Prepositions after "damaging"

damaging to, for, of, in or as?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 70% of cases damaging to is used

It is very damaging to children.

It's very damaging to your brain.

The liberal view was as damaging to us.

It has its short term attractions, but long term is rather damaging to UK interests.

Hydrogen peroxide is less damaging to your teeth than other teeth whitening methods.

Direct heat for the purpose of drying hair is damaging to hair, avoid it if you can.

Although very positive aspects, the negative consequences are quite damaging to these unstable economic societies.

Both are proposing policies that are divisive and economically damaging to the middle class and America in general.

But there are ways in which we can make that activity safer, less damaging to individuals, to society, to the world.

The second point is that early formal instruction, in the long term, tends to be more damaging to boys than to girls.

In 12% of cases damaging for is used

So it was hugely damaging for tweeters.

This is even more damaging for tweeters.

This can be very damaging for baby teeth.

These do not emit ultraviolet radiation, the most damaging for sensitive materials.

But it is the general idea that is just frankly wrong and very damaging for the UK.

It's so damaging for the economy to have this continuous uncertainty hanging over it.

I do crave them but I don't want her around the smoke as its so damaging for her and I couldn't smoke around her.

So any action which raises issues on quantum and price of this funding is very damaging for the EZ financial system.

The very process of placing children in ability groups has a labelling effect that is very damaging for young people.

Even more damaging for Bertone is his unilateral decision to moderate information traffic into and out of the Vatican.

In 10% of cases damaging of is used

It is the least damaging of the UV radiations.

This has led to the damaging of the ozone layer.

Indecision is the most damaging of human traits.

The last sub-category of claim relates to the illegal taking or damaging of reserve land.

Deptola is also charged with failing to stop the unnecessary damaging of Afghan compounds.

He did so to prevent any further damaging of his administration by Akufo-Addo's incompetence.

Top: Aerial spraying of Roundup Ultra to eradicate coca in Colombia, has also resulted in the damaging of other crops.

Then vehicles must be the most damaging of all given what comes out of the exhaust, yet no push to ban vehicles I see.

Perhaps most damaging of all could be the suggestion that the supposed traditional all American mother has taken drugs.

Appropriation or damaging of state or collective property by any organization or individual by whatever means is prohibited.

In 4% of cases damaging in is used

It is very damaging in the long-term.

The ruptures in the game were more damaging in Sydney.

This type of agriculture is very damaging in so many ways.

And if that happens, it'll be more damaging in the long run for United financially speaking.

The depression caused by stigma and discrimination are far more damaging in most cases than the weight itself.

But the lies that I have found most damaging in my life are the blatant lies people tell that give false hope.

Irene was far more damaging in Vermont than Leslie was in Nova Scotia, but each of these events teaches us important lessons.

One can only conclude that there is something more damaging in those returns than the damage caused by refusing to release them.

While this cretinous ' psychic ' industry is deplorable, mainstream religions are far more damaging in terms of their influence.

The new association is a broad church, and all the stronger for it -- and, therefore, more damaging in its opposition to the government.

In 1% of cases damaging as is used

There is nothing more damaging as a CNG fuel tank explosion amid a possible car crash.

Despite getting damaging as well as painless, there are a few warts that can be painful.

The globalization of higher education can have damaging as well as beneficial consequences.

Resonance is evenly more damaging as the amplitude of vibration explodes to a very large scale, causing the collapse of the equipment.

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