Prepositions after "devoted"

devoted to, for or in?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 97% of cases devoted to is used

I am devoted to transformation.

For now, I'd devoted to her care.

He also seems devoted to his wife.

The last half o f the second volume is devoted to the Kamite sources of Christianity.

Round about them will serve devoted to them, youths handsome as pearls, well guarded.

Most of these people are devoted to the president and feel they owe him their loyalty.

Much of her time is devoted to the IKM Emergent Research Programme, a 5-year, multidisciplinary research programme.

Chapters 9 and 10 are devoted to the internal organizational structures and approaches of immigrant worker centers.

I'd amazed der Juden and der junge are so devoted to your cause, as it seems you are determined to extinguish both.

In 1% of cases devoted for is used

The rest of the time will be devoted for DJ hosting.

They've been outstanding and devoted for Chelsea over the years.

It is wonderful that they have been so devoted for almost ten years.

The second part of the consultation was devoted for group discussion.

I know this may be a shock to you since I have been so devoted for so long.

I had 1 hour time devoted for the Math part as well as for the review of my answers.

The RN does not operate a VLS launched torpedo and I can't see all that space being devoted for Aster 30.

More than two thirds of this large area is devoted for production of traditional flowers, which are marketed loose e.

Chapters are also devoted for the sole purpose of helping men understand women psychology -how they think and act accordingly.

The focus tightened on Sydney in the 1930s, a passionate tribute to a city to which he remained devoted for the rest of his life.

In 1% of cases devoted in is used

Angela is also devoted in music education.

He was devoted in studying the theory of electron.

Besides singing in choirs, Angela is also devoted in solo performances.

I start a new blog in mandarin specially devoted in explaining the riddle of immortality.

People are so devoted in buying those latest devices even in these difficult economic situations.

To safeguard your faith, keep company with pious sisters, remain devoted in prayer and good works.

First, many works are devoted in pursuing how to relate Augustine's idea of memory with his theory of illumination.

The group is devoted in propagating the Catholic faith and defending it from the attacks of the enemies of the church.

Tiffany &; co is always devoted in designing full of stunning beautiful and original works since it was found in 1837.

And he said if you want to get the best for both this world and the next, select a wife who is devoted in her religion.

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