Prepositions after "degenerate"

degenerate into, to, in, from or at?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 74% of cases degenerate into is used

I do not want to degenerate into that debate.

Don't let this plan degenerate into sneakiness.

I hope it won't degenerate into worse things later.

Care needs to be taken, however, that the Prayers do not degenerate into gossip.

But MR BUDDHA is ULTIMATE GOOD and his qualities can not degenerate into MR EVIL.

The book maintains a good pace and does not degenerate into an academic exercise.

The second symptom (when hibernating becomes dangerous and might degenerate into death ): absence of pleasure.

Now, public sentiment has had seven years to degenerate into this -- accusations of sedition against the press.

That is if the ensuing conversation does not degenerate into a heated argument leading to a free for all fight.

In extreme cases, if the feeling is very strong, the relationship can degenerate into what seems like stalking.

In 10% of cases degenerate to is used

Once things degenerate to name-calling, it's time to stop.

We need not degenerate to this level of cloning someone's name.

Its so pathetic that the govt allow this to degenerate to this level.

It's scary to see how a genuine grievance can degenerate to such a poisonous comment.

Until they degenerate to this degree the rest of the family can not be helped by the clinic.

For the NA/NT stream, the questions will quickly degenerate to taunts and insults against the teachers.

Let it attract 22,222 readers a day as I want, or degenerate to 3 years back when hardly 3 people read it in a week.

Why was our football allowed to degenerate to this sorry state? However, the seeds of our problems were sewn long ago.

Tombainter why do these dicussion posts always seem to degenerate to politics, religion? i will not go there personally.

Most conflicts that degenerate to this do not have the enlightened commanders necessary to effectively quell hostilities.

In 4% of cases degenerate in is used

These ducts initially form and then degenerate in the male.

Hence all ITO films are expected to be degenerate in nature.

Most of the other follicles will degenerate in a process described as atresia.

His hand strayed to the scar, a reminder of all that was weak and degenerate in him.

Their own, explicitly stated policy positions are sufficient to damn them as degenerate in my view.

The situation in regard to Equal Justice is still more degenerate in France, Germany and Continental Europe (EU).

For example, cultured hippocampal neurons obtained from wild-type animals degenerate in the presence of? -amyloid.

Venous grafts in bypass also degenerate with time and 50% degenerate in a decade while 90% show degeneration in 15 years.

For that reason since that time we've seen the judgment about the cultural value of the Greeks degenerate in the most disturbing way.

Adult parasites are often degenerate in form, as is certainly the case with this very, very strange organism called Sacculina carini.

In 2% of cases degenerate from is used

Things tend to degenerate from that point.

The match seemed to degenerate from this point as the Silver Ferns took ownership of the game.

That seemeth very strange which you say, that men should so much degenerate from their first natures as to grow wild.

Bean, portrays a character from subsequent generations of one fictional family whose fortunes degenerate from era to era.

Not to appear to disgrace his family, to degenerate from the popular qualities, or lose the influence of the Pemberley House, is a powerful motive.

When the power is cut to the HDD our universe won't shrink from the outskirts, it will degenerate from the initial point where the power was applied.

Be you most assuredly persuaded, that so far as in life you see them degenerate from Christ's true apostles, so in religion are they further corrupted.

For these reasons choose the right course, and endeavour not to let Peloponnese under your supremacy degenerate from the prestige that it enjoyed under that of your ancestors.

In 1% of cases degenerate at is used

What I degenerate at that is when you are targeting as a direction.

Actually he was far from a moral person and was quite the degenerate at times - e.

Pure love will degenerate at any moment into passion when one is careless and non-vigilant.

How can one be a progressive and a degenerate at the same time? Another misnomer for all who keep using it.

This annoyed my wife no end, as she felt it summoned up the image of a degenerate at odds with what I actually did for a living.

Standards of living for the bottom 90% will degenerate at an accelerating rate as those at the very top gorge themselves on cheap, disposable labor.

In 1% of cases degenerate like is used

I will not let myself degenerate like so! PRODUCTIVITY.

I have too much faith in Americans to think that they would take seriously anything said by a degenerate like Bill.

Don Vasco, bishop of Michoacn, was not going to let a degenerate like Guzmn destroy Corts's dream of incorporating the tribes into the new social order.

Actually, it went through the Dark Ages because Romans went all soft and degenerate like you, Poser, forgetting what had made them great, making them easy prey for the more vigorous Germanic tribes.

In 1% of cases degenerate of is used

P: So what I'd suggesting to you is that a mongrel is a degenerate of a species.

In 1% of cases degenerate over is used

In an effort to identify to degenerate over time.

The neurons and muscle cells to degenerate over time.

The fact that the hamburger didn't degenerate over the years has NOTHING to do with nutritional value.

As I understand it the only issue with keeping frozen meat for a long time is that taste and texture degenerate over time.

Global conditions could degenerate over a considerable amount of time before they lead to the concluding events of the last days.

Using torture to extract information makes me uneasy because like our founding fathers, I believe that nations degenerate over time.

Two of the advantages of dry-type transformers are that they have no fluid to leak or degenerate over time, and that they present practically no fire hazard.

In 1% of cases degenerate with is used

The sperm's tail and mitochondria degenerate with the formation of the male pronucleus.

This can only mean 1 thing, Biko is a cross-dressing conflicted degenerate with a split-personality disorder.

Venous grafts in bypass also degenerate with time and 50% degenerate in a decade while 90% show degeneration in 15 years.

In quantum mechanics lingo these two states are said to be degenerate with respect to kinetic energy, which just means they have the same kinetic energy eigenvalue.

Most of us will die in between with our bodies wearing out due to age and before we die our bodies degenerate with conditions such as arthritis, brittle bone disease, tumours, and brain problems.

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