Prepositions after "descriptive"

descriptive of, in, rather, to or about?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 65% of cases descriptive of is used

I think it's descriptive of humanity.

BUT -- Try and be descriptive of your issue.

However, that isn't descriptive of all of us.

I deliberately chose names that are precisely descriptive of how each form works.

The name that a PL uses should be descriptive of the sector it claims to represent.

These maps are collectively known as the Map Descriptive of London Poverty, 1898-9.

Profiles that persist in our memory, descriptive of the person, his/her likes and dislikes, history, and so on.

The term ' Internet Access Provider ' (IAP) is usefully descriptive of an organisation that provides connectivity.

Rather, it is believed that O'Tormaigh was more descriptive of a group of people who shared a similar heritage (i.

In 11% of cases descriptive in is used

It's purely descriptive in my mind.

The name is probably descriptive in origin.

The pictures were very descriptive in support.

Our major limitation is that the study is retrospective and descriptive in nature.

Thanks for a great post which is very descriptive in many ways of the product we've built.

Also, be very descriptive in your writing and use imagery and figurative language to paint a picture for the reader.

The research in this area has been dominated, initially at any rate, primarily by studies descriptive in orientation.

In 6% of cases descriptive rather is used

It is descriptive rather than prescriptive.

These articles are mostly descriptive rather than explanatory.

His biggest contributions were descriptive rather than normative.

Consultants need to be able to give descriptive rather than evaluative feedback.

Then you must recognise that much of the Bible is descriptive rather than prescriptive.

What you are about to be told about running to get fit and slim will therefore be more descriptive rather than prescriptive.

Nevertheless, English grammar is descriptive rather than prescriptive and since there are two ways of saying it, you can decide.

Taiwo's identification of social agencies to lead the transformation is implicit, rather than explicit, descriptive rather than concrete.

In 3% of cases descriptive about is used

To maximise your blog's exposure online, your headlines should be more descriptive about the content of the post.

One can be very precise and descriptive about these wholes, but one can not avoid looking at the totality at each step of the way.

The thing that was descriptive about it, though, was that he had poems written all over the fingers and the pocket and everywhere.

The story is mostly told by the old man speaking aloud to himself, and the fish, and is very descriptive about the tides, the lines, the bait.

I remembered something about John 19 being rather descriptive about it but on going to John 19 in my bible he didn't seem to mention actually putting the nails in.

In 3% of cases descriptive for is used

It's way too descriptive for me.

Bad as a descriptive for either term is oxymoronic.

I think tho the recipe should be more descriptive for those who do nt understand.

So we needed a name that was credible to gas engineers and descriptive for the public.

This may not be descriptive for every girl, but certainly for the vast majority of them.

I'd voting for queer to become to the new catch-all descriptive for those who don't like more specific labels.

It is important that the keywords you use are not only pertinent and descriptive for your site but also they must have a high number of searches.

Dogs with aggressive behavior involving Uggs model type are in Australia and New Zealand, where by its descriptive for any sort of superior running shoe.

Dealing with regarding Ugg boot brand name type can be obtained from Quotes plus New Zealand, where it is actually descriptive for any type of wool felt footwear.

At this point in time, the term ' supergroup ' is a rather lazy descriptive for Crippled Black Phoenix isn't it? That's not what the band is about anymore is it? It never was.

In 3% of cases descriptive to is used

The shift is from the descriptive to the prescriptive.

The standards are not designed to be descriptive to that extent.

The terminology for total, annular, partial and penumbral seems less than adequately descriptive to me.

Which of the words seem most descriptive to you? Also identify the dominant impression of the paragraph.

The poem is divided up into two sections and the tone also changes from the descriptive to some very big questions.

We've also added the ability to add a Label to any folder -- perfect if you want to add something descriptive to the folder.

Generation after generation saw that a man was more likely to dominate than a woman, and over time this morphed from descriptive to prescriptive.

Sometimes even with names its not much help as names are relative to the user creating them and are not always as obvious and descriptive to other people.

In 2% of cases descriptive with is used

Sorry, but I felt like I should be more descriptive with what's been happening to me.

Note that the fixed example is simple, yet descriptive with little unneeded characters.

Maybe you're suffering from displacement as I've noticed you seem to be very descriptive with regard to the women.

Mazer's writing is so brilliantly descriptive with metaphors that ring with beauty and truth that the reader has absolutely no choice but to feel what Em is feeling.

In 1% of cases descriptive as is used

This study adopts both a descriptive as well as a prescriptive approach.

This position is thus highly descriptive as the author paints to the five senses of the reader.

The name is probably descriptive as the area around it provided good grazing and stock were most likely herded in the area.

They can be purely descriptive as an organizer, but we see people even communicating through tags, playing with meaning there.

So what struck me is that the word isn't so uniquely descriptive as to keep someone from finding another baseball term that describes the same thing.

In 1% of cases descriptive at is used

For example, there are many words that were traditionally used to describe travellers which, although descriptive at the time of their activities, are now deemed offensive.

In 1% of cases descriptive like is used

The new names are not descriptive like the old Martian ones.

In 1% of cases descriptive on is used

The sticker should be more descriptive on this issue.

You put too much responsibility on the seller when as a buyer you should be clear and descriptive on the products you are buying.

In 1% of cases descriptive such is used

The ones that do are generally descriptive such as Nihahi (rocky) Ridge or are translations of their original names such as Devil's Head.

In 1% of cases descriptive without is used

I like the way you write; vividly descriptive without being cluttered.

Gruen's writing is fabulously descriptive without ever becoming sluggish or superfluous.

The language was descriptive without being boring and the vocabulary used extended him nicely.

When is the second one being published?: o) I really enjoyed it, your writing is lovely to read, descriptive without being too wordy.

Her writing style is so visual and descriptive without going overboard (nothing worse than an over-described inanimate object like a hairbrush or blade of grass, in my opinion).

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