Prepositions after "cringe"

cringe at, in, about, against or before?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words

    In 66% of cases cringe at is used
    They both spoke of cringing at the thought of the inappropriateness of their actions.
    Looking at her powerful build today, it's no surprise rivals once cringed at oncoming body checks.
    Doesn't a lot depend on context? I cringe at the campus of Duke University, attempting to be Oxford in the South.
    David Lange would be proud of them, but I bet he would cringe at NZ Inc's National, Act, Maori Party'sflabby stance.
    I've read through some of the names and suggestions and can't help but cringe at some because they remind me of a student.
    While I'd glad he's doing well, I kind of cringe at what he's helped to do to what used to be an affordable, safe, beautiful neighborhood.
    Commenter Garry Location Date and time January 26, 2012, 11:39AM I cringe at the word un Austrayyylian! It's connotations are too Howard for me.
    Do you think this characterization is good and as an artist do you cringe at the lack of originality? We all aspire to be creative and we follow success.
    Maybe what happened was you mention at the top of your story about your former weakness of cringing at others ' misuse of scripture during prayer and that became the focal point for some.

    In 3% of cases cringe by is used
    It does seem easy to read this a very unbecoming cringe by a senior military commander to a mere journalist.

    In 3% of cases cringe throughout is used
    I cringed throughout her entire performance.

    In 3% of cases cringe with is used
    As a British designer, the logo initially made me cringe with embarrassment, especially as it was created by the influential Wolff Olins.

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