Prepositions after "disadvantaged"

"disadvantaged in" or "disadvantaged by"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 36% of cases disadvantaged by is used

I feel seriously disadvantaged by my gender.

Who is disadvantaged by the policy (in theory )? 9.

The coconut industry was disadvantaged by the excise tax.

What is strange is that the state bank was in no way disadvantaged by the loans.

Were out contractors disadvantaged by needing to charge it? 21/11/2012 7:28:55 p.

All research shows that children are not disadvantaged by being in a split class.

There were many instances where M? ori speakers were disadvantaged by these misguided policies and decisions.

The South African definition of youth extends to 35 so as to include more of those disadvantaged by apartheid.

There is a shared responsibility to assist countries and people excluded from or disadvantaged by globalization.

In both instances the fish benefit, while their host is neither advantaged nor disadvantaged by the relationship.

In 36% of cases disadvantaged in is used

Fiorentina were disadvantaged in Naples.

Thye more disadvantaged in society lose out.

They are the disadvantaged in our communities.

Inequity of Risk -- The most disadvantaged in our society are the most at risk.

Very often it is the poor or disadvantaged in our world, who pay a heavy price.

To create an enabling environment which is critically important for those who are disadvantaged in the society.

Also, Africa was disadvantaged in the issue of equitable distribution of the Adaptation Fund and capacity-building.

Discussion We found no evidence that women have been directly disadvantaged in their career progression in the NHS.

Religious minorities are disadvantaged in practice in such areas as access to government jobs and political office.

In 3% of cases disadvantaged of is used

Message for? the poor? and disadvantaged of argieland.

Perhaps the most disadvantaged of the country's population, are the women.

Together, CAFOD and CSAN are formidable advocates on behalf of the disadvantaged of British society.

The other, especially the disadvantaged of the Third World, has been a concern throughout my remarks.

The BRAC staff address their activities primarily to the most disadvantaged of the villages, since development programs usually do not include these people.

United Way matches and consolidates gifts from other corporations working in the same community to make a meaningful difference in the lives of the disadvantaged of your community.

In 2% of cases disadvantaged as is used

I, for one, feel disadvantaged as a native English speaker.

This is why I feel disadvantaged as a native English speaker.

Dr Paul Kilvert of the Board said it would ensure no Year 12 student was disadvantaged as a result of the error.

We are keen to ensure that no group of people is disadvantaged as a result of the changes we make to passported benefits.

It is also understandable that the tenant will be concerned that such a move may mean they are financially disadvantaged as well as inconvenienced.

Recent years have seen poor students disproportionately disadvantaged as a result of limited access to information and important 21st century tools.

Families who provide care are excluded from government payment purely on the basis of them being family, and are financially disadvantaged as a result.

There are all sorts of ways that businesses can get involved in the community, including: creating employment opportunities for the disadvantaged as well as the wider community.

Award of Credited Contributions To ensure that no person is disadvantaged as a consequence of the realignment of the contribution year, the following administrative decision has been made.

JCP staff have to be able to cope with a wide spectrum of people; those who can not read or write, the disabled and disadvantaged as well as professional people who have had high flying jobs.

In 2% of cases disadvantaged with is used

So that no team will be disadvantaged with the weather.

In consequence, these people are disadvantaged with respect to health, education and overall living standard.

Abstract Looked after children are disadvantaged with regard to their mental and physical health and education.

One advantage of such a levy is that it can be made simply to directly compensate the disadvantaged with a progressive application.

The program set up literacy programs, provided educational and pedagogical materials, and empowered the socially disadvantaged with literacy training.

Sussex is a little disadvantaged with being in the middle of the overlap between the BBC SE and BBC S areas and I have no idea what BBC S did for coverage.

In some cases these groups are historically disadvantaged with low status and low income occupations leading to a story of chronic inter-generational poverty.

In other parts of Africa governments are going out of their way to help the poor and disadvantaged with either subsidies on basic foodstuff or zero-rating basic foodstuff.

The liquor industry has provided the previously disadvantaged with an opportunity not only to have their own businesses but also in a limited way create jobs for the poor masses.

In 2% of cases disadvantaged through is used

Often this may create other problems where other members are disadvantaged through the change.

Kwasi has been involved with the transformation of the poor and the disadvantaged through microfinance delivery.

The credit scheme, managed by HNB and YBSL will help aspiring entrepreneurs disadvantaged through lack of access to capital, to commence and realise their business ideas.

Armed with a background in education and business, Leslie was put to work by the Peace Corps in an NGO that aims to help Romania's disadvantaged through social, medical and educational programmes.

In 2% of cases disadvantaged from is used

In realpolitik it has always been about protecting the most disadvantaged from the worst effects of capitalism.

The vast majority of startups are STEM, export-based, and high-growth, so girls are disadvantaged from the beginning.

In conclusion everydy singkies are double disadvantaged from both the ossification phenomena as well as the unfair tax practices.

Once you lift the poor, enslaved, and disadvantaged from their miserable existence, then come back and wax poetic about your nation.

The current consumer is now disadvantaged from the lesser supply of good used cars that the government removed from the market a few years ago.

The scourge of the 21st century will be digital illiteracy, which will deprive the marginalised and disadvantaged from being productive members of society.

Some children are bored stiff out of their brains because the level is too slow and low, others can not keep up because they are disadvantaged from the start.

Taking the game to Russia is Given the enthusiasm Fifa has for taking the Cup to new markets, then it's easy to see why Englands bid was disadvantaged from the onset.

