Prepositions after "deceased"

deceased in, to, for, at or on?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 21% of cases deceased in is used

I first met the deceased in November or December 2004.

A man was found deceased in his South Summit residence.

Talqeen is recited to assist the deceased in the grave.

The rivalry goes back to the succession of the Prophet Moahmmed who deceased in 632 C.

This is why we recite the talqin twice to help the deceased in answering the question.

The letters appoint someone to manage the estate of the deceased in certain situations.

The Nevada Department of Corrections reports inmate John Biasi was found at about 4pm deceased in his single cell.

The burning of the houses was said to have been committed by supporters of the deceased in retaliation of his murder.

We meet the deceased in an on-going counseling session, where we find out how they died and how they're coping with it.

Medical papers have to be filled out by the attending GP or doctor who was attending the deceased in their last illness.

In 12% of cases deceased to is used

The deceased to be laid right side facing the Qibla.

The police arrived and took the deceased to hospital.

His job is to escort the deceased to the underworld Hades.

Allah returns the deceased to his original form, whereupon he is struck a second time.

Meanwhile, the police had evacuated the bodies of the deceased to the mortuary for autopsy.

Currently the total cost of transporting the deceased to Tanzania is estimated at: $ 6,700.

While the girls returned to the car to grab everything the deceased took a leap over the cliff and died on impact.

Is it one country or not? I need a permit to ship a deceased to another state but I can buy without paying sales tax.

E did not recall having to punch Mr Falconer, nor did he see Bottin punch the deceased to the right side of the face.

In pursuance of his agenda, the suspect trailed the deceased to his farm, attacked and killed him before beheading him.

In 9% of cases deceased for is used

Their parents have been deceased for years.

Our parents have been deceased for the past few years.

Begin with the framework; then add life events of the deceased for a complete eulogy.

It is Mustahab that food be sent to the members of the family of the deceased for 3 days.

He also ordered the police to invite Yaw Dotsi, the nephew of the deceased for questioning.

It could also apply if the spouse had deserted the deceased for at least two years before death.

It found that 70% of respondents supported paying the families of the deceased for organ donations.

As the legal representative, you are responsible for filing a return for the deceased for the year of death.

It could also apply if the spouse/civil partner had deserted the deceased for at least two years before death.

So the eye of Horus which images the moon is given to the deceased for his night-light in the darkness of death.

In 8% of cases deceased at is used

I was called to the deceased at about 2.

On 11/11/2012, she was found deceased at a home in Fallbrook.

The funeral was advertised to move from the home of the deceased at 10 a.

Question 7 Was the deceased at the date of death the owner of a limited interest (e.

His wife, Eva, 48, was found deceased at their home in Belgravia this week (pictured).

The grant of Probate applies to all property owned by the deceased at the time of death.

On 22 October Girling's body was on view again, this time before the jury and the wife of the deceased at the inquest.

Rather, there is only benefit because the deceased attains solace from the remembrance of Allah????? as per the Ahadith.

To recited the Quraan and make Dua for the deceased at his grave side after the grave is filled and shaped, is also MUSTAHAB.

It's basically a mash-up of an Iron Man suit and the Captain America costume (Cap having been temporarily deceased at the time).

In 7% of cases deceased on is used

We can not see the deceased on earth.

John Clarke said he saw the body of the deceased on the bed.

A medical examiner will be examining the deceased on Monday, Nov.

I had accompanied the deceased on our way to the Chiromo Mortuary to collect a body.

However that may be; it appears that the deceased on the day in question at about 7 P.

The students are suspected to have attacked the deceased on May 23, this year, at his home.

In a intense act of assault, at least 20 Shia travelers were focused by mysterious enemies and taken deceased on Friday.

The FBI briefed the victims and family members of the deceased on the results of the investigation on November 16, it said.

The symbolic ritual that accompanied this ritual was the weighing of the heart of the deceased on a pair of enormous scales.

Mr Milligen gave evidence, and confirmed that he had been speaking to the deceased on the telephone when the incident occurred.

In 6% of cases deceased as is used

Sonia Burke worked for the deceased as a secretary.

It would seem that somebody has deceased as a handle.

