Prepositions after "demographic"

"demographic of" or "demographic in"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 43% of cases demographic of is used

The demographic of Reddit in the U.

Take the general demographic of women.

The demographic of the country has changed.

Interesting point to bring up the demographic of this generation's Internet users.

Out of these discussions, an interesting demographic of the PNP supporter emerged.

For the show-going demographic of the area, a place like Perch was severely lacking.

You can view the detailed demographic of the users and target the most relevant one according to your strategy.

My demographic of the worst drivers is young females aged between 25 and 40 years of age + or minus a few years.

You can't deny the fact that traditional media still hold power over certain demographic of Malaysia populations.

Instead, focus on one particular demographic of customer and offer them something that's of unique value to them.

In 17% of cases demographic in is used

They are no longer in the demographic in question.

You are the most stupid demographic in this country.

This is the fastest growing demographic in the country.

Latinos, the fastest-growing demographic in the United States, are a huge factor.

The black middle class is now the strongest economic demographic in South Africa.

City Place fills a need for a certain demographic in a certain part of the GTA (i.

The other disincentive to blackguarding is the demographic in this ' town ', specifically the amount of families.

African-American women, regardless of their level of education, are the most religious demographic in this country.

Almost two million Australians live alone, with solo dwellers the fastest-growing housing demographic in the country.

My point is that this is a small group and should not be used to colour the rest of the demographic in the same light.

In 12% of cases demographic for is used

Proton, please widen your demographic for buyers.

Why do you think the ideal demographic for TV is 18-45.

I guess I'd in the wrong demographic for this particular release.

There really is no target demographic for the festival, and that's a good thing.

I guess this is the result of having such a broad demographic for JJJ these days.

Mobile mothers in the US are an increasingly important demographic for marketers.

This indicates that al Qaeda likely thinks that African-Americans are a promising demographic for recruitment.

Pointing out that the young women in the target demographic for this book are young white women is not silencing.

This has so far proved an elusive demographic for the Republicans with 70% of Hispanics in favour of the Democrats.

Mayer is on the cover because she's photogenic, and fits an important target demographic for Fortune's advertisers.

In 6% of cases demographic on is used

The fastest growing demographic on Facebook is women over.

The fastest growing demographic on Facebook is women over 55.

The largest growing demographic on Facebook is women over 55.

It seems the fastest growing demographic on the social networking giant is women.

While they are there, they need to look at the youth demographic on gay marriage.

It seems the fastest growing demographic on the social networking giant is women 55.

In fact, according to Inside Facebook, the fastest growing demographic on Facebook as of 2009 is women over 55.

The population is growing at 3% per year on average (with a growing youth demographic on mobile phones to boot).

Women make up about 60% of the demographic on many college campuses and are often the higher wage earner in the family.

Sad, that the author feels she must condescendingly patronise and protect an entire demographic on the basis of their physical appearance.

In 6% of cases demographic with is used

CBS also led the adults 18-49 demographic with a 2.

Maybe that's they are the only demographic with money.

Women now top the list of the most overweight demographic with men close behind.

Dre, are targeting a specific demographic with clear marketing and unique styling.

In contrast, seniors over the age of 65 are the least happy demographic with only 89.

The only demographic with a higher rate of out-of-wedlock births is African-Americans.

Gawker attracts a fairly broad demographic with its different blogs, but presumably rootkit.

Canada, like most western countries, has a rapidly aging demographic with a longer life expectancy.

It responded to the embrace of this dream demographic with merchandise and a drip-feed of insider information.

The right does all it can to drive wedges in the catholic demographic with issues such as abortion and gay marriage.

In 3% of cases demographic to is used

I think that the only way to get this demographic to the polls is if there is a Hispanic candidate for president.

Penney wasn't exactly going to class up the brand, and the retailers already served a similar demographic to Avon.

Customize -- from simple versioning of fan pages by interest or demographic to more sophisticated custom content serving.

For those that do n't, I would think they, particularly the audience demographic to whom the clip is fairly directed, would find the whole thing very switched on.

It lays out every aspect of the business, from the target demographic to the food you plan to serve, and it all has to mesh before you can start implementing your plans.

