Prepositions after "disabled"

"disabled in" or "disabled for"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 24% of cases disabled in is used

I an disabled in that language.

There are jobs for the disabled in India.

Census tried to count the disabled in 1981.

Q: I wanted to make a career in the film industry but I am disabled in my left hand.

HEALTHCARE At a demonstration by the disabled in central Athens, tempers were rising.

To try to solve this problem the ICRC began the Special Fund for the Disabled in 1983.

But I CAN make home visits to the elderly and disabled in my village, which I am really looking forward to starting.

Judging from the above, the legal rights of the disabled in the Shanghai children's welfare home are well protected.

In September 1994 the Chinese government held the Sixth Far East and South Pacific Games for the Disabled in Beijing.

In 17% of cases disabled for is used

Race control is disabled for first season.

Almost like using the disabled for entertainment.

Autofocus is disabled for most third-party lenses.

I have multiple health problems &; have been registered as disabled for several years.

This will keep him disabled for a couple seconds while you take out any goons he doesn't hit.

She developed pneumonia and polio as a child, rendering her disabled for most of her childhood.

The rest of us? We have a government punishing the poor, the sick and the disabled for the crimes of the wealthy.

Autofocus is known to be disabled for lenses shown in italic, and may be disabled for the other lenses shown below.

Moreover, Paul Konerko had a concussion and went on the disabled for the first time since 2008 (more on that later).

Bottom link: =: Disabled for all Display WAP1/WAP2 switch link in: =:: This would remove that: =: link from your site.

In 9% of cases disabled by is used

Withings is disabled by default.

David, I am disabled by brain injury.

I feel like I've lost an arm: I'd disabled by her absence.

Secondly the zoom function can be enabled and disabled by pressing Command-Option-8.

Anti-aliasing is disabled by default for GDI+ and AWT, and enabled by default for WPF.

Most of those driven over were killed or disabled by the fall, and only a few got away.

I am Disabled by society's unwillingness to include me as a full member of society because of those medical conditions.

The human predicament is that the will has been corrupted and disabled by sin to respond to the revelation of God by faith.

GETTING IN AND OUT OF A SHOWER The following specifications are recommended in Designing for the Disabled by Selwyn Goldsmith.

In 5% of cases disabled with is used

I am sick and disabled with no income.

I am disabled with MS, and am legally blind.

My sister has become disabled with a Pettah bomb.

No doubt the Paralympics will be used as a tool to beat the non-working disabled with.

If the cane lessens your pain, you will not be as disabled with one as you would be without on.

I'd disabled with a brain malformation and the Herb helps significantly improve my quality of life every day.

Other places worth for visiting is Neema crafts centre for the disabled with an excellent cafe and tours of their workshops available.

When the war ended, thousands of ex-servicemen, many disabled with physical or emotional wounds, had to be re-integrated into a society keen.

Features: Disabled have lower income because of imperfection at work and they can avail easy finance from loans for disabled with several benefits.

That kind of cash could easily feed the more than one hundred kids at the Kiribati School for the Disabled with one warm meal a day for more than a year.

In 5% of cases disabled as is used

I got something anyone can get, and its left me disabled as a result.

Nor would it help dependent caretakers, or people who are disabled as a result of choices they made.

If the member is incapacitated or disabled as a result of his/her employment/in the cause of his/her employment.

Yet every day at least 144 employed people are left disabled as a result of serious illness or accidental injury.

He has in interest in advocacy for the rights of the disabled as well as ensuring positive outcomes for the aged.

Objective standards do not insultingly represent the disabled as deserving aid because of their pitiful internal condition.

You don't need to put I AM DISABLED as the first line on your CV -- trust me, I tried, I thought it would appeal to the BBC.

As our population ages, we will get more ill and more disabled as a population, just as our older population will be getting poorer.

Equality of fortune, despite the fact that it considers the treatment of the disabled as a core case, has difficulty with such ideas.

In May 2006, our Lions Club decided to buy a purpose built, 6 Berth, Mobile Home which caters for holidays for the Disabled as well as families.

