Prepositions after "cripple"

cripple by, in, from, after or because?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words

    In 72% of cases cripple by is used
    You should not be crippled by it.
    Satan wants you to feel alone, crippled by a false sense of guilt.
    On top of that, the apple phones are crippled by powervr's substandard GPUs.
    Largely because said clubs have been crippled by promotion and relegation in the past.
    I look in dismay at women in heels as all I can see is mobility being crippled by footwear.
    Repsol weren't ripping them off and in the long run YPF will be crippled by underinvestment and in the end will.
    But they hardly donate anything to help run their party secretariats that more often than not are crippled by lack of funds.
    At the time, opposition members also reported that their movements were crippled by efficient infiltration and surveillance by the regime.
    Atlas Shrugs, published in 1957, depicts a United States crippled by government intervention in which heroic millionaires struggle against a nation of spongers.
    Many of the aid bodies and foreign agencies, such as the United Nations, that would normally have led relief efforts, were themselves crippled by the earthquake.

    In 9% of cases cripple in is used
    The resource base was then cheap, but infrastructure was crippling in cost.
    To top it all, the phone you get is locked to one network and sometimes crippled in some way, so it's not even as functional as a SIM-free model.
    In today's energy perspectives, we have reversed the problem of yesterday: the infrastructure is cheap, but the resource base is crippling in cost.

    In 6% of cases cripple from is used
    I also take care of many boomers who are crippled from accidents caused by alcohol or drugs.

    In 3% of cases cripple after is used
    The nuclear plant at Fukushimi was crippled after an earthquake and tsunami devastated north-east Japan last month.

    In 3% of cases cripple due is used
    He said industry had been crippled due to loadshedding, adding the government had not taken practical measures to turn the situation around.

    In 3% of cases cripple for is used
    Situation in Vanni is grave-- people are killed in 100s everyday; most of the injured people are crippled for life.

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