Prepositions after "direct"

"direct to" or "direct from"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 40% of cases direct to is used

It went direct to the broadcaster.

You need to be direct to the point.

This is rather direct to the point.

In short, by direct to video standards with this kind of pedigree, it's a minor treat.

We would proceed direct to the VOR by turning our HSI needle or OBS until it centered.

School fees cheques shall be sent direct to the school where applicable and necessary.

If there's a lack of consumption, then channel new money direct to consumers through tax breaks or direct giveaways.

As a trainer, I taught recruiters to try to avoid HR and always talk direct to the hiring manager wherever possible.

At that point, Center will say 9246F proceed direct to the beacon, cleared full NDB 11R approach, contact tower 126.

How he could penetrate the different layers and reached direct to the master, only some silent yet insider can tell.

In 30% of cases direct from is used

Buy direct from a fish market, 3.

Finally, I'd buy this direct from.

You can order direct from this site.

Every now and then I visit a friend who runs a farm and get my meat direct from him.

Back in Italy, people are organising to buy direct from local farmers - http: //www.

That came direct from Australia and we have them here in Ireland for about 20 years.

Posted by: Keith November 2, 2012, 2:30 am 2:30 am Why can't gaoline be trucked in and sold direct from the truck.

The firm sells direct from the retail shop/factory in John St and on-line, and at all the North Island field days.

Which has the ability to add plugins or similar direct from utorrent that to have other bloat added after payment.

Recent secondary market transactions in Lakeville suggest larger price falls than those direct from the developer.

In 7% of cases direct with is used

Happy to deal direct with owner.

You can book direct with Barkin at.

Communicate and book direct with hotels.

We sometimes work direct with brands, with brand managers and marketing departments.

I only ever book direct with the airlines and stick to a short list of main carriers.

Planting holes could also be sown direct with prepared seeds during the rainy season.

Please leave a comment on Sues ' blog or contact her direct with links to any reports in your own local newspapers.

We will seek a settlement direct with the opposing party and seek voluntary full financial disclosure if necessary.

Might be using VizaWeb for hosting, as TWiT used to use them before they switched to dealing direct with ThePlanet.

Normally I book direct with the owner so this was a first for booking through a big company and it was SO worth it.

In 5% of cases direct in is used

ATM were very direct in their attack.

He was polite yet direct in his speech.

Be honest and direct in your responses.

They will be more direct in hospitals where they need to explain important information.

Definition: frank (fraNGk) Adjective: Open, honest, and direct in speech or writing, esp.

Uranus the significator of your future karma moves direct in motion on the 13 th December.

But whether journalists are heroes or villains, Enquirer is rather direct in telling us that their days are numbered.

In doing so, he will become a little more direct in his attacking play and cause even more stress for the opposition.

I consider myself to be among the privileged individuals who actually saw it live and direct in the National Stadium.

If you are not going direct in Turkey, then you are likely missing out on a tremendous opportunity for your business.

In 3% of cases direct on is used

Read a book direct on download.

T rucks can reach direct on the shore.

Robie was even more direct on the subject.

Mercury will be in Scorpio now until 11 th December, turning direct on 26 th November.

Price changes happen instantly on Smashwords (when you're selling direct on Smashwords.

Just look at the positive impact of Caf Direct on the British retail - and on producers.

As the operators pay the same prices as the guests, it makes sense that the guests pay these fees direct on the spot.

Tickets to visit the ship can be purchased at the Bath Tourist Information Centre or bought direct on the Harbourside.

If the burn is very painful, or seems to be getting worse, call NHS Direct on 0845 46 47, or visit your GP for advice.

Romney is typically succinct and direct on the economy, and he should apply that style to everything he says in a debate.

In 2% of cases direct about is used

You're so honest and direct about it all.

Let me just try to be more direct about it.

Dogs are very direct about wanting to go out.

We read you because you are open and direct about things and it means something to us.

If you have an issue, do both you and your room mate a favour by being direct about it.

People who run startups should be honest and direct about the environment they are building.

But my colleague made no apology for being direct about the potential impacts of climate change, and neither do I.

Unless couples learn to be direct about their feelings and desires, communication remains complicat-ed and garbled.

Constructive feedback is all about providing details, so be specific as you can while still being direct about the facts.

She says it prevents patients from getting to talk to a doctor direct about things like possible side effects from shots.

In 2% of cases direct at is used

But don't try direct at http: //www.

These are direct at the county level and below (Art.

Book online or call the hotel direct at (435) 727-5555.

We are capable of fielding four players who are very direct at any time, including Angel Di Maria.

I really can't believe the sheer level of venom the Unreality Fraternity continually direct at Ernst.

He now very rarely looked direct at his orderly, but kept his face averted, as if to avoid seeing him.

People are also more direct at expressing themselves with gestures, which are mostly unconscious and unplanned, unlike speech.

My comment was solely direct at Batchelor's seeming disdain for Romney having reaped the benefits of his hard and successful work.

It was hoped that enemy reserves would be drawn towards those threats so that the American Fifth Army could strike direct at Bologna.

Narrated in Dutch, but with extensive interviews in English, it follows Photek, Squarepusher and Source Direct at work and at leisure.

In 2% of cases direct for is used

She will sail direct for London.

He steered direct for our island.

Ring Mal or Colette direct for offers.

The size of the hand carry? Please contact your airline concerned direct for details.

Hardware is not on the shopping cart yet, so please contact us direct for hardware parts.

Landlords who currently receive payment direct for their claimants will continue to do so.

After a while I decided to make direct for the hostel where I parted with Andy who was off for another photo shoot.

When you decide which name you are > going with, apply direct for a cert to the Government Records Office > www.

