Prepositions after "dense"

"dense with" or "dense in"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 40% of cases dense with is used

Air dense with smoke from #waldocanyonfire.

Dense with a brooding quality of expectancy.

Pages are dense with dialogue and characters.

Hiker Advice The forest trail is not very well defined and quite dense with vegetation.

Expect an eye-opening experience as you venture into a world dense with flora and fauna.

His first thought was to try to descend the staircase, but it was dense with acrid smoke.

The world's oldest jungles, dense with mystery, were the playground of spirits, both benevolent and, well, less so.

By the water's edge stands a magnificent mango tree, dense with foliage and with branches as thick as a giant's arm.

In a given year, crabapple trees in one area may be dense with fruit while in another area produce virtually nothing.

A very thorough response, and I like it although I think I need to re-read as it's so dense with information and ideas.

In 22% of cases dense in is used

Since is connected, is dense in.

High-fat foods are dense in calories.

Each is lengthy and dense in its own way.

As-containing DNA should be more dense in an EtBr-Cs gradient, and that would be obvious.

They consist largely of frozen gases and are consequently the least dense in the solar system.

The union contends that the thicket of tall buildings is more dense in New York than elsewhere.

If the atom were visible, the electrons might appear as a cloud, or fog, that is dense in some spots, thin in others.

Red sandalwood wood to the most dense in the variety of hardwood, the heaviest weight of wood, wood grain is not obvious.

It was moist and delectably dense in texture with a sweet buttercream frosting and a piquant lilikoi (passionfruit) filling.

The Melbourne CBD grid is large in comparison to other Australian cities, but not as dense in high rise construction as others.

In 7% of cases dense for is used

The last week has been extremely dense for me and it is hard to tell its story.

Put simply if there is too much detail the programme becomes too dense for the audience to engage with.

I think that speaks to something; Nolan's films are perhaps too dense for kids and yet too far-fetched for adults.

Clark: It sounds like you have an interesting question, but your telegraphese is much too dense for me to puzzle out.

As for the metallic macaron pralin? It was too dense for my preference, but better than the macaron pistache at PAUL's.

The vacuum around atoms is more dense for light and the photons are wasting additional time with revolving around atoms.

The trees and plants were very dense for the whole of the first day as the climate was still pretty warm at that height.

Important: VCALENDAR information embedded in a QR Code will often result in a QR Code too dense for many mobile phones to read.

It's surprisingly dense for something so slim -- under a half-inch thick, and about 5 inches wide by 7 inches tall, but weighs nearly a pound.

New York's new law, air jordan, (AP) More women are getting the word that they may have breasts too dense for mammograms to give a good picture 5.

In 5% of cases dense at is used

Keep punk explicit! Not dense at all Steve.

The dust was so dense at times as to obscure the view.

It's a bit dense at times and, of course, there are no real hooks.

Water's density changes with temperature, and it is most dense at 3.

I thought they were beautiful -- delicate and dense at the same time.

I'd reading it for a graduate class - it can be really dense at times.

These little balls are so tactile - they feel light but dense at the same time.

Neutron stars have a diameter of around 30 kilometres and are incredibly dense at 10 18 kg/m 3.

It takes 72mm filters, feels dense at 513g for such a compact design, and the lens hood is deep but with a far from firm bayonet.

The original sound forces the digital to represent a spacial physical experience as you walk through the show it feels dense at the centre and expands.

In 5% of cases dense of is used

The element of this chakra is air, the least dense of our physical elements.

A Rutgers University study has shown that kiwifruit is the most nutrient dense of 27 popular fruits.

This causes a heavy load of traffic not only during rush hours that is considered to be the most dense of the city.

When I walked into the production floor after passing through the metal detector door, I heard loud sounds of machinery engines and a very dense of plastic smell.

Few read the formidably dense Of Grammatology from cover to cover, but it acquired tremendous cachet; a year later, its cover made an appearance in Godard's Le Gai Savoir.

The change in wind direction brings thick dense of smoke to our neighborhood and its adjoining areas which hangs in the air because of little or no wind speed during the winter months.

In 3% of cases dense as is used

Dense as a bowling ball and half as sharp.

He is as incompetent and dense as the rest of his Cabinet colleagues.

The slow solar wind is twice as dense as the fast solar wind and more variable in speed.

The sacrificial piece of wood should be at least as hard and dense as the actual piece you are drilling the pocket holes in.

As you point out, LNG is far less energy dense as well as being considerably more volatile than a liquid fuel such as deisel.

Improving this metric could simply involve creating rich, thought provoking, content that keeps visitors on your website but is not too dense as to overwhelm them.

