Prepositions after "decisive"

"decisive in" or "decisive for"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 53% of cases decisive in is used

I am decisive in my own behalf.

Also be decisive in your actions.

Obama proved decisive in some states.

The Hispanic vote Many commentators say Hispanics were decisive in key swing states.

In the democratic process, these powers may turn out to be decisive in many aspects.

At least he proved to be decisive in that once he adopted his argument he kept to it.

The popular vote, which is symbolically and politically important but not decisive in the race, remains very close.

But the truth is that Vince's removal from the decision was swift &; decisive in the interests of ' impartiality '.

When it did happen, it was decisive in forming a new relationship between the Teaching Church and the Church Taught.

This delay gave our industrial infrastructure time to gear up for the conflict and was decisive in our later victory.

In 21% of cases decisive for is used

The year 1617 was decisive for Vincent.

This proved to be decisive for Steve's future.

The next few days are decisive for their future.

The next couple of years are going to be very decisive for me and I need to work hard.

The kind of radiation is therefore decisive for much, indeed for everything in Creation.

Habitat and food availability can prove out to be decisive for male Koalas ' average age.

Rob Portman (R-Ohio) said his home state is likely to prove decisive for the presidential election Sunday morning.

In Assad's favour is that the Free Syrian Army is without the Nato bombers that proved decisive for Libya's rebels.

The fixture could prove to be absolutely decisive for Celtic, ahead of their David and Goliath tie against Barcelona.

After the first two rounds, Balla trained by a solitary point, but a 6-3 final round proved decisive for the Bulgarian.

In 5% of cases decisive on is used

The slope is decisive on what lives where.

They say never say never, but i have to be decisive on this one.

People who are well decisive on their pursuits are strongly minded.

Surface effects The shape of the water is decisive on how the light passes through it.

Not having to take care of other human beings, but myself is maybe making me more decisive on this.

The risk of making a loss is a very strong indicator of self-employment and can be decisive on its own.

In contrast, Islam has been decisive on this issue since its beginning: divorce is allowed, yet it is most hated by God.

I do fear, Greece's exit might come a bit too late, but, in the future, the leaders have to be more decisive on such salient issues.

However, Contractor General Greg Christie, believes the Simpson Miller administration has not been strong and decisive on corruption.

Michael Ranglin, CEO, GK Foods As a country, we have to be decisive on the source of fuel that we are going to decide on once and for all.

In 4% of cases decisive about is used

Something ominously decisive about this.

Let us be decisive about our future as a nation.

Nobody decides for me; I am decisive about myself.

I believe that Rothbard would have been much more incisive and decisive about QE3.

I've been very decisive about the inside of my house and am happy with what I've done.

My children are getting a bit more decisive about what they like especially my 12 year old son.

You did not do that because your father was decisive about this matter and he pardoned all the individuals involved.

One thing about Yeon jae is that she's been very decisive about what she is going to do with the remainder of her time.

A guy can come across as assertive, knowing his own mind, decisive about communicating but it's not the same as consistent honesty.

When a director is so decisive about what he likes and doesn't like it gives us way more time to finesse the work and make it look great.

In 3% of cases decisive of is used

But they are not themselves decisive of liability.

Voting with your feet is the most decisive of electoral behaviour.

The whole of what is here said of THE S PIRIT is decisive of His divine personality.

The Japanese victory at Mission Ridge was their most decisive of the Kokoda campaign (Ham p240).

While not decisive of this case, it may be stressed that the provisions of Presidential Decree No.

Compare this most decisive of Matisse's nudes the Blue Nude of 1907 with Bacon's Female Nude of 1966.

This authority would, of course, have been decisive of the present case if the vendor had gone on to claim damages for loss of the contract.

They repeatedly endeavoured to single out each other, spurred by mutual animosity, and aware that the fall of either leader might be considered as decisive of victory.

The final and most probably, the decisive of all the wars- the Sagrenti War- began in 1869 and ended in 1874 with the mass invasion of the southern states by the Asante army.

In 3% of cases decisive to is used

A high turnout is decisive to a reformist victory.

Long term determinants of demand are more decisive to the future role of natural gas.

Play four matches there was decisive to my preparation for Melbourne, no? So was a very important tournament.

These three points could be very decisive to where these teams finish in May which makes this game quite appealing.

The intervention of the Northern Ireland politicians could prove decisive to Mr Camerons hopes of securing victory.

In the molding time, injection time and cooling time are the most important, and may be decisive to the quality of products.

First, only Florida's twenty-five electoral votes and its six million voters might be said to have been decisive to the outcome of the U.