What is the allowance for check-in baggage for each passenger? Please contact your airline concerned direct for details.

In 2% of cases direct into is used

Then suddenly I saw direct into my room.

Can see Galway going direct into Canning.

Even if you're flying direct into Tanzania, the yellow fever vaccination is recommended.

Air France's Daily Jumbo Jet Landing at Princess Juliana Airport KLM flies direct into St.

If the ball is not kicked direct into play, beyond the penalty-area, the kick shall be retaken.

One gives entrance direct into the State Apartments, one precedes this by giving you access to St Mary's doll house.

Online subscriptions could not only pour money direct into the network's coffers, but also could fuel more ad revenue.

From the Italian side, trains from Rome arrive direct into Nice where you can take the local coastal train to Antibes.

The strategic importance of mobile data has even led Timico to invest in an Ethernet connection direct into the O2 network.

In 1% of cases direct as is used

However, the message was as short and direct as that.

But none is so direct as the name Jehovah which means I am '.

Innovation in an instant! Available to buy direct as an e-book.

Marc Francis, the director of Black Gold, points to Caf Direct as a functioning cooperative model.

Any money which is left will then be deposited with Debt Release Direct as a single monthly payment.

Egypt should not shy away from direct as well as clandestine action to enforce its vision and agenda.

If you can make sure the damage provides direct as a result of blunder as someone, you are able to easy look for arrangement.

They overlap as needed, with a connection as strong and direct as a book on early Alfa Romeo followed by a history of Ferrari.

Although Kenyan airways is the direct as well as flagship carrier of the country, but due to its alliance with KLM and Air France, the.

The answer to this question has to be given in cases of direct as well as indirect infringement by a weighing of the interests involved, i.

In 1% of cases direct by is used

The C for loop is pretty direct by contrast.

Athletes will be paid direct by the successful.

You can register for Top Up Direct by calling us on 1740.

The shares had, in fact, been issued direct by the company to B.

The term direct by legal meaning is the main word in this convention.

How do I pay for tickets? You can pay BIFM direct by **27;7651;TOOLONG.

I'd honest and direct by nature, and I'd going to be that way in this email.

If not then you can upgrade them direct by piggybacking on extra L293D chips.

From Atlanta the route lay direct by way of Macon and Statesboro to Savannah.

Participants can also go direct by using the following URL: http: **35;9842;TOOLONG.

In 1% of cases direct of is used

I'd too direct of a communicator.

By Chad Frey Newton Kansan As Katie Reese, direct of St.

Or if I was interested I would be intimidated and not direct of what I want.

I was quoting Susan Holt, the Direct of the Gay and Lesbian Center for Domestic Violence in Los Angeles.

The European Nintendo Direct of June 22 nd will be hosted by Satoru Shibata, President of Nintendo of Europe.

Yet I miss the intimacy of this most direct of speech, the voice in your ear talking straight into your own head.

In this most direct of mediums we hope to confront individuals, personally and pointedly, with their own deceptions.

When will we sieze the opportunity to directly participate and contribute to the direct of this mammoth waste called Nigeria.

HCL wants employees who are direct of unusual go underground clients across different geographies, social and economic backgrounds.

Criteria service occurrence or masturbation and receipt Pay Day Loans Direct Pay Day Loans Direct of experiencing erectile mechanism.

In 1% of cases direct plus is used

Here's a quick overview of Direct PLUS Loans: The U.

However, the interest rate on the Federal Direct PLUS loan is lower (7.

For a Direct PLUS Loan, the entire fee goes to the government to help reduce the cost of the loans.

Only Direct SubsidizedUnsubsidized Loans and routine maintenance contract to be Direct PLUS Loans Yes.

How do I pay back my loan? When you receive your Direct PLUS Loan, you will be contacted by your loan servicer.

The school's financial aid office will provide instructions about their process for requesting a Direct PLUS Loan.

Credit check &; endorser alternative When you apply for a Direct PLUS Loan, the Department will check your credit history.

Department of Education makes Direct PLUS Loans to eligible borrowers through schools participating in the Direct Loan Program.

If you are a dependent student whose parents are ineligible for a Direct PLUS Loan, you may be able to receive additional loan funds.

Parents of dependent students are able to take out a Direct PLUS loan, a parental student loan, to pay their child's education expenses.

In 1% of cases direct through is used

The movies are then streamed direct through a PC/MAC, mobile and tablet.

One of the best ways is approaching the company direct through their site.

We still offer One to One consultations and you can book these direct through www.

I typically do not sell through a dealer or distributor; only direct through my website (www.

Technology will also enable clients to buy direct through the advisor platform when they wish.

Book direct through the chain's website -- check often for special and web only discount rates.

Sato 11-05-2006, 04:55 PM I just bought direct through Electrolux saleman a Electrolux air cleaner for RM1300.

It doesn't matter if you're going direct through Kindle Direct Publishing, Kobo's Writing Life, or iTunes Connect.

Information on Cuba Flights Because you can not fly direct through USA, getting to Cuba generally has to be through Mexico.

Numerous owners offer an online file manager you can access direct through the CPanel (key pad) Security: It is a major region of concern.

In 1% of cases direct without is used

You want to be confident and direct without intimation.

It is informative and direct without being dry or flowery.

You open direct without using excuses for why you are talking with her.

You can be direct without coming across as a nag if you're nice about it.

That island can now import Italian silks direct without coming through London.

You can be direct without being aggressive - it's just a matter of knowing how to be assertive.

Be direct without being confrontational by giving your boss plenty of personal space whenever you speak.

But I won't hold my breath about the masses rushing to iTunes to support their favorite artist selling direct without the middleman.

The first accent of the WOL was done without them, I climbed the original line without them and wanted to do the Direct without them.

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