In 5% of cases disabled at is used

Disabled at the age of 51 I wasn't happy.

Anyone of us could become disabled at any time.

It does, however, get disabled at times you may need it.

There is a pedestrian entrance and access for the disabled at the top of Henrietta Street.

The sick and disabled at this time are extremely stressed by all of these welfare reforms.

In general people with HD become very disabled at about 10-15 years from the onset of symptoms.

Let those goofballs take a pay cut and then we will talk fiscal equality! Disabled at the age of 51 I wasn't happy.

I work now in Sheffield as a carer with people with learning difficulties and disabled at a day centre in Pittsmoor.

Not only does this put the sick or disabled at risk, it also downgrades their status as human beings while they are alive.

He was addressing the fifth anniversary celebration of the district branch of the Federation of the Disabled at Mamponteng.

In 5% of cases disabled from is used

Disabled from RA but still play when I can.

A law that excludes the disabled from protection is such a law.

Google AdSense Alternatives If you were disabled from the program.

Pleshakova, 26, a disabled from childhood, will forever remember her day on 6 August.

Disabled from birth, Mike has been fighting for his rights since he was in grade school.

This Automatic Vowel Forming can also be kept disabled from the Configuration dialog box.

Long-term disability (LTD) insurance is designed to provide replacement income should you become disabled from work.

Individual power commands can be enabled or disabled from the Power Commands page in Tools -> Options in Visual Studio.

The current law exists to protect those who are sick, elderly, depressed or disabled from feeling obliged to end their lives.

Orthodox Christian Natalya Pleshakova who is disabled from childhood and her mother have been severely beaten up and tried in Tashkent.

In 4% of cases disabled to is used

We are all disabled to varying disagrees.

People who are too disabled to work can get benefits for life.

But this had to return disabled to England without touching land.

Disability policies should ensure the access of the disabled to all community services.

Those found too sick or disabled to work won't be expected to and will continue to receive the help and support they need.

What's worse is, I feel furtive and guilty because I know I do not look disabled to others and I hate that even if I cant control it.

But, I've spent a lot of time teaching all kinds of people, from the disabled to the gifted and I'd effective because people like me.

It's almost a truism that staff generally have more behavioural problems than clients and, in that respect, we are all disabled to some degree.

It is also critical to provide access for wheel chairs and motorized scooters for the handicapped and disabled to the picnic tables and benches.

This book is valuable for educators and parents who work with students, from learning disabled to those who are not what we would classify as learning disabled.

In 4% of cases disabled on is used

Labour Standards now provide for those who become disabled on the job.

Accommodating the disabled on campus or travel The accommodation is accessible.

Another bus has become disabled on route 3 and ours was going to pick up the stranded passengers.

Hari Raya open house is usually compose of the young, old and disabled on wheel chairs and this is not evident.

She was a little girl who had made herself known throughout the nation by her singing songs of success for the disabled on TV.

Services to those of the NINDSAs a very disabled on neurological disorders, including malfunctions in the structures of this brochure.

Assuming it's compiled into your kernel, it can be enabled or disabled on a running system by changing the value of /proc/sys/kernel/sysrq.

To disable a service double click on it and where it says startup type simply select disable, The service will then get disabled on the next system reboot.

I grow most of my garden produce for my family, can, and that takes every ounce of energy I have, and I am disabled on top of this, but this can not stop me.

Each display has options to ' check ' and ' uncheck ' and you can choose one based on the number of displays you want enabled or disabled on the viewing taskbar.

In 3% of cases disabled of is used

This government needs to help the disabled of its country.

This campaign is about nothing more than demonising, and further marginalising the sick and disabled of Britain.

And, do remember that Social Security helps children whose parent dies and the disabled of all ages who need assistance.

Strip the disabled of their benefits, cut tax credits for hard working families, increase child poverty and leave ' em to it.

That lesson applies to all aspects of rehabilitation, from the professional and Olympic athlete to the most disabled of patients.

