Prepositions after "destructive"

"destructive to" or "destructive of"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 45% of cases destructive to is used

Cytotoxic Destructive to living cells.

His visibility would be very destructive to us.

And uttimately it's destructive to you and her.

I pointed out something I think is destructive to a culture I belong to and love.

I enjoyed watching them, even though their antics were destructive to the garden.

In the Internet age, this can quickly be especially destructive to your business.

It's ridiculous how someone else's opinions are allowed to be so destructive to the little person in your soul.

Individual players operating by the rules of the jungle come to realize that this is proving destructive to all.

Perhaps even more destructive to the Mi'kmaq way of life, however, was the decline of the world market for furs.

I think that it's -- it's detrimental, and ultimately destructive to so many of the foundations of civilization.

In 27% of cases destructive of is used

Lying is destructive of society.

Other nets are destructive of fish (e.

It is destructive of both body and mind.

Such ambition or self-centredness are destructive of real unity in the community.

The irony is that home-grown policies in Washington are much more destructive of U.

The First World War was particularly destructive of previous structures of meaning.

All the leaders considered the bills unjust, unwarranted and destructive of elementary human rights and dignity.

He disdains any searching tests, and considers self-examination to be highly injurious and destructive of faith.

Looked down upon by both hackers and crackers, script kiddies are probably the most destructive of internet users.

Hence, Freemasonry is essentially opposed to Christianity and destructive of the Christian organization of society.

In 11% of cases destructive in is used

They are destructive in many ways.

Real ego is only destructive in nature.

It is also destructive in at least two ways.

Helens (Washington) was the most destructive in the history of the United States.

In September, October and November these storms are very destructive in Bangladesh.

These might all help to change the culture that is so destructive in some work areas.

All these are massively destructive in Canada and the United States -- with similar activity all over the world.

Twenty-some years ago we adopted a dog, Taurus, who was VERY smart but VERY destructive in the house if left alone.

At least 135 of those homes have been destroyed, making the blaze one of the most destructive in Colorado's history.

And there is a point beyond which if further spending is cut, the results are? extremely destructive in the short-run.

In 6% of cases destructive for is used

Very sad and personally destructive for all participants.

This will become very destructive for their business models.

Its destructive for the community and it sending a bad message.

In fact, it could be argued that IPL might even be destructive for Test cricket.

I truly believe that another term with Harper will be destructive for our country.

Government deficits and government debt are always highly destructive for a society.

Ladies must not use shampoos that have chemical substances in them because they are destructive for your hair.

And, as we know, those marriage breakups can become very, very nasty and destructive for any involved children.

They first said that this war would be destructive for it would destroy all the Iraqi capabilities for resistance.

These processions are very destructive for country's economy, businesses lose billions and poor people lose their wages.

In 1% of cases destructive as is used

Ego too is destructive as the practicing Buddhist knows.

Clive Lloyd (capt) Destructive as a batsman, a uniter of nations as captain.

But he was less destructive as a religious and social reformer than many have supposed.

But otherwise also carries a lot of ammo and is at least 3-5 times as destructive as a machinegun.

An unmoderated media would be about as useful and destructive as a bathroom tap you couldn't turn off.

We have seen a lot of changes in SolidWorks over the years, but nothing as potentially destructive as what DS is up to here.

Just above the target, the warheads detonate, showering the area with thousands of rods-each one up to 12 times as destructive as a.

The pace riches are startling though certainly not as potent and destructive as the Caribbean mean-machine of the late 70's and 80's.

The difficult side is that a transformative politics has to grapple with the destructive as well as constructive possibilities in human life.

Or, to put it more directly, that the left wing of the Democratic party is likely to be as intransigent and destructive as the Tea Party wing of the Republican.

In 1% of cases destructive at is used

Reasoning should override emotions which can be destructive at times.

Though this may seem destructive at first glance, it is actually healthy.

For Fernandez Lobbe and co are every bit as destructive at the breakdown as the Boks.

Rabbits are very affectionate, but could get really aggressive and destructive at times.

It is not to be taken for granted though, for evil remains destructive, and powerfully destructive at that.

Our minds are used to using the past as a template for the future, this is destructive at the best of times.

Shah isn't so destructive at the start of the 5th, he tries to straight six Albie and finds George waiting to take the catch.

When their feathers are being rustled some of the mirrors break and the energy can be felt as disturbing, negative and destructive at times.

Accurate and destructive at short to medium range: In times of danger, a handgun that is not accurate and destructive enough is as good as a piece of rock.

The other is Sanath Jayasuriya who could be much more destructive at his peak, but De Silva was the more classical &; the one who mastered the calculated assault.

In 1% of cases destructive by is used

This is explicitly destructive by design.

The present form of capitalism is destructive by nature.

Pretorius, was especially destructive by killing 120 elephants in his first 11 months in the area.

They can become destructive by chewing and ripping apart your house, as well as constantly barking in their frustration.

In 1% of cases destructive on is used

Rats and mice are particularly abundant and destructive on farms.

As for the current legislation, it is destructive on a massive scale.

That muti which is made out of that which is toxic and destructive on earth.

These are political decisions, irrational and destructive on any sound financial or economic basis.

Are they more destructive on land or in water? Impacts on both land and water have the potential to be very destructive.

Rajneesh's teaching was awful, wrong, and destructive on so many levels, but it was his BEHAVIOR that was truly unforgivable.

After 20 colourful years, the last 6 of which destructive on the face of it, I reached a platform on which I could truthfully and comfortably stand to express myself.

The reasons that people can be so destructive on a large scale like this can come either from their parents, from their own innate character, or from associating with evil, dishonest people.

In 1% of cases destructive towards is used

They can also cause harm wilfully, however, should they consider someone to be disrespectful or destructive towards their fount.

Plenty of Christians here in the United States have been cruel and destructive towards Muslims, you simply pay no attention to it.

Some of the suggestions made in the recommendations are irresponsibly destructive towards progress so far in the peace negotiations.

This lashing out can occur in various forms such as lying, abusing, becoming sloppy at work, becoming destructive towards the house, sarcasm, rage, disrespecting etc.

Before long they have no self-respect either and if they are not helped to come home they end up bitter and resentful maybe destructive towards themselves and others.

Also my boy can be destructive towards toys, tearing of leather chairs and spoiling of other household appliances which he shows that his aware that it is wrong to do so.

So go get on your own a bath of it at the moment! Look about your own home and function and get rid of chemical compounds which may be destructive towards your expanding being pregnant.

In 1% of cases destructive with is used

There is something gravely wrong and destructive with this type of mentality.

Addictive and destructive with very little in the way of insight or redeeming features.

Ravikant was destructive with the ball and quickly claimed the wickets of Saad Ali (1) and Salman Afridi (0).

Response: Concerning (a) - there is a lot of evidence for hurricanes tending to become more destructive with increasing SST.

We've got to have all sides of the argument, or else it would be bias and could be totally destructive with no pulling it up.

Mahendra Singh Dhoni's arrival was met with great enthusiasm as here was a man who could keep wickets and be destructive with the bat as well.

It was awesome seeing him finish the job last night because he is capable of being pretty destructive with the bat and he is also a threat in the field and bowling as well.

It took ages before D'banj finally spoke out and if u thoroughly read his interview, u wld notice that he was barely destructive with his words whenever he mentioned Don Jazzy.

Pakistan will take on Australia and the prolific Watson is the team's biggest headache going into the must-win game as the all-rounder has been plain destructive with both bat and ball.

As we all know, the floodgates opened and the dams burst after that remark and the tsunami that might destroy the Jersey establishment gets higher and more destructive with every revelation.

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