Prepositions after "cull"

cull from, in, by, through or on?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words

    In 62% of cases cull from is used
    culled from a soon to be released book, The Lost Manuals.
    FBI leads were then culled from that case file, sources said.
    This article is culled from daily press coverage from around the world.
    He deploys information culled from an FOI request to Oxford and Cambridge.
    In all I gathered over two thousand shots culled from all kinds of programmes.
    The pursuing is culled from his 2003 induction in to the Texas Tennis Hall of Fame.
    Email culled from that period would doubtless have painted him in a very dark light.
    I once read an advice column in a local magazine (not Summit! ), and all the answers were culled from various websites.
    Included are rare performances and outtakes (culled from the Columbia Records archives ), footage, and interviews with him.
    The text was culled from more than 50 conversations with men and was mixed with a soundtrack by Jocelyn Pook (long-standing composer-collaborator with DV8).

    In 12% of cases cull in is used
    Australia, Canada, China, S Africa, Turkey and USA had been overrepresented, and were culled in specific events.

    In 9% of cases cull by is used
    I fear your negativity would have marked you as a herd straggler and you your genes would have been culled by natural/economic selection.

    In 6% of cases cull through is used
    We've culled through hundreds (fun job) and these are our favorites.
    Andy, as an Infocom fan to this day, I can say I am appreciative of the work it must have taken to cull through the Infocom Drive to pull this material together.

    In 3% of cases cull on is used
    Following Monday's decision to cull more than 33,000 birds (chicken, duck and emu) at the unit, 19,154 chickens were culled on Tuesday.

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