Prepositions after "damn"

damn about, near, for, to or as?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 75% of cases damn about is used

But no one gives a damn about it.

I don't give damn about Twilight.

Paddy Who gives a damn about this.

They TAKE the most, give the least, and don't give a damn about the rest of humanity.

You need to realise I think that the government doesn't give a damn about you anymore.

You couldn't give a damn about it - you're only interested in your target demographic.

But I suspect Guan Eng wouldn't care a damn about the colour or other preferences of his underlings and supporters.

Forget your fancy manners, forget your English grammar, ' cause you don't really give a damn about this year's girl.

It's not like Roman, The Sheikh or the Glazer's care a damn about the opinions of their relative supporters ' trusts.


In 15% of cases damn near is used

This one is damn near Freudian.

It's damn near worse than ever.

That game is damn near perfect.

I'd seeing spots as I lay here on my back short of breath, and I'd damn near nauseous.

Hockey is damn near a religion there, I can't see the markets being effected too badly.

I was damn near the only one, as Twins fans stayed away from that toxic club in droves.

It is damn near impossible to have enough information when you buy leads and you don't know how they were generated.

As such, law school is a damn near perfect filter for assuring that you keep these kind of people out of the workplace.

I've been reading your comments as usual, and as usual, they are spang on damn near every time, to my unending delight.

When Wineland gets comfortable in a fight, he's damn near impossible to overwhelm and he got comfy quickly against Scotty.

In 4% of cases damn for is used

Wow! They really don't a damn for it.

TATA don't give a damn for the workforce.

I've never given a damn for anybody but you.

I didn't give a damn for her feelings, or have any desire to know what her life was like.

Blame the victim is the cry! Neither government cares a damn for us or for our environment.

He said in no uncertain terms that he wanted the land in East Pakistan but didn't care a damn for its people.

They care a damn for chemical disasters or nuclear disasters in India as long as their foreign compatriots are pleased.

So now - does that sentence stand or not? BTW: I really couldn't give a damn for whatever party people claim they're in.

But I take comfort in the magnificent saying of Mark Twain: I don't give a damn for a man that can only spell a word one way.

They have what they want, which is wealth on earth and apart from that they don't give a damn for their country and its people.

In 3% of cases damn to is used

Just don't give a damn to anyone.

Still can't run worth a damn to this day.

It does nt matter a damn to the Western planners.

So, they don't give a damn to what happens to the world.

I don't believe they give a damn to an additional announcement in Chinese.

But showing you give a damn to your boss will not earn you brownie points.

Sallu, on the other hand, doesn't give a damn to the numbers game and has said so.

The good thing is that the whole world doesn't give a damn to Sunni issues any more.

But I also agree that Paul said that people don't give a damn to public misbehavior.

In 1% of cases damn as is used

I do not give damn as to what you have to say.

Those who give a damn as what is happping around them.

Irans regime does not give a damn as what happens in Iran.

It still won't be worth a damn as a newspaper - but it could look almost respectable.

Between ourselves, you know, Crofton (he's a decent chap, of course ), but he's not worth a damn as a canvasser.

Just like the health sector they would rather send their children abroad to study, hence could'nt give a damn as to how others are educated.

However, there is one fixed point in an ever changing universe and that is the simple fact that the average customer doesn't give a damn as to what the problems are.

In 1% of cases damn in is used

My point is, I don't give a damn in what people believe.

It's never work here because we have no conservatives worth a damn in the first place.

Here's a video put together by Hollywood, inspired enough to give a damn in the upcoming election.

The only time he did anything worth a damn in his NHL coaching career though was the two years with us.

It's far better than just everyone not really giving a damn in the series after the first initial shock.

The folks being measured don't give a damn in which slot they are, they are still out of work no matter how it's measured.

Never forget that, and remember you have the integrity and decency that keeps my kind in check, but only if you give a damn in the first place.

While I prefer lower taxes, I can tell you that no entrepreneur or CEO worth a damn in this country gives up or works less because of a change in tax policy.

Perpetual arguing to convince others of the rightness of your case doesn't work worth a damn in personal relationships, and we all know it but can't seem to stop.

It's something you really need to consider Ok first things first, getting a government job in environmental services won't matter a damn in the education department.

In 1% of cases damn on is used

So laid back, yet so damn on top of things.

You can just make out the damn on the far left side.

You try giving a damn on the queue at the passport office.

He liked me ever since, but I never gave a damn on him before.

Astronomers, for example, publish anything worth a damn on arXiv.

None of those people till that day gave a damn on whether you were muslim or not.

The only one worth a damn on this case so far is David Sween, and I heard it from somebody who is the absolute best.


How folks responded so damn ON POINT with these guys is beyond me, and I aspire to be as angry! articulate as yourself and all of Tiger Beatdown are.

Oh will Potong reserve dual airbags for top of the line model again??! How to be world class when you don't give a damn on the lives of your customers.

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