Mrs Richards also worked for the deceased as a secretary.

The bereaved need to confront and accept the loss of the deceased as well as be given hope.

Wearing casual clothes just shows disrespect for the deceased as well as the people who are attending.

The presiding Imam, Sheikh Ibrahim Iginla, described the deceased as a generous man worthy of emulation.

In that cage there were apparently fowls belonging to the deceased as well as fowls belonging to the Superintendent.

Any property passing on death and held by the deceased as a trustee under a trust formed more than 3 years before death.

Alake Sobo, niece to the late social critic, Tai Solarin, described the deceased as a rare mother who gave all that she had for humanity.

In 5% of cases deceased by is used

Maramma, wife of the deceased by the forest department.

The prosecutor said during an autopsy performed on the deceased by Dr.

The real joker was sitting in the chair scanned as deceased by batman.

The father's name was Harry Fowler, (Irish) the mother Mary Hamilton (Irish) but deceased by 1940.

It is, however, recommended that food should be prepared and sent to the family of the deceased by others.

One can alleviate the suffering of the deceased by reciting du'as and giving in charity, especially on Friday.

Contract Debts: A charge arose on monies owing to the deceased by way of a contract debt if the debtor resided in Hong Kong.

Including debts that are owed to the deceased by others with the estate is something on which the fuqaha ' are unanimously agreed.

The NUJ FCT chairman lamented that the minister has not demonstrated any concern and human feeling for the deceased by reaching out to his relatives.

The Amduat (underworld) included tracts of land granted to the deceased by the sun god Ra from which the blessed dead could receive their nourishment.

In 5% of cases deceased with is used

He strikes the deceased with a blow, which turns him into dust.

He held that the appellant killed the deceased with malice aforethought.

He had seen the deceased with a gold watch and chain about a month before.

For me, treating the deceased with care and dignity was just a natural part of it all.

Usually, family members will aid in the final shower of the deceased with the help of the in charge.

Later, the sign was used in funerary contexts to associate the deceased with royal figures or even changing.

It is forbidden to write the Kalimah or any other Duaa on the Kafn or on the chest of the deceased with camphor, ink, etc.

It's not easy for people to be viewing deceased with gunshot wounds to various parts of their bodies without some level of stress.

This depends upon the size of the estate and the means by which the assets of the estate were owned the deceased with other persons.

This policy pays the family of the deceased with the compensation and helps them to restore the earnings lost due to the sudden death of their bread earner.

In 4% of cases deceased from is used

Consider having to remove a deceased from a hospital.

Taoist rituals are performed to absolve the deceased from suffering.

You can attend funerals of the deceased from your household, relatives or friends.

It is not permissible to take the deceased from the city of demise to another city.

MGF deceased from liver cancer after drinking alcohol -- whiskey, even though he was happy.

Since the accused struck the deceased from behind and without warning, he acted with treachery.

When this happens, beings who had deceased from the World of Radiance usually come to life as humans.

The act was seen by a neighbour, who was unable to prevent the deceased from carrying out his purpose.

If I was a relative of the deceased from either event, I'd be looking for a lot more than a bit of Cameron spin.

In 3% of cases deceased during is used

You can get this from the doctor who attended the deceased during his/her last illness.

You will obtain this from the doctor who attended the deceased during his/her last illness.

All donations in the envelopes will be for Masses offered for the deceased during November.

It reflects upon all of the experiences of the deceased during his/her lifetime and is asked to repent.

You can get the medical certificate from the doctor who attended the deceased during their last illness.

It is a Buddhist tradition to pray for the deceased during this period, hoping that the benefits of such practices would reach the deceased during this period.

Your financial needs, health and any specific disability are carefully examined in conjunction with your dependency upon the deceased during the deceased's life.

Each Hajj mission or consulate shall designate a fax number for directly communicating therewith through government hospitals in order to obtain approval for burial of the deceased during the Hajj.

In 2% of cases deceased without is used

In the oil and gas lawyer event you perish with no are you going to is going to be Intestate (deceased without any will).

It then becomes impossible to sell the property of the deceased without first transferring his/her part to the beneficiaries.