In 2% of cases demographic at is used

The problem was demographic at its base.

For me the biggest problem is the age demographic at football.

The crowd at this hall is notoriously young, and the demographic at Rocktoberfest is no exception.

Comments Teenage girls are a demographic at risk only if you completely ignore teenage boys, as this article does.

The problem with most of these sorts of measures, as you and others point out, is the demographic at which they are aimed.

These statistics put people falling within this demographic at high risk of developing Type 2 diabetes if they do not already have it.

Reading the feedback online suggests some people feel the piece might have been unsuitable considering the age demographic at the festival.

Hi wannabe I think it's because the target demographic at the moment is the voter with a social conscience who isn't dogmatic about how to exercise it.

That's what UUA is like, except that the demographic at UUA congregations is usually more fun, for me, than the people who tend to join great books groups.

Looking to appeal to the casual or social gaming demographic at which the Nintendo Wii U is being pitched, one of the largest features of FIFA 13 on the Wii U is Manager Central.

In 1% of cases demographic as is used

So, I can not use demographic as a criteria to evaluate my page's users: -) I sympathize with that Liming.

Most political observers view that demographic as a key to victory (or defeat) based on its comprising a quarter of the likely voters.

Less upstanding members of the community have an easy time identifying conference going tourists and view this often tipsy demographic as an easy mark.

Mediapost reports: For the study, the investment firm surveyed a representative group of 559 15-to-25 users, viewing this demographic as the trendsetters for other Facebook users.

Both campaigns recognize the importance of winning the youth vote in this election, and have been working to reach out to that demographic as the election is under three weeks away.

In 1% of cases demographic by is used

If they did, they would realize very quickly why we are losing this demographic by massive numbers.

The third combines the economic and demographic by investigating the demographic vulnerability to short-term economic stress.

In New Hampshire, Obama went from winning the $30,000 -- $49,999 demographic by three points in 2008 to winning it by 21 in 2012.

Youth and employment In Europe, as around the world, young people have been impacted than any other demographic by the global economic crisis.

In 1% of cases demographic from is used

People stuck in third-world hellholes are a different demographic from those able to pay for a passage to Australia.

I studied the crowd and saw an extremely diverse age demographic from teens to seniors completely absorbed by the show; many even knew all the words to the original material.

Although it has gradually been stripped of any subversive content, the same idea dominates the music industry today, with products targeted at every demographic from preteens to golden oldies.

It's amazing what a few dabs of makeup, some ill-advised comments from a clueless presenter, and a trailer cut to draw an incredibly specific target demographic from its collective Man Cave can do.

In 1% of cases demographic into is used

He pointed out that more women are playing Facebook games, bringing a whole new demographic into play.

It's a gimmicky trick to lure the targeted demographic into the cinemas but since the modern 3D movies are no longer a novelty, it's interesting to see what the Aroma-Scope has to offer.

In 1% of cases demographic like is used

In a demographic like mine, I still need to print a few CDs.

It's a younger demographic like you and I who want to crawl home from our bars and our restaurants.

That doesn't change the fact that this trailer is treating its male demographic like a pack of leering Neanderthals who can't resist a flash of thigh while a woman gets her throat cut.

Bangladesh fits perfectly in terms of demographic like India but the problem is there is not enough to feed and not enough jobs for millions of people in India and other third World countries.

In 1% of cases demographic over is used

In fact, every age demographic over the age of 55 shows a higher percentage of workforce participation between 2000 and 2010.

Whether or not it's been recognized by Wall Street, the Pandora brand name has exploded in the 12-34 year old demographic over the last year.

In 1% of cases demographic within is used

It is also another sign of the influence of the aging demographic within Cobourg.

These two in particular will bite him in the butt with a certain demographic within the demographic.

In 1% of cases demographic without is used

For those that do date an attractive trait tends to be the ability to accept the dating patterns of the desired demographic without discontent.

She would achieve the result of alienating a significant segment of her parties demographic without attracting any other demographic to replace it.

Many customers are hesitant to use credit cards for online purchases or belong to a demographic without easy access to credit (teenagers, the unbanked).

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