Prepositions after "counter"

"counter with", "counter to" or "counter by"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words

    In 31% of cases counter with is used
    Cain countered with an 11/11/11 plan.
    The PA has countered with a 53-47 offer.
    He counters with a look that suggests I'd a complete idiot.
    Gibson's campaign countered with an internal polling giving him a larger 17 point advantage.
    Francis Xavier Catholic Church in Acushnet, Massachusetts (USA) countered with its own message.
    If the bacteria can not be destroyed by the immune system, they can be countered with the help of antibiotics.
    When an overconfident Cena attempted the People's Elbow on The Rock, he countered with a Rock Bottom for the pin.
    Not matter what factoid we nicely countered with there was barely a pause before subject matter was swiftly changed.
    Apple can counter with iMessage, better media/games content in their App Store and better call quality/signal strength.
    Vietnam countered with continued military overflights of the contested Spratly Islands despite warnings from Chinese officials.

    In 30% of cases counter by is used
    This weakness at home was countered by a growing power in the west.
    Yet June 1948 saw the commencement of the Berlin blockade, a maneuver not easily countered by strategic bombing.
    However, this positive change will be countered by greater scrutiny and responsibility being placed on trustees.
    The cynics, those who boo a sunrise, would counter by grumbling about crumbling infrastructure, hallway medicine and blah, de blah, blah.
    Efforts at reducing review periods may be countered by the more burdensome notification form MOFCOM now orders notifying parties to use.
    The ' Spain style ' is being countered by opponents and Spain really should try asking different questions when it isn't working for them.
    Four days later the reply from the north arrived as the Communists pulled the switches on the power lines, a move countered by the dispatch of two U.
    Even before the British had settled, they were countered by individuals such as Mekatilili wa Menza at the Coast and Koitalel arap Samoei in the interior.
    This is countered by the argument that memory is viewer-centered and thus only the specific view stored in LTM can be used for generation or inspection 12.

    In 27% of cases counter to is used
    Critics argued that the law runs counter to the U.
    Jeremy, Great post! You are quick counter to Marquis ' punch.
    counter to what most people would think, I think now is an incredible time to be in journalism.
    As a matter of fact, the Philippine claim runs counter to not only historical fact and legal principle but also its own legislation.
    What right did they have, he would counter to his mother's bookish advice? In the end he might calm down, because his mother would want him to.
    Public credibility is a product of one's connections with a conservative establishment, parallel with, rather than counter to, the defence establishment.
    The new research runs counter to studies that show women don't sleep as well with a partner and both men and women move around more when sleeping together.
    Rahul would fit to take the party image to next level from the present and effectively counter to opposition parties in 2014 election if not happens earlier.

    In 4% of cases counter at is used
    I stood by the poultry counter at my local supermarket the other night and watched (I pretended to be checking my shopping list, lest I look like a total weirdo.

    In 4% of cases counter Without is used
    His first project with Paula was the fifth edition of Don't Go to the Cosmetics counter Without Me.

    In 1% of cases counter in is used
    This claim was successfully countered in that post and in its comments.

    In 1% of cases counter through is used
    Five minutes later, the visitors countered through the right, Fatos Be? iraj drilled in a cross inside the penalty area that, for the puzzlement of all, Rafinha clipped into his own net.

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