Prepositions after "deprived"

deprived of, in or by?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 90% of cases deprived of is used

Deprived of her loving siblings.

You make me deprived of my basic needs.

No more friends and deprived of things.

Western women generally view Muslim women as repressed and deprived of their rights.

He also utters them to those who have been deprived of breath, or the dead in Amenta.

No one should be arbitrarily killed, or deprived of their liberty without good reason.

Thirdly, when a woman gets less than a man does, she is not actually deprived of anything that she has worked for.

It is clear that such a nation will remain deprived of all benefits liable to be attained with the power of steam.

The questions you have framed are simply baseless, because these exhibit that you have been kept deprived of faith.

Without commensurate technological infrastructure, the poor will remain deprived of both education and development.

In 6% of cases deprived in is used

The deprived in the society need to be helped.

The region is already one of the most deprived in the nation.

Its local area, Toxteth, is among the most deprived in north-west Europe.

He shows special concern for widows who were among the most deprived in that society (Lk.

The Northern portions of the Dabala Area Council are also deprived in terms of road network.

The Agave Afedume Area Council is the most deprived in terms of the provision of potable water.

Not just for the local area of East London which is one of the most deprived in Europe, but also for the wider economy.

More than eight out of 10 children across Tottenham live in poverty, and this ward is one of the most deprived in England.

It will lead to increases in homelessness, poverty, and debt in an area which is already one of the most deprived in the country.

Uva, for example did not even have a university until 2 or 3 years ago; Moneragala district is the most deprived in the entire country.

In 1% of cases deprived by is used

No? It's a beautiful existence, not feeling deprived by someone else.

They have always failed in this test, as they have never honoured the deprived by being kind and gracious to them.

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