culture but was most disappointed by the narrowmindedness of Parisiens.

I? m also a bit disappointed by the implicit assumption that any new white working class intake would be male.

Many downtown Ann Arbor restaurant owners said they were disappointed by the news of the event's cancellation.

In 9% of cases disappointed at is used

I was disappointed at the mix-up.

Was not disappointed at the least.

I was disappointed at the response.

I love coming home for that brief visit but everyone is disappointed at the end.

They oppose it now because they are disillusioned and disappointed at the results.

He did not know what to reply, for he was happy and disappointed at the same time.

Others are disappointed at the image's release full stop because they would rather picture Grey in their heads.

I was disappointed at the way it all ended but as a player you have to switch on and do your best for the team.

I was already out of the country then so don't know how that came out, but I was disappointed at the very least.

In 4% of cases disappointed about is used

Disappointed about my performance.

I was very disappointed about this.

Sorry to feel disappointed about Mr.

Only thing i was alittle disappointed about, was that bar by the seating area.

While she was disappointed about cancelling her vacation, she was even more aggrieved at the financial loss.

I was very disappointed about the whole situation and I'd sorry that I couldn't get these tights to everyone.

I'd sure that my core audience of male-enhancement spammers has been disappointed about my bloggerly truancy.

I was very disappointed about Taarak Vakil's character which started out so promisingly and just fizzled off.

In 2% of cases disappointed for is used

I was disappointed for Stephen.

Feel very disappointed for you.

Really disappointed for the lad.

I'd obviously disappointed for the players but I couldn't ask any more of them.

And even if I didn't find one, she wouldn't be disappointed for the same reason.

Although we could all guess how he was feeling and we felt disappointed for him.

Obviously he would be disappointed, but he is not one to be disappointed for too long and was pretty relaxed.

They will probably be disappointed for you but they will move on to the next person who is willing to find a way.

I was disappointed for a few minutes but interested and excited at the same time to figure out who this female was.

While I'd disappointed for you, I've always thought that your best stuff dealt with worlds that you created yourself.

In 1% of cases disappointed after is used

I felt very disappointed after that loss.

But I was so disappointed after reading it.

Y was sorely disappointed after looking forward to having a hearty, meaty pizza.

I am disappointed after all that planning but Plan B was a whole lot of fun too.

I was slightly disappointed after that when Wach didn't go all out in round six.

AAAARGHHHHH!!! Fingers crossed for you MrsBig!! How did you get on today Ninja? I'd disappointed after mine.

My family and I were left, very disappointed after viewing the last nights final episode of Great Expectations.

Young's contributions were minimal and he probably felt disappointed after coming into the tournament on a high.

Whilst I was disappointed after labouring so well I was more than pleased that they had stuck to our agreed plan.

In 1% of cases disappointed as is used

I am deeply hurt and disappointed as an Indian.

They were not disappointed as the AF Zoom Nikkor 70-300mm f/45.

I am deeply disappointed as the Province of Quebec needs a representative in.

We are excited to see the Lake but quite disappointed as the weather is quite foggy.

Yeah, even I am disappointed as a huge fan that they did nt have an actual MUSIC video.

Upon arriving at the shop, I must admit I was a bit disappointed as to how small it was.

On our last visit, we were a bit disappointed as a lot of the animals had been moved up to the Highland Wildlife Park.

It's a lot of money to fork out and I knew people who were disappointed as the course wasn't what they thought it would be.

On behalf of many parents of LGIM's students, hubby and I were ALL disappointed as to the kind of education our children get at LGIM.

He's disappointed as a Gold Star is missing, but Seb goes back into GSB, and with his Mum they re-schedule the tasks to make up for it.

In 1% of cases disappointed on is used

Song is disappointed on sighing.

But really disappointed on heechul's reply.

We were never disappointed on that account.

I expected it to be better than Mirpurkhas, but I am disappointed on my arrival.

We were a bit disappointed on a few accounts but it turned out to be a good choice.

I was disappointed on the Hoshikin GO due to the losses of some potential candidates.

Disappointed on the liberal side when I run into smugness, reductionism, and embarrassment at the supernatural.

To make it short i was mainly heavily disappointed on following points: 1) Music There are movies without music.

Kurei was in a good mood so he left them, although he claimed that he was a bit disappointed on Recca's strength.

Little disappointed on two things here though, 1 is that coeliac disease in Australia is spelt with an ' o ' and 2.

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