Prepositions after "cultivate"

"cultivate in" or "cultivate by"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words

    In 39% of cases cultivate in is used
    Tea is widely cultivated in the higher elevations.
    Poetry and the life of the spirit were cultivated in this green territory.
    Tea is being cultivated in the high ranges of Northern and Southern India.
    This is an essential financial skill that can and should be cultivated in college.
    That number is consistent whether the beans are cultivated in East Africa, Jamaica or Colombia.
    Canna speciosa is cultivated in the Sierra Leone and is used as a seasoning similar to turmeric.
    Science education can also cultivate in our students a strong sense of right and wrong when considering ethical issues.
    When I first came to this property it had never ever been cultivated in a million years and I had to create a garden from virgin bush.
    The origin of potatoes can be traced back to South America where they were first cultivated in the Andes mountains many thousands of years ago.

    In 17% of cases cultivate by is used
    Knotweed was cultivated by American Indians for its starchy seeds.
    As if the young fruit tree is cultivated by the owner stabbed, bitten by a well-fed pet owner.
    Monies carefully cultivated by previous generations of newspaper owners were squandered by the scions.
    The 50 harakeke were selected long ago from natural stands and cultivated by M? ori weavers for their special leaf and fibre properties.
    In the Senegal valley the tribal chiefs also had plots of land which were cultivated by Haratins, who turned over the biggest part of the crop to their masters.
    It is a language cultivated by theologians and addressed to bishops and theologians and it is not easily understood by ordinary people without the necessary preparation.
    Agam Aman varieties are being mostly cultivated by farmers in 24 districts across Rangpur, Rajshahi and Jessore regions, according to officials at the Department of Agricultural Extension.

    In 11% of cases cultivate for is used
    At present many of these very steep &; upper slopes are cultivated for maize.
    Durians are tropical species, which require heavy rainfall, and are native to Southeast Asia where they have been cultivated for centuries.
    As humanity crowds into cities people have not even the land to cultivate for food that the rural poor once had, and still have in some places.
    ADE are usually highly fertile; in one example, at Autuba (Central Amazon, Brazil ), the land had been continuously cultivated for 40 years without fertilization.
    Notable among those policies was the Operation Feed Yourself programme in which every available space was cultivated for the production of all kinds of food crops.
    It's also interesting to add here that chocolate is produced from seeds of Theobroma Cacao tree which has been cultivated for at least three millennia in Mexico, Central and South America.

    In 4% of cases cultivate as is used
    Cheerfulness can also be cultivated as a habit.

    In 4% of cases cultivate throughout is used
    Theobroma cacao is now cultivated throughout the tropics.

    In 4% of cases cultivate over is used
    As it was cultivated over the course of many years, goosefoot seeds became larger and more numerous as American Indians harvested the seeds for eating and replanting.

    In 3% of cases cultivate inside is used
    In September 1992, the Maasai were allowed to cultivate inside the Ngorongoro Conservation Area.

    In 3% of cases cultivate with is used
    Still, Steward would always insist that secret to his sauce was in the close relationship he cultivated with his fighters.

    In 3% of cases cultivate on is used
    Depending on the site, coconut palms can be cultivated on agroforestry systems.
    As per state agriculture department estimates, the valley has produced around 35,000 bags of 50 kg each of Kufri Chandramukhi and 150,000 bags of Kufri Jyoti, cultivated on 710 hectares.

    In 1% of cases cultivate instead is used
    Ezekiel said that The desolate land will be cultivated instead of lying desolate in the sight of all who pass through it.

    In 1% of cases cultivate from is used
    Due to their pious behavior, and my understanding that their devotion to Allah is cultivated from a very young age, it seemed that their loyalty to Islam was absolute.

    In 1% of cases cultivate between is used
    The number of beneficiary farmer will be hard to calculate as depending on their assets farmers can cultivate between 100 and 50,000 yams.

    In 1% of cases cultivate under is used
    The gross extent cultivated under major crops is Paddy 600,000 ha.

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