Prepositions after "deaf"

"deaf to" or "deaf in"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 39% of cases deaf to is used

But she seemed deaf to her cries.

Sofia Haque was deaf to their plea.

Unhinged clerk is deaf to argument.

Sometimes, when one wants to go into destruction, he would be deaf to every wise counsel.

The concept of being deaf to screams of help was just not possible in a country like ours.

Being left oriented is good, but being stubbornly blind and deaf to realities is misleading.

In fact, they are almost as deaf to the sounds of the printed words as a deaf person is to the sounds of spoken words.

But for monthes now, we (the Community) have seen the boat heading directly into the iceberg, deaf to all the warnings.

Being tone deaf to American anxieties about space technology isn't the only problem with the country's soft-power push.

GNAD aims to raise awareness and is poised in bringing issues regarding the deaf to the doorsteps of the general public.

In 27% of cases deaf in is used

John's School for the Deaf in St.

I am working with the deaf in Ghana.

Obviously either they are deaf in D.

Today he remains completely deaf in one ear and has ten percent of hearing in the other.

I believe we still don? t know as much as we should know about the deaf in our community.

The first signs of a problem were when she began to go deaf in the mid-nineteen seventies.

Born profoundly deaf in 1978, she leads a busy life using a combination of hearing aids, lip reading and sign language.

As a mouthpiece of the Ghanaian Deaf Community, GNAD takes interest in the welfare of the Schools for the Deaf in Ghana.

She had to resort to writing the word Deaf in big letters on the palm of her hand to hold up to the camera to gain entry.

The Afghan interpreter suffered shrapnel wounds to the head, neck, arms and chest and was deaf in one ear for over a year.

In 6% of cases deaf from is used

Pride was deaf from birth due to the rubella virus.

She became deaf from a completely separate disease.

My husband said he was temporarily deaf from all of my screaming.

There's also the small tragedy of Jasper likely being deaf from the noise of the plane.

I think it would be eunliely that she would sound like that if she had been deaf from birth.

Just because she was deaf from birth, doesn't mean she never heard a word anyone ever said to her.

She was absolutely covered with glass and kept crying that she wanted to die, and all of them were half deaf from the blast.

I said that the condition was rare because, of any woman I have ever come across who has been pregnant, none became deaf from it.

The TPP would prevent the blind from reading DRM protected ebooks and the deaf from inserting closed captioning onto DRM protected DVDs.

Because of the head trauma he has gone completely deaf from one ear and barely hears from the other, he also has speach problems and thyroids.

In 4% of cases deaf as is used

She is now deaf as well as blind.

And you must be deaf as well as blind.

I was pretty tone deaf as a youngster.

Text displayed visually benefits users who are deaf as well as the majority of Web users.

She was deaf as a post, so you had to curtsy and shout when you are ushered into the presence.

According to him, the blind, the deaf as well as the physically challenged need to be taught to abstain.

When an athlete is deaf as well as visually impaired, a small blue circle will be attached to the back of the uniform.

Which hearing aids are you using? My fianc is profoundly deaf as well and I'd love for him to be able to hear music better.

Vaccination means fewer babies are born deaf as a result of their mothers having German measles (rubella) during pregnancy.

Anyway, When navigating within a building, the pathways should facilitate the blind, the deaf as well as the wheel chair user.

In 4% of cases deaf at is used

She became deaf at the age of 18 months.

Amontons became deaf at a very early age.

My sister was diagnosed as being deaf at birth.

Chance's Story Chance was diagnosed as severely to profoundly deaf at about 35 months old.

Having a scientific community that remains mute and deaf at the light of such cases is a disgrace.

Many couples are blind and deaf at the courting stage and dream of perpetual perfect relationship.

Helen Keller, who became blind and deaf at the age of eighteen months, was gradually taught to speak by her nurse (Keller 1945).

About one in 1,000 children is deaf at three years old and about 20,000 children aged up to 15 are moderately to profoundly deaf.

A secondary vocational school was therefore opened at Mampong- Akwapim, along side another vocational school for the Deaf at Bechem.

Special Schools for specific groups of children, such as the School for the Deaf at Sumner, Christchurch, were also set up from 1881.

In 4% of cases deaf for is used

I was deaf for a week afterwards.

Then my ears went deaf for some time.

I have been blind &; deaf for so long.

For example, hard slapping upon the ears can make him totally deaf for the rest of his life.

I was very happy with the National Foundation for the Deaf for putting my invention out into the world.

I dreamt of him every night and whenever he said hi to me the world stopped, I became deaf for a moment and hot.

He had been blind and deaf for a moment, and then seen, the smoke clearing, the broken windows and the bleeding faces.

There was a gushing sound in my right ear and I went deaf for a few seconds; no one else in the room noticed anything amiss.

I don't think I mentioned I was deaf for the first ten or so years I was online unless I wound up meeting someone I'd first met online.

As a result, there is a strong demand amongst educators of the deaf for more information on these sign languages as linguistic systems.

In 3% of cases deaf by is used

That is considered deaf by clinical standards.

Jesus never opened the ears of those deaf by choice.

He was totally deaf by 1814, and the 9th wasn't commissioned until 1817.