The old, the poor and the disabled of Muslims and non-Muslims alike were provided for from the public treasury and from the Zakat funds.

This actually went into commercial production, although the expense meant that most of the disabled of the time stayed in manual wheelchairs.

Lies that accuse the poor, the sick, the injured, the disabled of being just lazy-the homeless being just worthless drug-addicts &; alcoholics.

This initiative aims at raising funds for the Movement for the Intellectually Disabled of Singapore (MINDS) and is similarly supported by Southwest CDC.

Mr Kuha now had a chance to explain his concerns to the person in charge, and would do as good a job as anyone in putting a case for the beneficiaries and disabled of New Zealand.

In 2% of cases disabled after is used

Disabled after this video was shot.

A challenging twist occurred in Turcotte? s life when he became disabled after a riding accident.

Some people may only be slightly disabled 20 years after PD first begins, whereas others may be very disabled after 10 years.

Dr Mid-Nite, another blind superhero, and Cyborg, a character similar to Iron Man who became disabled after an experiment went wrong.

People who become disabled after reaching the age of 65 will have had no disadvantage on grounds of disability during their working lives.

According to the committee's report, five men were killed and 137 suspects left disabled after police torture in Lahore in 2011 and so far in 2012.

Adrian Underwood (Pic:PA) A cleric has been left disabled after blundering doctors failed to spot a tumour in his brain that grew to the size of a lemon.

ABD prevalence is an instant measure defined as the number of individuals in a population which remain disabled after having suffered a stroke or a TBI 27.

But now again after this report is rendering, the browser back history as we come from parent folder to the report is getting disabled after the report rendered.

He became disabled after walking normally for a year and had to crawl for 9 years before walking again with the aid of a wooden stick because clutches were not available at that time.

In 2% of cases disabled due is used

Like you I am in constant pain &; also registered disabled due to wide spread arthritis.

Across the hall from me is a woman disabled due to constant pain: she'd LOVE to be cured.

But being in constant pain and taking a stupid amount of medications means I am disabled due to pain.

Mayor Greg Brudnicki sat next to his father, Adam Brudnicki, a WWII veteran that became disabled due to his service.

This kind of thinking, that people are poor or disabled due to a personal failing, a weak character, is rooted in Christianity.

Annette Jimison Michael, I became disabled due to a traffic accident, where a young kid crashed into our car and tore it apart.

With them, I was constantly losing my connection and then the configuration would get disabled due to not acquiring the ip address.

A decade ago when he was in high school, John Paul, or JP, was diagnosed with a brain condition making him disabled due to psychological trauma.

Out of 169 disabled people in Muyinga, from a sample of 2,068 people, 45 percent became disabled due to diseases that could be prevented or treated.

Those rendered disabled due to their dedication to the battlefront giving the first place to the motherland and not to their wives or children are proud sons of a heroic generation.

In 2% of cases disabled through is used

Its of no use as its disabled through the software installed on our STB.

The whole Wesley Centre is accessible by the disabled through lifts, escalators and ramps.

Our aim is to improve the quality of life for the disabled through the development of training and employment opportunities.

Even in a hospital with an operating theatre in the next room we see healthy babies become disabled through lack of oxygen during birth, etc (just an example).

That's something else you support, isn't it? Is this continued oversight by the Guardian accidental or moral cowardice? People do not become disabled through choice.

The deputy said that the U-turn on this meeting came on the back of a national U-turn as regards the proposed 10 million cuts which would affect the disabled through cuts to personal assistant hours.

In 2% of cases disabled into is used

Force the poor and disabled into the streets to work.

The way round the problem is to bring the disabled into the wider community.

What I can tell you is that removal companies do take the disabled into consideration.

A bit more tax on the rich, but for that, we'll allow you to screw the poor, sick and disabled into the deck.

All communities should accept **26;22360;TOOLONG, military and the police, war widows and disabled into their localities with open arms.

All communities should accept **27;21990;TOOLONG, military and the Police, war widows and disabled into their localities with open arms.