The property can not be transferred from the name of the deceased without Letters Probate or Letters of Administration regardless of the value of the property.

I know that the Manchester Evening News has made the editorial decision that it will not publish Facebook pictures of the deceased without asking permission from relatives first.

In 2% of cases deceased before is used

It is possible that Avery Sr, Mulciber Sr, Rosier and Lestrange were deceased before the Second Wizarding War.

To be done before Janazah: The first duty for a deceased before Janazah is to arrange for repayment of his debt.

Payment of debt is a first charge upon the estate of deceased before the estate is divided among its legal heirs.

Often, a Taoist priest or priestess is invited to help clean and dress the deceased before placing the body in the coffin.

If the famous person was deceased before their name was put on a star in the ground, there are no hand prints, only a star.

Most hospitals will give family members the opportunity to sit with the deceased before transfer from the ward or private room.

Toipoka tells us that he was at the Wilson airport with the deceased before the latter boarded the ill-fated helicopter for Homabay.

In Australia the family will always be asked to confirm the donation wishes of the deceased before donation for transplantation can proceed.

The lappets each carry a seated figure of Ra wearing the solar disc, the falcon Sokar, the deceased before a seated Osiris, and a row of five gods.

Geake deceased before the Cassini-Huyghens flight, and I have watched in vain for evidence that the Geake Refractometer actually went on the mission.

In 2% of cases deceased into is used


The funeral company can then take the deceased into their care.

The Funeral Director can then take the deceased into their care.

When placing the deceased into the qabar, recite this dua: (Mishkaat-Vol.

Type the last name of the deceased into the search box and select a date range.

At funerals, these paper effigies are burned to accompany the deceased into the afterlife.

His time is now filled mostly by his dead-end job of welcoming the recently deceased into the afterlife.

The Funeral Director will then liaise with coronial staff regarding release of the deceased into their care.

A solitary voice was reading a seemingly endless trail of names of the deceased into a microphone to an empty mall.

Once you have spoken to the doctor, you will need to contact one of our funeral homes on 1300 662 172 to arrange for the transfer of the deceased into our care.

In 1% of cases deceased including is used

The Coroner took blood alcohol levels from all of the deceased including children.

The autopsy report must describe any and all injuries to the deceased including any evidence of torture.

In 1% of cases deceased within is used

This leaves room for photos of the deceased within the five-photo limit on unsponsored memorials.

In 1% of cases deceased upon is used

A testamentary trust comes into effect after assets have been transferred to it according to the will of the deceased upon completion of the probate process.

Any property inherited by a Hindu female from her father or mother shall pass over in succession in the absence of any son or daughter of the deceased upon the successor of husband.

In 1% of cases deceased through is used

Brother) who is related to the deceased through another (i.

Private property can be passed on to wives and children of the deceased through an oral or written will.

In other words all you Roman Catholics are now OK to talk to the dead or contact the deceased through a Medium.

After a week of conversing with the deceased through his thoughts, the subject became distressed, saying the voices were overwhelming.

Anubis final, and maybe most critical role was to guide the deceased through the underworld to the Hall of Two Truths in which he (always shown being a heart) could be judged.

Each poem/epitaph is written in the first person (in Romanian ), and P? tra? would usually write these little anecdotes himself after getting to know the deceased through his/her family.

In 1% of cases deceased after is used

Burial It is necessary to bury the deceased after the salat.

There is no Islamic teaching of revealing the face of the deceased after putting the body in the grave.

This is characteristic of canopic jars, which held the internal organs of the deceased after mummification.

As stated above in the Garuda Purana the deceased after the 13 th day ceremony is completed, is taken on a 348-day journey to Yamaloka.

After obtaining probate an executor will be recognised at law as the person who has the right to deal with the assets of the deceased after death.

The law also sets out guidelines transporting the recently deceased after one funeral firm was caught piling stiffs onto the back of a pick-up truck.

In 1% of cases deceased against is used

He was guide to the dead and the one who weighted the souls of the deceased against the feather of Maat (truth and order).

Thoth weighed the heart of the deceased against an ostrich feather, which was the symbol of Mayet, the god of truth and justice.

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