Finally, professional competence in the field of law is the outcome of skilled application of knowledge in which proper skills are decisive to the outcome.

It's about far more than numbers, although they tell you he has scored seven times in 12 Premier League games, and six of those have been decisive to results.

In 2% of cases decisive against is used

This ought to be decisive against it.

Yet from the standpoint of this cause there is nothing decisive against it.

Indeed, if one takes this view, the above objection seems almost decisive against it.

He wasn't decisive against Portugal but did what he was asked to do from the penalty spot.

But the admirers of the Oriental system of education have used another argument, which, if we admit it to be valid, is decisive against all change.

But the admirers of the oriental system of education have used another argument, which, if we admit it to be valid, is decisive against all change.

So when an SSMer talks of love, then, that stands as acknowledgement that the lack of a legal requirement does not stand as decisive against love -- or other stuff not made mandatory by law.

In 2% of cases decisive as is used

This fact should be and is decisive as to the meaning in Rev.

The department has to be decisive as well as swift when it takes action against errant drivers.

In the end that one point proved decisive as the two boxers matched each other 5-5 in the second round and 7-7 in the third.

So, the support or (hidden) opposition from this side will be decisive as to whether this policy change will be successful or not.

Richardson (83 yards on 15 carries and 2 catches for 19 yards) got all the work after S-Jax left the game and looked quick and decisive as the feature back.

While these criticisms carry a grain of truth, they fail to acknowledge that the United Nations is only as strong and decisive as the member states that comprise it.

This time around the stakes are even higher and far more decisive as a Regime rotting at its core strangulates itself from within its own insuperable violent contradictions.

It is not decisive as to who began the practice in its present form; the final criterion is the practice's essential truth and spiritual efficacy, as Allah ta'ala is the Revealer of all Truth.

While the Crikey founder is unlikely to win the seat vacated by long-serving Labor MP Bronwyn Pike, his preferences could prove decisive as the Greens try to pinch a seat the ALP has held since 1908.

In 2% of cases decisive with is used

He was clear, decisive with his intentions with me.

She was enterprising and decisive with the qualities of an excellent executive.

For optimal results, individuals should be forward-thinking and decisive with their choices.

On another she passes over events that might be considered decisive with the merest slur of reference.

Agree on the point with Lennon but as much as I like him its always seemed to me that he could be a bit more decisive with his final ball.

Wenger's refusal (inability?) to be decisive with Rosicky, Diaby and Ramsey makes the recent injury history of Wilshere particularly concerning.

My point in restating these is that I simply want to indicate that I don't think that Alex Steiner's intervention has been decisive with regard to these questions.

Dukes also commented on criticism from Fiona Muldoon, a leading regulator working for the Central Bank, that the banks are not being decisive with the arrears crisis.

Take a look at any game he has played for us and you'll see that the majority of the time he appears very slow and in decisive with his decision making when on the ball.

Arsenal looked a bit more decisive with their passing, and looked to create an opportunity here and there, but United were admirably well structured and hard to break down.

In 1% of cases decisive at is used

The reigning champions looked crisp and decisive at this stage with scores coming from a variety of sources.

No question, Malaysians are concerned with the economy, and this factor historically has been decisive at polls.

How this is possible, I'd not quite sure, as my mother and father are both impressively decisive at almost all times.

Whilst we relied on luck, some great saves from David De Gea and a bit of a helping hand from Mr Clattenburg, saw us pick up three points that could prove decisive at the end of the season.

In 1% of cases decisive by is used

The opinion given by the Court shall be accepted as decisive by the parties.

He brought a letter from the pope demanding his restoration, and this was accepted as decisive by the council.

The battle for Aleppo was deemed decisive by all parties involved, including the Assad regime, the rebel forces, and experts in the West.

In the past the music was more guided and decisive by Psy, something we are familiar with because we have both worked in the psytrance scene for a long time.

And as you remember, the outcome had been predicted by every major public opinion poll, and adjudged free, fair and decisive by international election observers, and our own Namfrel.

In 1% of cases decisive from is used

The Iranian war will be overwhelming and decisive from all sides.

Even Dennis Ross, the Middle East envoy under Bush's father, said: ' Something more decisive from the US is probably necessary.

The most important thing one can say in this context about Carter's way of thinking is that he learned something decisive from Nadia Boulanger: counterpoint.

Thereafter a minister is reported to have contacted the Magistrate with the view to influence the Magistrate to decisive from taking any action about the incident of attack on the Fishing Vadiya.

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