In 2% of cases disadvantaged for is used

It is possible for any person to be disadvantaged for any reason in any community.

Certainly marrieds and cohabitees are disadvantaged for tax and benefits purposes.

That being said, the book reads quickly, so a pro would be little disadvantaged for reading it.

This is the crux when our hero, who has been so disadvantaged for the entire movie, turns the tables.

However, this is far from the case because a majority of them are disadvantaged for a variety of reasons.

But it sucks when when one group is disadvantaged for no wrongs of theirs for the good of the other group.

It isn't acceptable that anyone should be disadvantaged for any reason outside of performance when trying to.

The government has many excellent schemes for improving the lot of the black man, who has been disadvantaged for so long.

Just because one player works long hours and can't spend all day grinding doesn't mean they should be disadvantaged for PvP.

A fervent advocate for the disadvantaged for many years, he helped many in the Democratic party who are now in Olympia get elected.

In 2% of cases disadvantaged due is used

We are significantly disadvantaged due to these constraints.

Yes I do think the driver behind is disadvantaged due to the aerodynamics however as you suggested there are better ways to fix the problem.

I personally believe that many good people are disadvantaged due to such dogmas and they are not given the chance to demonstrate their values and skills.

The employee may have been unjustifiably disadvantaged due to the employer's failures related to the bullying, such as a failure to investigate the complaints and provide a safe workplace.

In 2% of cases disadvantaged because is used

Cis men are not oppressed or disadvantaged because of their gender.

Weakness The company is relatively disadvantaged because of its reliance on the European and the American market.

I'd rather short but otherwise not unattractive physically and consistently feel disadvantaged because of my height.

Tony was financially disadvantaged because of a workplace accident that occurred whilst performing his expected duties.

A younger me would never think that some men feel disadvantaged because they are androgynous, thats what I assumed most women wanted.

We changed system and some of the players have been a little disadvantaged because of those changes and Sean is certainly one of them.

Whilst I would be a little bit disadvantaged because of my reading and writing ability, I think there are different things that I could bring to Chinese society.

If you believe that you will be seriously disadvantaged because of the time taken between filing and examination, you can request that your application be examined sooner.

In 2% of cases disadvantaged at is used

They have failed to keep their eyes on the ball and are disadvantaged at this point.

It is undesirable to make the fortunes of the disadvantaged at the behest of entrepreneurial vagaries.

The only one that puts the welfare of the poor, the deprived and disadvantaged at the very core of its agenda.

People with the disorder are often unemployed or disadvantaged at work, housebound or socially isolated because of their handicap.

So where does all this leave Ireland? The short answer to that is disadvantaged -- and disadvantaged at a time when we need all the few friends we have.

It's a female thing I've felt disadvantaged at some times and advantaged at others for having characteristics that are often associated with being female.

NHS patients are not disadvantaged at the Royal Marsden because the trust generates over 20% of its total income from private sources as a centre of excellence.

The second mechanism, ' frequency-dependent selection ', occurs when an allele or genotype is favoured at one frequency, but disadvantaged at another frequency 73, 81, 82.

In order to realize true social justice and political democracy, Rawls believes that all efforts must be made to ensure that each citizen at every stage is not disadvantaged at the starting line.

In 1% of cases disadvantaged on is used

Women and men with disabilities are severely disadvantaged on the Irish labour market.

In 1% of cases disadvantaged to is used

A lesson learned, I hope, that the most religious would most likely yell to put the poor &; disadvantaged to death.

It is essentially part of our society that if one of us is disadvantaged to the extent of needing total care, care will be given.

It is argued by many that in a globalised world, when global shocks hit poor countries, the poor are disadvantaged to a greater extent.

In 2008 I started teaching students from non-English speaking backgrounds in a school that was financially disadvantaged to the point that there was no library.

In 1% of cases disadvantaged under is used

Brawn could be seriously disadvantaged under the budget cap vs.

It appears to the Committee that island generators will be unfairly disadvantaged under current proposals.

Other political parties -- the Values Party, the Democrats, the Green Party, New Labour, the Alliance, and New Zealand First -- were all similarly disadvantaged under FPP.

In 1% of cases disadvantaged among is used

The emphasis on meritocracy does not mean we have to abandon our desire to help the disadvantaged among us.

In my naive understanding of economics, isn't a government paying out money to help the disadvantaged among us a win-win.

Throughout his life, he embraced the power of prayer, and felt it was our God-given responsibility to alleviate the suffering of the most disadvantaged among us.

In 1% of cases disadvantaged within is used

Dickens ' novels contain vivid descriptions of life in 19th century England, often highlighting the poor and disadvantaged within society.

But this divide exists not only between developed and developing countries but also between the well off and the socially disadvantaged within each country.

Whilst acknowledging the positive changes that are taking place for women, there is also a growing concern that, increasingly, men are disadvantaged within Irish society.

So far, environmental financing mechanisms have provided only limited benefits for the Least Development Countries (LDCs) and the poorest and most disadvantaged within those countries.

In 1% of cases disadvantaged without is used

In my opinion the ordinary person is in danger of being disadvantaged without their knowing much about it.

Maybe you should get on one some day and see for yourself how many people would be disadvantaged without the buses.

The pricing of electricity can be reviewed to address the socially disadvantaged without necessarily subsidising electricity for others who then get wasteful because it is relatively cheaper.

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