Prepositions after "culminate"

culminate in, with, at, on or inside?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words

    In 80% of cases culminate in is used
    In 2010, his interest culminated in a Ph.
    This party culminates in an amazing fireworks display.
    The scandal culminated in Henry's resignation from TVNZ.
    The first culminated in July's being the warmest month on record in the contiguous U.
    Shorter cup runs all mean considerably less money) did not culminate in a major review.
    That kind of back-and-forth culminated in Dobbs sending a five-person team from his show to the Montgomery, Ala.
    That program culminated in the pogrom of March 2004, when all of Kosovo was set ablaze while NATO calmly watched.
    Its manifestation starts from freedom of movement, and culminates in the freedom of selection of one's own destiny.
    You have to acknowledge almost two thousand yeast of Christian persecution of Jews which culminated in the Holocaust.

    In 11% of cases culminate with is used
    Event weekend culminates with a finish line celebration.
    The event will kick off on June 7, 2010, culminating with the 14th Annual Webby Awards on June 14.
    Activities for the month will culminate with a Parenting Award Ceremony schedule for Friday, November 30 at.
    The programme will culminate with the eight Bold Ones showcasing their products in the Bold Ones Pavilion at.
    His formal education culminated with a Master Degree in Human Environment Relations from Cornell University.
    That was part of a run of eight home games without a victory that culminated with the sacking of Juande Ramos.
    A process of consultation with civil society took place in all 27 states, and culminated with a proposed PPA in August of 2003.
    We had a great life with many character building ups and downs, culminating with the start up of our business, Infotel, in 1989.
    Decades of civil war between the north and south culminated with South Sudan's independence in July last year under a 2005 peace deal.
    Highlight: The Jorvik Viking Festival, during February school vacation, is jam packed with events and culminates with a Viking ship burning.

    In 3% of cases culminate at is used
    The march had just culminated at Emancipation Park in St Andrew, which started at the Bustamante Hospital for Children yesterday.
    A seven-year process, which culminated at a hearing with the Canadian Human Rights Commission, to date, has yielded no clear remedy.
    He's got to start doing it now, culminating at the Republican convention at the beginning of September, and then going on to Election Day.
    All the training and hours put into becoming the best rider I can possibly be over the last few years culminated at the perfect time to deliver me to the top spot of the podium in Austria.
    The first Markazi Alam Zuljinnah procession was brought out from Chitti Hattian and culminated at Col Maqbool Hussain Imambargah at Raja Bazaar after passing through Committee Chowk and Iqbal Road.

    In 3% of cases culminate on is used
    culminating on Friday, October 12th.
    The battle culminated on the fourteenth of the month in the city of Shushan.
    It will perhaps culminate on 11 August when a nationwide read-aloud takes place in her honour.
    The Environment Week will culminate on Friday with environmental jamming at the Capitol Lagoon from 4:00 to 8:00pm.
    Christ lived every moment of His life as a self-offering to the Father out of love, which culminated on the Cross.
    The encounter will culminate on August 27th when Mars comes to within 34,649,589 miles of Earth and will be (next to the moon) the brightest object in the night sky.
    Khanna's perseverance and patience culminated on ' Socio-Demographic Factors in Siberian Development, ' several articles, lectures, seminars and now a comprehensive book.

    In 1% of cases culminate inside is used
    As before the work stoppage, however, there has been several extended and exciting series which have culminated inside a decisive game 7.

    In 1% of cases culminate into is used
    But then it all culminated into a happy ending.
    The tour would eventually culminate into the 2nd Magical Kenya Expo held recently at the Kenyatta International Conference Centre in Nairobi.
    The trail culminates into the Design Forum that will have two days of talks (March 9 - March 10) by contemporary design think tanks from across the world.
    Mumbengegwi said the visit will also culminate into the revival by the two countries of the Joint Commission as well as signing of the Bilateral Investment Promotion and Protection Agreement (BIPPA).

    In 1% of cases culminate to is used
    These initiatives have culminated to what has become Chiropractic Around the World signature event, Spinal Awareness Week.

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