You are probably too dense as to the operations of law agencies and authorities with regard to money laundering, tax evasion and their processes of indictment and prosecution.

And definitively the Guia Roji, which contains all roads, a Borgesian cartography of Mexico City, as immense and dense as the city itself, but all its maps packed into a single fat book.

In 3% of cases dense on is used

We made it long and dense on purpose.

You are being totally dense on purpose.

That's dense on a radiation shield level.

They are most dense on palms, soles, armpits and forehead.

The smoke was less dense on the floor, but still, I could barely see.

All the way there the forest was dense on both sides of the river and we saw River Otters and Caiman.

We had snowbrush (ceanothus) over 6 feet tall and dense on the hill behind the house - there's still a lot there, but it's been pushed back a hundred feet or more.

Women who have a high percentage of breast tissue that appears dense on a mammogram have a higher risk of breast cancer than women of similar age who have little or no dense breast tissue.

Sea level is about 20 cm higher on the Pacific side than the Atlantic due to the water being less dense on the Pacific side, on average, and due to the prevailing weather and ocean conditions.

In 2% of cases dense by is used

The argument for nuclear is very tempting being that it is more energy dense by orders of magnitude.

Am I being dense by suggesting that perhaps they should change the rules and the law to make these acts breaches? JeremyPreece Excellent article Mark.

Even though writers of technical articles use longer words, they would make their writing less dense by balancing their use of longer words with shorter ones.

In 2% of cases dense to is used

The escarpment itself is covered by dense to closed woodlands.

There will be a temperature gradient from bottom to top, dense to less dense.

It is messy, disjointed, dense to the point of confusion, and totally irreverent -- but all in a manner seen with other great works of art.

Since Malkooth is a World, that of Asssiah, as well as a Sphere, it has its own? Kether aspect? or ability to create matter that goes from the most dense to most subtle.

Total Internal Reflection For a light ray passing from a more dense to a less dense material, there is a critical angle of incidence for which the angle of refraction is 90 o.

Since it must withstand the force of the dark energy within, it must be extremely malleable, elastic, strong and dense to the extent that it is impervious to all universal forces.

Much of the human population was killed by the Mindquakes, a phenomenon when the population grew too large and dense to the point where the psychic pressure caused people to spontaneously die.

In 1% of cases dense about is used

I'd dense about them and can't evaluate them.

Plus, men can be really dense about a few things.

In 1% of cases dense after is used

The texture was dense after baking.

Traffic gets very dense after Chlons sur Saone, where the A31 joins the A6 from Paris, France's main north-south motorway.

Sadly we were unable to do a walking safari with Molly due to the bush being very dense after the rains, however the jeep safaris were fantastic.

In 1% of cases dense along is used

It was the first permanent ries, this movement grew from a the new land was a vista of dense along the coast.

Spatial distribution and density of population: The population of the district is dense along the major corridors where most of the fairly large communities are located.

In 1% of cases dense around is used

The trees were really dense around the area, and the school itself looked like it was engulfed in the forest.

The crowd was so dense around Jaffa Gate that the best vantage I could get was on the far left, behind the dancers.

In 1% of cases dense from is used

But it was still a little dense from refrigeration.

This solid sphere is chemically divided into layers that become less dense from the centre towards the surface.

So inevitably M has to be even older! Luckily they've got saggy old 128 year old Judy Dense from the Calendar Girls.

That made it more dense from our perspective, increasing the gravitational lensing that deforms the light of objects behind it.

This elevated double demand the flat belly diet 2-week plan on the blood after digestion resulting in growth of new tissue more dense from sugar cravings old age or just simply puppy fat.

In 1% of cases dense like is used

The gratis correction data are not so dense like the paid ones.

They looked like big cotton balls but ethereal, not dense like cotton.

They are great! They're not at all dense like a lot of gluten-free breads.

How he would react in the situation, cuz he's definitely not dense like his sister.

Less if they are a smaller vegetable such as corn, more if they are dense like beets.

In 1% of cases dense without is used

However, the most spiritual among us tends to be fairly dense without an appeal to Scripture.

If a body is hard within and dense without, how can it ever be penetrated? If thing has an opening, then it will be filled.

In terms of Dublin density the issue isn't so much lack if high rise in the city centre, which is quite dense without being very tall due to plot ratios.

The fog came pouring in at every chink and keyhole, and was so dense without, that although the court was of the narrowest, the houses opposite were mere phantoms.

Tortillas are not ideal, as they're still calorically dense without much added nutritional value, but if you must have some carbs, corn is typically the least damaging.

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