So if you are completely deaf you are right, but if you are deaf by clinical definition you are wrong.

It started in 1950 when he slowly lost the ability to hear high tones, before he became stone deaf by 1971.

It was however staggering to learn that fewer deaf attend university who are regrettably student not deaf by birth.

They then injected tens of thousands of the cells into the inner ears of gerbils left profoundly deaf by a chemical treatment.

The two decades of mistreatment under detention had left him almost completely blind and deaf by the time he was released in May 2011.

TTY (Telephone Typewriter) Organisations can communicate with the growing number of people who are profoundly deaf by installing a TTY.

For example for me to have my hearing checked, I am partially deaf by the way, I had to wait 18 months to be told I have 15% hearing deficit.

In 3% of cases deaf on is used

She essentially is deaf on one side.

We'll see if Barbour's completely tone deaf on this issue.

Reijntjes School for the Deaf On February 2nd 1984, the Dr.

There is one famous black actor, forgotten his name who beat her up until she is half deaf on one side.

Every one of the 8 guys that swamped around Faf were chatting away not realising that the batter went deaf on them.

This promise was made during the celebration of the international week of celebration of the deaf on 25th September.

My ears were smitten with a clap of thunder that left me deaf on one side for life, and all about me windows smashed, unheeded.

The objective was to educate the deaf on current HIV/AIDS issues and trends as a contributing measure to improve the health quality of life of the Deaf in these regions of Ghana.

Reed was blind and deaf on the subject: she never saw him strike or heard him abuse me, though he did both now and then in her very presence, more frequently, however, behind her back.

It is possible to be rendered profoundly or completely deaf on the side of the acoustic neuroma, but most people will have normal functioning (and thus hearing ), in their unaffected ear.

In 2% of cases deaf with is used

Dave was deaf with cerebral palsy.

Asare used the occasion to appeal to Ghanaians to assist Schools for the Deaf with educational materials.

When the signs are used correctly, they present the deaf with an opportunity to portray thoughts, actions and feelings.

All the Deaflympics's Sport Technical Directors are deaf with an in-depth understanding of each deaf athletes ' needs in their respective sport.

I decided to return to the States and trained as a teacher of the deaf, specialising in teaching children who are deaf with multiple-disabilities.

For those who CAN do well on the CI and are able to understand speech, fine, but what of those much, much larger Deaf with CI who struggle still to understand speech? (Hearing.

The money spent on BBCs first click campaign might have been better spent campaigning to provide the deaf with internet services as a right, just as the mobility challenged get mobilty allowances.

In 1% of cases deaf after is used

The world is deaf after all, and blind.

Darryl was born hearing, and became profoundly deaf after an accident at school when he was 5.

On an October evening that year, he woke up to find himself completely deaf after attending an opera the day before.

A loud sound system This is the reason you will probably go a bit deaf after a few years, but it's definitely worth it.

McClellan, who arrived with a rag-tag team and even wrapped his own hands, was left partially blind and deaf after that unforgettable fight.

Arnold, now a villain and renamed Daniel Plainview, expropriates Bunny as a child from his dead father, and then banishes him when he goes deaf after a well explosion.

If the child is deaf from birth (pre-lingual hearing-impaired) the issues are different to those who have become deaf after learning to speak (post-lingual hearing-impaired).

Listening to the loud music through the concert was audibly pleasing in that you wouldn't really notice it was loud, only to find out you've gone partially deaf after the concert is done.

In 1% of cases deaf due is used

In the Marvel universe he was once 80% deaf due to an injury, but his hearing was restored.

His isolation was made even worse when he was left partially deaf due to a childhood illness.

He said he had spent a while on the ' battle field ' so to speak and was partly deaf due to many bullets passing by his head.

Her second child is mute and deaf due to the sickness and lack of health care after surviving complications during childbirth ten years ago.

Getting lost due to the traffic, and going deaf due to it being the time of the Las Fallas celebration, clouded my first judgement of this sprawling city.

I went partially deaf due to an ear infection for two weeks and appreciate my hearing and all the beautiful sounds around me all the more because I got it back.

How the world had changed? Back in my day you were very likely to go deaf due to the sound your ZX Spectrum made when it was loading - but die? Next I thought about myself.

In 1% of cases deaf of is used

CBM began its work in Madagascar in the late 1970s, and started supporting the School for the Deaf of the Malagasy Lutheran Church, Antsirabe, in 1981.

The WFD structure currently consists of voting Ordinary Members (OM ), which is compromised of National Associations of the Deaf of each country worldwide.

While I like to see Romney channeling his inner Rush Limbaugh, this has got to be the most tone deaf of all the tone-deaf things any tone-deaf loon has ever said.

In 1% of cases deaf through is used

What do the deaf need: An employee can often communicate with individuals who are deaf through written materials and exchange of written notes.

Because Tabitha knew Beatrice and Humble Hearts School for the Deaf through the 1010 Network, she was able to bring Sheilah to this beautiful place.

Murphy, had been accused of abusing scores of boys at a Wisconsin school for the deaf through 1974, the year he was asked to resign from his position at the school.

The course was aimed at training participants to be trainers of the deaf through the use of films, assignment, presentation, group work, and discussions, peer teaching, and IT skills.

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