AT THE HANDS OF THESE PEOPLE YES WE WILL!!! Why doesn't this government just dig a huge huge hole and throw all the disabled into it and gas us.

In 1% of cases disabled without is used

But others are just the law according to Facebook and can lead to a personal page being removed or disabled without warning.

Well they have taken benefits from the sick and disabled without a public backlash and now they are coming for everyone else.

All too often, people with MS from deprived backgrounds bear their MS attacks silently, becoming more disabled without any support.

Basically you will be able to continue living the lifestyle you led previous to becoming disabled without incurring more debt or becoming a financial burden unto others.

A Live-in Caregiver is a person who provides child care, senior home support care, or care of a disabled without supervision in a private household in Canada in which the person resides.

In 1% of cases disabled under is used

Sometimes respiratory or neurological functioning is so severely affected that an individual will satisfy the requirements to be considered disabled under the regulation.

In 1% of cases disabled like is used

Disabled like meat to be poked, packed and despatched.

The inspirational medic told his patients: ' The day will come when there will be an Olympic Games for the disabled like you.

Comments I think this is a perfect legitimate treatment for the most severly disabled like Ashley who show no hope of ever improving.

In 1% of cases disabled including is used

Facilities for the disabled including ramps, hearing loops and dedicated wheelchair spaces are provided.

The names, addresses of the disabled including the names and addresses of those accompanying them are also noted.

Speed News The National Association for the Blind (NAB) today demanded establishment of a separate university in Maharashtra exclusively for the disabled including the blind.

Nevertheless, there is a glimmer of hope in the Persons with Disability Act (Act 715 of 2006) in which provision is made for job opportunities for the disabled including the deaf.

In 1% of cases disabled during is used

Interrupts must be disabled during this procedure.

She then became disabled during the notice period.

The first one can be enabled or disabled during program writing.

Among 20% of injured people have become disabled during the 2nd uprising (Intifada).

If you have any magic immunity skills or abilities, try to pop it just before you use Unholy Rage so you don't get stunned or disabled during its duration.

The proceeds from the sales will be utilized for the benefit of the war heroes who served since the World War I, now retired or disabled during their service.

Persons become handicapped and disabled during war period occupy themselves by involved in playing sitting volley ball game, without getting glued to one place.

The matter would become more complicated if you were not actively employed at the time of your termination, such as becoming disabled during a temporary layoff.

So, if the employee becomes disabled during the notional working notice period, the disability insurance is no longer available to provide wage-replacement benefits.

They want India to perform miracles to remake something- the PC system- that was conceived by rape, deformed at birth, malnourished and further crippled/ disabled during its life.

In 1% of cases disabled before is used

Studies show that a 20-year-old worker has a 3 in 10 chance of becoming disabled before reaching full retirement age.

There, he spent four years training doctors and working with the disabled before relocating to Kunming, the capital of Yunnan.

Disability income insurance will ensure that you continue to have a source of income should you become disabled before your planned retirement age.

Of today's 20 year olds, one in four will become disabled before age 67, and one in eight will die before that age; Social Security provides protection against loss of income in those situations.

In 1% of cases disabled because is used

If you are ill or disabled because of an accident, you need to talk with ACC first.

A friend's daughter was born disabled because of a prescription drug for scabies containing pesticide, for instance.

People become disabled because of all the social, cultural, economic, political and other factors that prevent them for participating fully in society.

They're not going after the disabled because of cuts, they have already stated that it's not about cost cutting on the news and that was Cameron's own words.

And despite all of this, what do we get in return? Austerity, lower living standards and attacks upon the poor, sick and disabled because of a broken economy that continues in recession.

Some people with a disability were born with the disability or became disabled because of lack of adequate medical care at the appropriate time eg victims of polio or other childhood illnesses.

In 1% of cases disabled among is used

How we behave with the disabled among us tells us what kind of a people we are.

I could feel that I am disabled among everybody in my own eyes as well as others.

In 1% of cases disabled against is used

During his first week in office, he signed the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act, which protects women, minorities, and the disabled against unfair wage discrimination.

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